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    RVW at it again.

    [quote user="Dr Crafty Canary"]CH has brought this lad to the club yet so many criticise him for being negative. Perhaps he''s negative because there wasn''t the money available to make this type of signing last summer.[/quote]

    I think we need to give Hughton a chance to develop the team. I think this season is a needs must with the players we have and the formation we have to play.

  2. Jersey Canary

    Calderwood and Trollope

    [quote user="Alan_Grey"]Football is full of people who have been unsuccessful as managers, but are highly regarded as coaches. Peter Grant springs to mind. It is no good reason to have a ''pop'' at them. Never mind that the judgement of them as ''failures'' is not the right of anyone on here.[/quote]

    I was then going to make the same point. Bryan Kidd, David Platt, Peter Taylor (Cloughie''s assistant), Colin Harvey, Liam Brady are excellent coaches who never made it as a manager.
  3. Jersey Canary


    Had Ruddy been playing for a top 4 club he would be England No 1 this season.
  4. Jersey Canary


    This is down to not closing dwn quick enough and sitting off the opporsition.
  5. Jersey Canary


    Kamara for me played like an 18 year old. A severe lack of experience and anticipation and plenty of enthusiasm.

    Enthusiasm is not enough in my book as the PL defenders will soon work out what KK is all about and then he''ll be done for.

    KK signing was good for morale, PR and marketing but unfortunately IMO he is going to fizzle out as the season finishes and he''ll be off to the States.
  6. Jersey Canary


    This is true. Bunn is he ideal No.2 as he is never going to be a No.1 at this level and is probably happy to sit on the bench and play the Carling Cup and the odd PL game.
  7. Jersey Canary


    Surely people have realised that the 442 formation doesn''t work in the Premier League. Every time we play 442 we get pasted. The modern formation is 4231 which is what 90% of teams play. So our problems are many fold:

    1). Our central midfielders cannot pass

    2) our wingers are not quick enough

    3) our wingers are not attacking enough

    4) Since Ruddy got injured, our keeper distribution has been awful.

    5) Hoolahan is not good enough for the off the striker role as he doesn''t score enough

    6) Hoolahan does not create much of note

    7) Hoolahan gives the ball away in silly places ( Wigan game a prime example)

    8) the full backs have stopped getting forward especially at home

    9) we don''t get enough bodies in the box

    I''m not saying gung ho football but calculated attacking in numbers would be helpful and quick counter attacks.

    So for Arsenal game I would give a trial to Howson playing instead of Hoolahan and Tettey in to play defensive midfield. Howson definately has ability but is not a defensive midfielder as he is too weak, so why not give him a go to see if he steps up to the plate.

    Longer term I can see Snoddy playing the Hoolahan role and we get in a new winger as a replacement. Ruddy returning for the Reading game will be a big bonus.

    What do you think?
  8. Jersey Canary


    I honestly believe that had Ruddy not got injured he would have saved us 6 points or so and we would have been safely in mid table and all this negativity would be a non starter.

    The goal against Wigan was one example. Bunn has been bullied for a couple of goals at corners which I think Ruddy would have dealt with (I cannot remember who against). I think Ruddy commands his area better which also gives confidence to the back four. Also his distribution is excellent which makes us more potent on the counter attack.

    Ruddy is a better shot shopper than Bunn and that coupled with the fact that he is a bigger keeper I feel he may have saved some of the goals conceded that went diagonally in the corners.

    So I feel we would have been home and hosed had Ruddy not got injured and Hughton would be far more popular.

    What do you think?

  9. Jersey Canary

    Keeper Crisis

    I agree. Ruddy bak for the game after Arsenal providing we have no setbacks.

  10. Jersey Canary

    IF Ruddy was to be sold...

    An on form Ruddy is essential for Norwich but if we did get a large sum for him then I''d bring in Forster as he is nearly as good and will be cheaper all round to have.
  11. Jersey Canary


    I personally don''t think Kamara is going to make it. At best he will be No4 striker next season. All other strikers will be sold or released and better quality will be brought in starting with RVW.

    I think Hughton will stamp his authority on the team next season and the positives of this season will be amplified and less negative football.
  12. Jersey Canary

    Death by a thousand cuts

    [quote user="Vanwink"]Lucky to get a draw today at home against a Swansea team that have nothing to play for.

    First half was a continuation of the Wigan game, not surprising since apart from Bunn it was the same team, why do you reward the players that lost with an uninspiring performance last time out, the squad is big enough to be able to make a few changes to freshen things up, Tetty, Fox, Whittaker to name but a few.

    Great period of play in the second half after we scored the goal, really looked like we could move up a gear, but too little and not enough confidence or ability to keep it going. Overall Swansea looked a far better side, we looked nothing more than a Championship outfit, which with one or two exceptions is what we are. We lack an inspirational manager who is unable to get our players to raise their game in the way they did last season and if we carry on playing like this we are in with a very good chance of going down.[/quote]

    Do you really think Fox and Whittaker a fit enough to play as there is minimal reserve team football and they haven''t played in the first team for weeks/months?
  13. Jersey Canary

    Has Hughton lost the crowd

    [quote user="ncfcstar"]He will only lose my support if we play similar football next season, as long as we stay up this season I don''t give a damn how we play. Only 6 games left.[/quote]

    I agree.
  14. Jersey Canary

    Hughton here for the long term

    Brilliant post.  I agree wholeheartedly.I think McNally is our genius and in him I trust.
  15. Jersey Canary

    Beggars Belief

    Well said. Keep the faith. Things will change next season. It''s a needs must season this year.
  16. Jersey Canary

    Team for Swansea

    I know from when we played them last few times that their centre half''s don''t like a physical game so I think it calls for Holt and KK up front, with Holt playing slightly withdrawn role when defending. This is at the expense of Wes I''m afraid.

    Bunn comes in for Camp if he''s available. Bennet on right, Snoddy on left, Tettey in the middle for Howson. Apart from that same as last time.

    We need to pepper their goal with crosses and shot''s IMO. We need to start closing down high up the pitch so when we do win the ball we haven''t so far to go to score.

  17. Jersey Canary

    The slippery exit route for Holt

    I think he''ll be part of a Hooper swap. Although Holt one the contract battle I feel NcNally won the war.

  18. Jersey Canary

    The slippery exit route for Holt


    If he''s going to leave, please could he do it in a more dignified manner than Lamberts exit.

    Holt, you''re a long time retired and you might want to come back to NCFC as an ambassador or something one day. See what reception Hucks and Ewan gets even now.

    Holt, you''ve done good for Norwich and Norwich has done good for you. Don''t blow it.

  19. Jersey Canary

    Anyone else still firmly behind Hughton?

    Bearing in mind we didn''t really spend in January I would expect another 5 or 6 quality players coming in during the close season. And to answer the general point, yes I back Hughton.
  20. I think we''ll win but it won''t be easy.  I think Puncheon is their unsung hero, he seems to be quite tricky.
  21. Jersey Canary

    Parachute payment concerns

    I thought the new TV deal next season means 4 years of parachute payments rather than the 3 seasons they get now, so that''s where the advantage will be for us should the worst happen. However with McNasty at the helm I don''t see us leaving the PL for the foreseeable.
  22. Jersey Canary

    Will Hoolahan Go Down As A Legend?

    Sorry I should have added 7 PL goals at least per season consistently to be considered a great.
  23. Jersey Canary

    Will Hoolahan Go Down As A Legend?

    [quote user="singupcarrowroad"]So he has to score 7 goals next season to become a legend? Pretty sure that the history books won''t use that as a criteria for inclusion.

    And besides, he currently averages 6.8 goals per season over five seasons (including this one).

    So if he scores 1 more goal this season, in the next 11 games, he will average 7 a season.

    So I assume that upon scoring his next goal this season he will qualify for legend status under Jersey Canary criteria?[/quote]

    I don''t think Wes has scored 6 league goals this season. He needs to score regularly to be considered a great.
  24. Jersey Canary

    Putting Grant Holt into Perspective

    [quote user="Highland Canary"]The most influential player since Huckerby and, in my opinion, the most influential leader since Forbes.[/quote]

    What Adrian Forbes? Lol
  25. Jersey Canary

    Will Hoolahan Go Down As A Legend?

    Not until he scores 7 league goals plus as season playing from the No.2 striker position. A tough ask I know but I feel he doesn''t add a direct goal threat as a proper deep striker would.