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  1. Too many club cabbage wig wearers embarrassing our support as demonstrated by the above comments
  2. Sorry folks sold it to someone at work today
  3. Heading straight towards Wembley for atmosphere so will give The Torch a try
  4. Good player, seems to be not getting picked due to a falling out with Pardew, who happens to be a knob, rather than his ability
  5. Haven''t read this whole thread, well mainly because I find this particular poster as dull as muddy ditchwater, so could someone please summarise and confirm whether the aforementioned poster has f'' cked off yet?
  6. Were we not 3-0 up at half time against the very same Swansea?
  7. It would be great to have a few home grown players in the side but why is it that Norfolk produces so few professional footballers? If you compare Norfolk''s population 859,000 against Liverpool 466,000 we have nearly double the population yet have a pathetically small amount of Premiership footballers from our great county (are there any currently apart from Norwich youngsters?). Is this a hindrance to us as a team as we have such a limited local pool of talented youngsters - or is it the fact that there is local talent out there we just don''t nurture it well? Is it because of our area is mainly rural and most footballers seem to be inner city from working class backgrounds?
  8. Thorpe Hamlet, now living North City NR3 so not strayed too far
  9. Going up on Saturday and going for a night out in the toon, just hope my head is ok for the game on Sunday. As for the game it is a good time to play them with 3 games in a week give Morison a start with Jackson and I think we have a good chance
  10. No-one mentioned on this thread is more annoying than Adrian Chiles. Did he win a competition to become a tv presenter?? I just don''t get it...
  11. Stephen Ward is the worst international player I have ever seen
  12. Mario Mandzukic looks pretty handy, good in the air and skillful. Is apparently a free agent...
  13. sorry! someone sent me the link and i obviously didn''t check properly
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