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  1. Any particular reason why? Lack of explanation fails you...
  2. I''m sensing a little frustration here. OTBC :D
  3. That''s the way I saw it. As soon as the sending off happened and Alex came down, they reorganised. A new shape was formed, mostly counter attacking, and it worked. Credit.
  4. Hello and welcome to the past. Check posting times.
  5. Still no reply from the faithful. Does anyone have an opinion on todays tactics?
  6. http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/3206853/ShowPost.aspx
  7. Forgive me for quoting my original question, but from what I''ve heard, this question hasn''t been answered (well at least attempted to be answered!!)!
  8. ...however, was this Phelen''s tactics or Alex Neils? Just a question I''m throwing out there. And before the trolls shout out, I''m fully behind Alex Neil :)
  9. He''s sitting in the crowd again tonight. Seen a photo on FB. Looks a dead cert now.
  10. What a load of old rubbish. If we''ve been rejected, then fair enough. At least the board went out to offer the job to people who apparantly are too "big" for us. Neil Adams may have been 3rd/4th/1000th in line for the job, but he sure as hell hasn''t rejected us like these so called wannabee other managers. The guy is Norwich through and through. For God''s sake, give the guy a break and just give him a freaking chance.
  11. Redmond needs to work on his final ball. It''s probably been said many many times before, but it''s this that lets him down. Can''t fault his work rate however. To me he looks frustrated, and to be honest, who can blame him. He''s playing in a team which has been defensively minded all season. If the worst happens and we are relegated, I''m positive he will be a gem for us in the Championship. We just have to hope, if we go down, we can keep hold of him. He''s one of those players at the current moment in time, is to good for the Championship but doesn''t cut it at PL level.
  12. If you don''t celebrate when you score that sets alarm bells ringing. IMO he should be dropped and playing with the boys. Scoring for NCFC should be a privilege, and if you don''t celebrate that then get out of our club.
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