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  1. David Fox For England

    todays atmosphere

    great atmosphere after thr game.
  2. David Fox For England

    our next away games

    our last away games include leeds, swansea, hull, watford, leicster, portsmouth.

    dont want to be too negative but these ones are all tough, tough games! jusr feel we need to take most or if not all the points form our remaining home games to be in with a chance of automatic.

    what are everyone elses views on these away games?

  3. David Fox For England

    Forest V Watford tomorrow

    [quote user="Herman "][quote user="thefutureisyellow"][quote user="canary_girl"]

    [quote user="Planet X"][quote user="CT"]Is anybody else going or considering going to the game? I''m really tempted. Would be good to know if other City fans are going :) Potentially massive game in Norwich''s season![/quote]

    Not going to Burnley so will be watching the game live via a stream instead.

    this is what I shall be doing too

    [/quote] I will be to if I can find a link. Joined bet 365 today, and lost some money in the casino, hopefully it will be worthwhile.[/quote]

    Sorry to rain on your parade,but 365 streams only work abroad.Unless you are,then ignore this.

    [/quote]i''ve never watched a game via live stream before. will it be laggy? if so i shall just tune into the radio.

  4. David Fox For England

    Do pundits have a lack of respect for us?

    meant to read:

    some qpr players like taarabt, agyemang, eprhaim etc didnt want to know that game after we had scored.
  5. David Fox For England

    Do pundits have a lack of respect for us?

    its probably already been mentioned many times before, however i was watching the reading vs qpr match tonight and the commentators were practically doing qpr and warnock up the bumhole.

    i heard the fact that qpr work their socks off every game and that taarabt is so hard-working. they also mentioned the passion warnock had for the game and that passion is what has led them to the top this season.

    i''m sorry if i''m wrong but 1) qpr have little team spirit- i noticed this at carrow road. the reason we got the result is because every player works for the team under lambert but some qpr players like taarabt, agyemang, ephraim etdc... 2) if they do win the title they have practically bought it. 3) with the lack of ''fully proven'' players at championship level we have don''t you think we should be the ones getting the credit for our passion and desire this year. you can also add that we have scored late on in many games this season which agains shows it.

    the amount of times the commentators stopped commentating about the game and continuosly quoted about qpr made me angry!

    this just made me think that either we go completely unnoticed- which to be honest would be hard to believe or football pundits have it in for us.

    what are everyone elses views?
  6. David Fox For England

    Re: Norwich v Burnely live on TV

    i think it can. search down the list of all channels (if you have sky) and it should be hidden somewhere, i swear i''ve seen it before!
  7. David Fox For England

    irrelevant but good

    you''ve all probably heard it but its funny...

    fernando proved he wasn''t a red torres, torres

    all the money got to his head torres, torres

    go to chelsea ruin your life

    we hope john terry f***s your wife

    fernando torres, carrolls our number 9!

  8. David Fox For England

    Steven Smith off to Aberdeen on loan.

    old news.
  9. David Fox For England

    A classic Norwich transfer deadline day

    i think the likely-hood is that nobody is going to come in as lambert sauid he wasn''t too bothered if nobody did come in.

    still i would be very dissappointed if nobody does, its not that i am unhappy with our current squad its that i think a bit more extra fire power will take us up.. OTBC!
  10. David Fox For England

    Transfer deadline day - TODAY

    like food that specilases in being german.
  11. David Fox For England

    Crofts in Wales Squad

    hes always in the welsh squad now :)
  12. David Fox For England

    Transfer deadline day - TODAY

    very good!
  13. David Fox For England

    Transfer deadline day - TODAY

    also confirmed by the most unreliable nrwich source ''vitalnorwich''. not gonna happen!
  14. David Fox For England

    Transfer deadline day - TODAY

  15. David Fox For England

    Transfer deadline day - TODAY

    why waste your time posting this rubbish?