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  1. Spare ST available in the snakepit for the following games- Barnsley, Reading & Fulham. £40 for all 3 games. Please text me on 07540047764 and I will post to you.
  2. And it can be kept for Newcastle game. Both for £38.
  3. Snakepit ticket-£20. Please text me on 07540047764
  4. Have a ticket in snakepit for this-£25. Please PM if you''re interested. Thanks, Matt.
  5. I have a s/t in the snakepit still available for most matches this season at a very reasonable price. If anyone is interested please drop me an email on howes_matt@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks.
  6. I have a season ticket in the snakepit and can''t make all the games this season. Would anyone be interested in sharing it for a very reasonable price per match. Cardiff and Wigan coming up would be available. Please email me on howes_matt@yahoo.co.uk if interested. Thanks, Matt.
  7. I have ticket spare for snakepit for Saturday. £30 Please contact me on 07540047764 and I can meet you at the ground.
  8. I season ticket seat available for boxing day game against Millwall. Seat is at rear of the snake pit,,,lively area! £25. can arrange someone to meet outside the ground. Ring Matt. 07540047764.
  9. I''m in the same boat and even with a Nottingham postcode they are refusing to sell me a ticket for the match. My last hope is-does anyone have an order history or nffc customer number they could let me use to get a ticket for the match? If so, I''ll meet you tomorrow and happily buy you drinks all day! Please PM if you can help a fellow fan in need. Thanks
  10. I have my season ticket in the snakepit available for Liverpool match if anyone''s interested? please call me on 07540047764 and I can meet you before the match.   Thanks, Matt
  11. 1.My first away game at plough lane when John O''Heill got injured on his debut 2.The amazing one touch football we played under Dave Stringer and Mike Walker 3.Being in the Trinity road stand the day of the Hillsborough disaster and hearing rumours of the tragedy filter through. I remember the son Bangles-eternal flame being played pre-match and to this day that song reminds me of Hillsborough 4.The sea of yellow and green packed into the Holte end at the 89 semi-final 5.The tension and joy at Molineux the night of the play-off semi. I have never experienced such tension as during the last 10 minutes or such joy when the final whistle went. 6.Bouncing around on the clock end when we beat Arsenal 4-2 with the North bank ''mural''. My favourite ever City game. 7.Waiting outside the river end with my mate and his stool ready to get the best spot on the terraces behind the goal 8.The sick feeling in my stomach when we failed again in the 92 semi-final. Will I ever get to see Norwich at Wembley? 9.Sitting with the home fans at the Watford promotion game and the party in the pub after. The drunken sing song on the train back to London after the game included "chase out"! 10.Waiting outside the river end to get autographs of players after games. Asking Tim Shepherd for his and him telling us he wasn''t a player-we wanted it anyway! 11.Norwich fans going mental when we got a last minute consolation goal at white hart lane losing 5-1 12.All away games on minibuses-cans of lager, peeing on the side of the road, tyres let down, breakdowns, missed kick-offs, etc, etc..... 13.Wycombe in the cup when Walker left and the chant about him we sang all game 14.The white hot atmosphere at Portaloo road in the early prem night games and Brian Gunn''s infamous air-kick Amazing memories, great times. Makes me proud to follow this club
  12. absolutely true what the king says. I remember going to Reading away on a Saturday in the relegation season and almost everyone sat in silence the whole game. Compare that to say oldham away last season when the away support stood loud and pround all game. I hope we keep our loud away support up-I don''t think I can do many more trips like that reading game!
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