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  1. Oh I see, just cause you were in cobbold stand and I wasnt makes you a real fan and not me, hey....I dont think so do you, people are allowed to have an opinion that is the idea of a forum, what gives you the right to slag of this original poster
  2. [quote user="CCFC Fan"]what was the reason for the game being moved anyway? (haven''t been able to find out anywhere)[/quote] Police moved it
  3. you are a pratt, you had 2 more days preparation for your QPR game than we did for our Ipswich game, were we complaining, no... get a life and stop making excuses, its not our fault anyway, The suffolk police moved the game.
  4. Funny how they have not mentioned we played last over the Swansea weekend, then Tues away to Watford then played first at home to Forest on a friday night, so all in all works out evenly to me. I think the Bluebirds are feeling the strain, Come on city ignore all the crap from them and go out and get the job job. OTBC
  5. no money from my account yet and no tickets, applied with Swansea voucher too.
  6. I applied for a Pompey ticket with a swansea voucher, no money has left my account and no ticket received, does anybody think they may have lost my application or are they delayed in sending out
  7. I''m Thinking possible Stadium Sponsorship
  8. Quite Frankly couldn''t give a damm about you full stop, get a life
  9. [quote user="kdncfc"]May be nothing in it but saw a black 4x4 near training ground at Colney today with WHU as the last three letters on the registration plate, couldn''t really get a good look at the driver but instantly thought of Tony Fernandes who has been linked with us in the past and is a West Sham fan. Maybe the announcement could be connected to him investing in the club.[/quote] Nothing quite like stretching the imagination as far as you can, must have taken a while to think that one up, do you honestlky think fernandes would be driving himself in a 4x4, think the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend could be slightly more important to him
  10. doom mongers starting before a ball even kicked, why can''t everyone just get behind the team and see where it takes us. OTBC
  11. I''d agree, he was pushed, right in front of me too
  12. would say Steve Bruce in 1985 against The Scum, Keith Bertchin''s equaliser away to Sheff Weds when we got promoted, people were popping bottles of Champagne,oh how football has changed, And would have to mention Nellie away to Charlton last season to clinch promotion, completely mental.
  13. happy clappy you really are a complete tnuc, reckon even you can workout what that says backwards
  14. In my opinion he looks more settled playing on the right side of centre back as he did after Barnett went off, hope he steps up his game while Barnett is out tho
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