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  1. 2019 - Klose, Pinto, Passlack, Rhodes, Jarvis, Naismith, Wildschut & Abrahams. I'd expect all bar Klose to go, possibly Pinto to stay on a Tettey type contract? Rhodes has his own thread on this forum!  2020 - Franke, Raggett, Husband, Oliveira, Morris, Krul, Tettey, Vrancic, Stiepermann. I think we'll see the first 4 sold or loaned out again. Maybe Morris will be given a chance in pre-season. All bold go.
  2. Does the club need further capital expenditure projects right now? Building infrastructure is perfect, if it is going to get used, would this? In a promotion season, yes, first Prem season, yes... if we stay in the Premier League longer term, will the interest remain? I would hope so, but not 100% sure.
  3. With Villa winning it of course... It's the hope that gets you. Don't personally see them getting to the final.
  4. After last night, I am very much looking forward to the playoffs, let's be honest, we didn't want to get sucked into it because it is going to be a tough old ask to go up out of those four. Leeds will be playing championship football next season, out of the other three, take your pick. I am looking forward to some cracking football.
  5. Given the number of ads this site must serve, I would have been sure that this would have been fixed sooner.
  6. The town fans are a funny old bunch hey... https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/456125/as-long-as-the-club-wants-me-here-next-season.....-whoever-is-here/#28 On Lambert coming in after McCarthy... Imagine had Lambert come in and been given half a chance to succeed with the resources Hurst was given. We'd genuinely have our club back. Delusional
  7. Fair play to both Sheff U and Leeds today, got the job done, it is for sure a 3 horse race now and the best two will go up, to be honest, with Leeds shading Sheff U - I hope they do them over and us two pull away, it's about going up now and I don't really give a hoot who else it is as long as one of them is us...
  8. Sorry... and “But I think the football club at the minute has got a good feeling around it, it just has to keep that.” HAHHAAHA! Yeah it's cracking Paul... the town fans are buzzing. Followed by... “If you take away goals in football, we’re a good side." Agreed, also if you take making money out of the equation, RBS was a cracking bank. is he constantly on the sauce?
  9. You have to sign up to view there forum? I guess they don't like people spying on what they are saying...
  10. I thought it was £1M - £100k seems rather light, although I suppose they have already "paid into the pot" for the overall rights...
  11. The toughest part of the pitch to call for next season, raises a really interesting conundrum, Timm and Grant no doubt have the ability and Grant will want a crack at the prem, who can blame him should we get there, why wouldn't he stay - what really excites me is the youth we could attract next season and I trust this administration to make the right calls on it too...
  12. I was just talking the defence today - and in all honesty - the wing backs are the least of our worries for next season, we bring youth through at this club... so that is exactly what we should do next season... Jamal has been outstanding this season, yes slightly overshadowed by the newer and shinier Aarons, and to a lesser extent Godfrey, but heck all three deserve their crack at the prem should we get there. I don't think he needs to change his game all that much tbh.
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