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  1. Have to say Bill, would rather be slow and cautious in attack, solid at the back and winning more games than blowing teams away when we can and losing as many as we win. I think the league position has backed that up, maybe a change of plan should that position change eh?
  2. Clearly they knew what areas of the pitch to exploit, this is mainly through our injuries and lets be honest, the skill and quality of players they had. We were, on balance I would say the better side. I thought the ref gave a heck of a lot of 50/50's their way, but who wearing NCFC tinted glasses wouldn't say that. I don't blame the ref for their win, I blame us not ever really getting going. We were alwyas going to lose a game soon, that's how it is, football is as much sometimes about luck (you make your own yadda yadda yadda yadda) and tight margins. This one just wasn't for us, although it is that kind of complacency I hope that defeat knocks out of the lads, because at times it was all a bit pedestrian yesteday. Emi looked good.
  3. I await to see what he can do, how many league goals for us in how many minutes this season?
  4. This will take him on to 35 with us, I imagine his previous contract was expiring at the end of the season?
  5. Astonishing performance from the Ref today, as above, many... many clear cut wrong decisions. He will be doing the same again next game. Awful.
  6. Didn't see McLean covering the back as @sgncfc suggested, but that is why I am not a scout and just a fan. What I did pick up on was his poor quality passing and decision making in the final third. Didn't Farke say that he was to lead from the front and attacking in his mindset. Crikey, if so, we are in trouble. I like McLean, quality in the air, always feel he is nailed on to win a header and a "good engine". Just don't think he covered himself in glory today. Though Cantwell, Skipp and Hernandez stood out, Aarons good, Zimm and Godfrey untroubled.
  7. Yeah - the issue with the syncing is a bit ****, but hopefully teething issues. It is surely a simple fix to edit the sync times... surely?
  8. This is the worry, I think longer term, those lads playing week in week out here, getting a promotion push and either taking us back to the prem, or moving on next year will be better for their development, maybe being selfish in saying that. I think Lewis will play week in week out there though, not sure Godfrey or Cantwell would be so nailed on anywhere else as first team regulars, and Aarons possibly more of a chance, but not guaranteed. Lewis was the right deal at the right time for all I feel.
  9. Oh do behave, of course I CAN do it. The point is simple, why should you have to, or want to do it. It's not even about app development, you can simply make it a web portal, which can natively work on ANY device that has capability to do so. The point is, by making it an app, it isn't by its very nature designed to consume in the way that most people would expect to consume football if you cannot be there live. It is a massive flaw in the development of the service. If you have Sky Sports, you don't naturally sit down with your friends and huddle round the iPad to watch it do you? Sheer stupidity in a response there pal. Nice one.
  10. Cheers, for that. What a nonsense, that you cannot just have an app or browser login on a smart TV. All options require a laptop to be running, who wants to sit and watch football on a laptop (without all the jiggery pokery of messing around with wireless streaming, or HDMI cables etc).
  11. Does the iFollow app not work on smart TV's still? Seeing a lot of people saying you need to use a laptop with HDMI out, not an issue, but it's not great really is it.
  12. 2019 - Klose, Pinto, Passlack, Rhodes, Jarvis, Naismith, Wildschut & Abrahams. I'd expect all bar Klose to go, possibly Pinto to stay on a Tettey type contract? Rhodes has his own thread on this forum!  2020 - Franke, Raggett, Husband, Oliveira, Morris, Krul, Tettey, Vrancic, Stiepermann. I think we'll see the first 4 sold or loaned out again. Maybe Morris will be given a chance in pre-season. All bold go.
  13. Does the club need further capital expenditure projects right now? Building infrastructure is perfect, if it is going to get used, would this? In a promotion season, yes, first Prem season, yes... if we stay in the Premier League longer term, will the interest remain? I would hope so, but not 100% sure.
  14. With Villa winning it of course... It's the hope that gets you. Don't personally see them getting to the final.
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