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  1. Thought Idah had one of this better games today, but as a striker he’s better running onto a forward ball or in the air. Balls to feed his touch really let’s him down. Better though. Sara at times was sloppy and that was a 6/10 game from him, shows how good he is as a 7/10 he looks like a rolls Royce in this league. When he hits the 8’s and 9’s he’s unplayable. Placheta looked good going forward but let Dimi down a few times in the LB cover. it’s been mentioned a few times how much work has been given on his game, he strikes me to not have a good football brain, like Tzolis. I think many are overlooking how solid and good going forward Dimi is at the moment and what he is giving the team. That’s a contract on this run id like to see locked down. Seems so odd to me Onel started the season as a starter. Fassnacht is always a 6 for me. I don’t see much wrong. Or much positive. He sure lacks pace.
  2. Idah was present but provided no menace in an attacking sense, he held the ball up well and chased things down ok. We didn’t create chances for him to squander if he was going too. One blazed shot over the Barclay but it was a half chance, had a bit more time than he thought. I still don’t know what sort of Striker Idah is really… or what the management want from him. I always thought he was a great finisher, so get it to his feet in the box, but he seems to operate in every place but the box in build up, if he were that deadly - surely he’d be pulling people around that area to make a yard or two? I don’t know what we should judge hime as. Hwang was neither present nor menacing, although I felt most of the attacks were coming down our left with Dimi into Rowe. When Placheta and Hwang came on, something changed and we looked rather ineffective going forward. There wasn’t enough on display to make any judgement today on him, but he didn’t start by running himself about like Sargeant does, if a like for like is what we wanted - that’s not what we got I don’t think. Onel coming on momentarily reinvigorated work down that side but it was short lived as stoke piled on the pressure. We weakened significantly and Gibbs (who can do a job) and Springett (who is very young) coming on for Fassnacht and Barnes showed the fragility of the depth of the squad, I think the team ticks with any one of Placheta, Gibbs and Onel in it, maybe even Springett but 2+ we are, obviously, much weaker. I think this was Barnes’ worst game I’ve seen from him. Felt disjointed from the attack. Rowe had glimpses but he was targeted hard today, and it largely worked. He was kicked, strangled and pushed around a lot today but showed a bit to rise above it. Not surprised he was shattered after the treatment given today. He will be given more protection I hope in the game against Leicester. Fassnacht, not sure today either, most came down the other wing and towards the end he had 3 or 4 goes at their left back and came up second. We stopped putting it to him preferring Stacey on the overlap. Kenny was great today. Sara good but felt like he was looking for space in midfield whether that was when we had the ball or didn’t, very little pressure on their midfield and lathargic in the defensive portion. Solid back 5 excluding Dimi. He was clearly having a bad day and the yellow was pure frustration at silly errors. Couple of lunges in, and he gave so much space relying on pace to bridge the gap letting their attacking outlets to get up a head of steam on the run. We got 3 points but…. Phwoar. An odd game.
  3. What is going on at Archant/Newsquest? First promoting betting companies and now this clickbait nonsense…
  4. The second penalty was a penalty all day long. It’s soft and a players mistake. The disallowed goal is the real issue. Goal scored in second phase of play. Officials clearly don’t understand the law. Especially given that the cut back from sarge was coming backwards…. Initial offside wasn’t interfering with play. That was the shocker for me. Unsure why there’s such uproar for a soft penno we would have screamed the Barclay down for, but not for the clear and obvious disallowed goal.
  5. RVW scored on his debut against Newcastle I think it was... I, like many, hope Adam Idah comes good, but his touches or attempts at that leading to the goal were on par with what he has historically brought to the team. In my opinion, his lack of being able to hold onto the ball in anyway and bring others into the game is a concern. The biggest is that he cannot control to get a shot away. It always looks a yard away from him and not under any control. He did make a couple of defender worrying runs leading to the goal. Still to be convinced, I think he has the physicality to be a striker, but his touch leaves a big doubt from me.
  6. The journeymen, the loans, the passionless... they walk away. Two seasons of this display in the prem is a stain that doesn't wash out easily. Its the fans that have to wear that forever. To get it wrong, we can accept, we are a pretty accepting bunch. The complete mismangement and spinelessness of it, that's what gets me. Nepotism and self preservation. Poor. I feel for Farke, for Smith and Shakey, I feel for players like Sorenson, Aarons, Pukki and Krul. We deserve so much better.
  7. It's run the way it is so the owners can cling onto it under no financial pressure and allow them to pass it down to another member of their family. it's being run in their best interests not ours. THIS
  8. Completely with you on this, Deliah and co have to go in my mind now and I just wish more fans where there on it with me.... We could actually make a noise. We are a complete laughing stock.
  9. Am I being silly, but cannot see any update for GH on any topics or anywhere? Assuming he needs a scan and is out of tomorrow, but cannot see anything listed.
  10. Have to say Bill, would rather be slow and cautious in attack, solid at the back and winning more games than blowing teams away when we can and losing as many as we win. I think the league position has backed that up, maybe a change of plan should that position change eh?
  11. Clearly they knew what areas of the pitch to exploit, this is mainly through our injuries and lets be honest, the skill and quality of players they had. We were, on balance I would say the better side. I thought the ref gave a heck of a lot of 50/50's their way, but who wearing NCFC tinted glasses wouldn't say that. I don't blame the ref for their win, I blame us not ever really getting going. We were alwyas going to lose a game soon, that's how it is, football is as much sometimes about luck (you make your own yadda yadda yadda yadda) and tight margins. This one just wasn't for us, although it is that kind of complacency I hope that defeat knocks out of the lads, because at times it was all a bit pedestrian yesteday. Emi looked good.
  12. I await to see what he can do, how many league goals for us in how many minutes this season?
  13. This will take him on to 35 with us, I imagine his previous contract was expiring at the end of the season?
  14. Astonishing performance from the Ref today, as above, many... many clear cut wrong decisions. He will be doing the same again next game. Awful.
  15. Didn't see McLean covering the back as @sgncfc suggested, but that is why I am not a scout and just a fan. What I did pick up on was his poor quality passing and decision making in the final third. Didn't Farke say that he was to lead from the front and attacking in his mindset. Crikey, if so, we are in trouble. I like McLean, quality in the air, always feel he is nailed on to win a header and a "good engine". Just don't think he covered himself in glory today. Though Cantwell, Skipp and Hernandez stood out, Aarons good, Zimm and Godfrey untroubled.
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