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  1. paul ncfc

    Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe

    On the bench.
  2. paul ncfc

    Under 21's Today

    Thanks Ray, what was the line-up?
  3. paul ncfc

    Stephen Kingsley (Left Back)

    Signed for Swansea.
  4. paul ncfc

    Goalkeeping Coach

    Jani Viander, ex Stoke, maybe a job for Carlo Nash next season after all.
  5. paul ncfc

    Just our luck

    Our sixth game, there fifth, the game this weekend vs Sunderland postponed because of League Cup final.
  6. paul ncfc

    England u21

    BT Sport I think.
  7. paul ncfc

    Squad finalised

    Pete, on the official Premier League site they carry a list of U-21 and scholars as well and the lad is not listed, just hope this is an error and not a bad injury for him.
  8. paul ncfc

    Squad finalised

    A slight aside, but on the official Premier League lists of all the squads , Academy and Scholar players our young keeper we signed from Luton , Tyler Reading, is not listed, has this young lad been injured as well ?
  9. paul ncfc

    Pilks asking price of £5 million?

    Agree, PC , Lazy journalism?
  10. paul ncfc

    Pilks asking price of £5 million?

    The report also suggested that we needed to sell Pilks to raise some money because of a small budget.
  11. paul ncfc

    Van Ginkel

    [quote user="Joanna Grey"]paul ncfc wrote - "...still got to get past Wes though."

    Oh boy, are you serious?[/quote]

    In possession of the shirt and played the league, plus the lad will need time to adjust to the new surroundings, don''t always be too quick to dismiss what we already have.
  12. paul ncfc

    Van Ginkel

    With the lure of the World Cup next year, maybe to play more games will figure in his decision, still got to get past Wes though.
  13. paul ncfc

    Norwich Academy Team that have left.

    Oops , currently, Sam Habergham, did he play for anyone.