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  1. [quote user="zemas tendon"]Andy Hughes...[/quote]LOL HUGHESY HUGHESY!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN0UXeaVv84
  2. Sorry to hijack your post too WITS, hope you don''t mind.
  3. I don''t see a problem with a lasses only run. Lads can enter this http://www.janetomlinsonappeal.com/rfa/index.php or anyone for that matter. Taking part in all three this year all being well ...didn''t take part last year due to a bad ankle injury [:(]Sign up!
  4. [quote user="kilroyslefteyebrow"]Did we lose? Booing your own football team is like laughing at your kids when they fall of their bike. Gutless and heartless. You seriously think that the 11 men on the pitch haven''t tried their best? Delia was right about needing a 12th man, it''s just that when we need it at Carrow Road, we don''t get it. [/quote]"Let''s be having you!" lol but seriously, no use in booing. But you get booing at every ground so don''t worry too much.
  5. I have it on good authority the whole cities turning up for this one, they won''t want to go home after the match. If I were you I''d get the Norwich Immigration Patrol out in force, these guys are difficult to persuade to return to Doncaster.
  6. C''mon, you really think you can compare Leeds to Norwich in terms of passionate support....it''s like comparing a Care Bear to a erm....something which is the opposite... an evil Care Bear.Look, you hate us, everyone hates us, you think it''s massive news??? It''s not, lol, we''ve been disliked for a very long time. You think coming to Elland Road and criticising every aspect of it gives you some sort of moral high ground, makes Norwich an ever so more quality and quaint stadium, and makes you, as fans, the best that there is or every will be...nah.Fans like you, and others, have a serious mental complex when it comes to the mighty Leeds United. I''m gonna guess that there is more threads and posts on Leeds than there are on Ipswich, and if this is the case you''ve gotta take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself were it all went wrong.The only rivalry between us as far as I''m concerned is what was created last year, and that''s it. Apart from that your just another club in the same division.Get over us, start hating Ipswich again.
  7. "Despite the huge crowd of home fans, they were disappointingly quiet for most of the game, excepting when they scored both their goals. There have been recent posts about Carrow Road’s atmosphere yet we are head and shoulders above Leeds in that respect."HAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH!Is this supposed to be that comical.....
  8. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"]Like others have said, I don''t hate Leeds. They are our rivals for the last couple of seasons but it is not as if there is a massive history between our clubs. The whole "lets all hate Leeds" mentality just feeds their own media-fuelled sense of self importance.  [/quote]NOM NOM NOM, GIMME MORE!!!
  9. I was up at 3am this morning, looked out the window and low and behold it was belting it down with the old white stuff. I had my heated blanket on....ahem.... I mean I had the thinnest sheet possible to keep me warm with no central heating or electricity and no, not even coal... (must keep the northern stereotype alive, what good am I without it!)
  10. You scored in extra time! Shock and Horror! lol. 3-1 as I said. Although my scorer prediction is way off at the moment...
  11. [quote user="Lincoln Yellow"]What I do find funny is that clearly Jonny is about 16, and has no idea about any of the history of Leeds, so he just pretends he likes being hated. Essex & Norwich white can at least involve themselves in a discussion about it all. Jonny just has no clue. [:)][/quote]Yeah I''m clearly 16 *sigh*. Honestly I can''t really be bothered in talking about something which is largely pointless and a topic which other fans find hard to deal with or, if anything, find hard to stop talking about.Yeah we all know how bad and evil Leeds fans are, yeah ALL Leeds fans by the way. As far as I''m concerened, when God kicked Lucifer from heaven he went through Elland Road on his way down spewing little evils all over the place.
  12. Of course we''re the most disliked fans, but do any Leeds fans care hahahah, do they donkeys.....I''ve said it before and I''ll say it again, "Leeds, love us or hate us, it''s still an obsession". Thank you and good night.
  13. Hmmm, don''t think Becchio will start due to recent form and Somma will come back in to a 4321 formation. So I''ll go for a 3-1 win and Somma to score 2, Howson to get the other. Holt for you.
  14. Are you lot still banging on about how much you love Leeds, good grief, just settle down and I''ll give you all a big cuddle on Saturday....feel the Leeds Love mmmm [}]
  15. Among the most disliked, whoa whoa, let''s get this right sonny jim....we ARE the most disliked, kids these days eh.
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