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  1. No words can describe that feeling again today, the mrs said i squeeled like a pig!!! what a weekend!!!!! beat the scum, my stag weekend, last minute win today, good standard!!!!
  2. I think with 10 games to go, a premier league striker coming in to give us that extra push over the line would be massive for the club. Look at the buzz around the place when we signed hucks on loan!! Burnley snapped up delfouneso until the end of the season and someone of a similar pedigree (england u-21) or a player with shed loads of experience wouldl be priceless for the squad. what are your thoughts?
  3. I hate leeds because of the wa@*ers who visited us at carrow road this year and league 1. No doubt have a good manager however, certain players that if i was playing centre half I would want to go straight through the back of them!!! Absolute wristers!!!!!
  4. I think he is worth a punt! could prob get him for around 500k!? He has scored many more league goals than cody all be it in the lower leagues and normally what happens is that other clubs gamble on them and they turn out to be good signings! PL has stated that there may be only one more potential signing over the next few days!!! lets hope it happens sooner rather than later! do hope its a striker tho!
  5. Andros!! been on loan to the binners!!!!!!!!!! no thanks!!!!!!
  6. if lambert does decide to go, and city approach malky to become the next manager he may be able to persuade Danny Graham and Scott Loach to come to carrow road!!! exactly the firepower we need to push for promotion and one of the best upcoming keepers in the country!!
  7. according tothis interiew PL denies a move to burnley however the lure of the premier league would be too good to turn down!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/b/burnley/8448259.stm
  8. 2 changes to the starting 11 from saturday, Russell Martin out for Korey Smith at right back, I felt nervous every time Martin touched the ball and Grant Holt for Simeon Jackson/Chris Martin. He just has the presence about him and the leadership that we missed on saturday!!
  9. I would not say it was ludicrus to fit him in with those superstars that you have mentioned and I believe there are players on your list who have performed considerably better than Russell Martin. Some have even gone on to better themselves. sure not all but generally better than that tripe we call Russell Martin!!!!
  10. Scapegoat?? He has been the worst player I have seen play for city for years! Really bad! Bring back magic Darren Kenton. I also agree about Marc Edworthy he was quality in old division 1!
  11. Thought I''d sign up after today''s game as an avid reader of these forums and so angry about a few of the boys performances tonight however, carrying on from last seasons antics is dear old Russell Martin, what has he brought to the team apart from vulnerability in the right back position!!!! he gives the ball away so much and is pulled out of position so easilywhich stitches up the other lads all the time!! cant think of the last permanent good right back we have had??? what you reckon???
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