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  1. I said you couldn’t string together a coherent argument when you weren’t able to just copy and paste from Wikipedia. Which bit of that implies citing from Wikipedia is something to mock? The quoted post does rather support the idea you struggle to make any sense when not just copying and pasting from the internet.
  2. At least you have stopped even denying being a wind up merchant now.
  3. So three misquotes and no apology but instead a load of wriggle wriggle weasel words again? You are just a wind up merchant aren’t you?
  4. Hi LYB, I don’t recall being dismissive of Wikipedia. I said you struggle to put forward anything like a coherent argument when you can’t just copy and paste from Wikipedia. Is this another quote you’ve just made up? That’s three in a couple of posts. Sorry if derailing the thread, but perhaps you could ask NC, expert on quotation protocol, for some pointers?
  5. So no quotes? Here’s one of yours which looks rather silly when you’ve just made two claims about someone, can’t then back them up, and then make a post like the one quoted to try and avoid admitting you just made it up. “like all arrogant, self-righteous lefties, you're too full of yourself to even question whether you might be wrong.” If only Wikipedia had a page on how to dig yourself out of a hole you keep digging.
  6. So even now you aren’t willing to give your opinion on Reform candidates making racist comments towards Muslims? Very interesting. Can you point me to where I’ve made comments about the history of the Arab Israeli war as you’ve claimed? Or where I’ve “ranted until the cows come home against Israel”? Go on, quote a few back at me - you must be very sure that’s true before making such claims, as you wouldn’t want to look silly in a post trying to prove you aren’t silly.
  7. Not sure who aimed at, but I don’t think LYB ever said “well if you don’t like it vote for somebody or something else”. I think I actually said that to him after he had made a ridiculous comment about him “not consenting” to laws which have been in place for years, which he disagrees with, but in respect of which the majority of people clearly don’t feel the need to change. I assume the Wikipedia page for ‘democracy’ was down that day.
  8. Well I’m glad you’ve now had time to look at the wiki page for ‘strawmanning’. How about answering the actual question - why do you and NC dislike this guy but have no problem with the Reform candidates who made what Reform classed to be derogatory and racist comments against Muslims and black people? I’ve already given my view on the matter in response to TGS. I’m taking the view it’s a better idea to keep the sensible conversations with posters who aren’t racist wind up merchants, and stick to the silly wind up stuff with those who are.
  9. So we still aren’t any closer to finding out why you and NC dislike this Muslim person making comments you don’t like, but have no issue with Reform party candidates making comments deemed by their party to be racist and derogatory towards Muslims and black people. “Explain yourself”. I also think you’re getting me confused with someone else. I’ve not posted anything about the history of the Arab Israeli conflict at any point on any thread. Your list of treaties and agreements from 80 years ago continues to be impressive though - wiki as well or somewhere else?
  10. It absolutely is relevant to this thread. The two of you keep on with your whatabouttery and telling everyone else they are being one sided, yet NC you only seem to get worked up when you can have a dig about Muslims. The reason you can’t and won’t dig out any posts about the reform party members is because you didn’t make any. So why are you so worked up about these comments but you didn’t care about the Reform party candidates making racist comments?
  11. Yes your highness. Lol, get a grip.
  12. In fairness, hasn’t the Green Party been quote vocal in supporting a ceasefire and for sanctions etc to be ramped up against Israel? Not unusual for one policy of a party/candidate to be a headline one, especially in local elections. Also not unusual for people to vote based on discontent with other parties. I don’t know anything about his campaign, but the Daily Mail suggests he “ran on a Gaza ticket”. If people wanted to vote for a party who supports a ceasefire in Gaza and wanted to show their disapproval of the other parties’ stance on Gaza, then why not vote this Green Party candidate? As you say - using conflating National and international issues with local campaigns is hardly unheard of. I doubt Cambs really thinks Reform were hoping voters would vote for them based on their plans to fix potholes and bin collections…. Separately though, if this guy has made unacceptable comments on YouTube or social media in the past then hopefully they will be investigated and appropriate action taken by the party. Whatever action is taken by the party will no doubt be scrutinised and potentially affect people’s votes in future elections.
  13. Being more serious NC, and as you love quotation marks, just wondered if you could dig out your posts criticising the Reform candidates who were ditched by their party for racist comments towards Muslims and black people a couple of months ago? I’m sure you were equally as passionate about that but I must have missed your concerns. LYB doesn’t like one sided arguments so hopefully you did post about them or else he will no doubt be having a pop at you soon!
  14. Hi Naturalcynic, I was using them here to make it clear I was quoting LYB’s previous posts and tweaking them for comic effect. You may also want to ask LYB for a link to the wikipedia page on paraphrasing, as that did seem to cause some confusion for you on the other thread.
  15. Hi LYB, this seems to match your definition of “strawmanning”? Just wondered whether you’d managed to look up how Wikipedia defines it yet?
  16. From Wikipedia: “A straw man fallacy (sometimes written as strawman) is the informal fallacy of refuting an argument different from the one actually under discussion, while not recognizing or acknowledging the distinction.[1] One who engages in this fallacy is said to be "attacking a straw man". Stick to copy and pasting.
  17. “Trust you to find a way of deflecting from recognising the serious issue of non-Muslim voters voting on one issue like migration contrary to the hateful narratives you prefer that demonise Muslims only”.
  18. “The point is you persist in pushing an extreme anti-Muslim narrative that condemns Muslims in isolation while ignoring every single other factor. RWNJs voting on single party issues like migration are ignored….etc etc snore snore snore ….in the horrifically unbalanced anti-Muslim propaganda narratives you favour”.
  19. “Wikipedia has let me down, my last argument looked stupid, best use words like “strawmanning” and post about something unrelated.” (For NC’s benefit, before he starts telling me about the best of his knowledge, I am aware you haven’t previously said the above verbatim.)
  20. “Literally, voters voting based on one issue and you can’t wait to post about it on account of your supposed dislike of Muslims, but where is your commentary about the other people who vote based on one issue like immigration, many of whom have been voting based on one reason longer than these people have been? This isn’t a criticism of people only caring about one thing at play, this is using emotional arguments to demonise one party in a complicated geopolitical environment.”
  21. Can’t see this as behind a paywall but seen an article I presume is largely the same. Given how much the what-abouttery club on here love to suggest what Israel is doing is fine because it happens elsewhere, I found this comment interesting: “Acute malnutrition rates there among children under 5 have surged from 1% before the war to 30% five months later, the USAID official said. The official called it the fastest such climb in hunger in recent history, more than in grave conflicts and food shortages in Somalia or South Sudan.”
  22. Attributed my own biased diatribe to LYB? Are you suggesting I’ve been saying Israel should be able to commit genocide for those reasons and am now trying to pass those comments off as LYB’s? Or does this sentence just make no sense?
  23. lol are they? ‘Israel should be able to commit war crimes against civilians because some Israelis disagree with it (which contradicts other arguments he’s been making for weeks), Hamas and Iran are bad, and there are other war crimes being committed elsewhere.’ It’s another really well thought through and persuasive LYB argument. Becoming increasingly clear he struggles when he can’t just copy and paste from Wikipedia.
  24. As someone else has already said in response, vote for someone else. Do you think the reason no government has changed whatever you dislike since before you were born is because (a) the majority of people agree with you but the major parties ignore them and still get in anyway or (b) the majority of people disagree with you/don’t care so the main parties haven’t changed their policies to align with yours? “I dON’t cOnSenT”
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