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  1. Ozbarclay

    Attention plastics!

    send me the plane fare buddy
  2. Ozbarclay

    Honest Question...

    Overpriced because of timing... I would have thought 6million tops. Celtic may have been waiting on a new player and didn''t get him.Felt a tad embarrassing in the end like asking a girl out on date over and over and keep getting told she is busy.
  3. Ozbarclay

    Can we

    Isn''t there a rule that they have to have a penalty and the opposition isn''t allowed one?????

    We could win but I''d be very happy with a draw...
  4. not just the diving but the ''my skull has been shattered stuff''Hopefully that will work in our favour...

  5. If the horse is still worked up we may have to sub him.... one up front probably needs to be Jacko but we really don''t look like we will score... and we may be lucky enough to stop them but we''ve ridden our luck a couple of times

  6. Ozbarclay

    Match thread

    Can you imagine having to support them? Crowd should get 50 percent off for Stoke games.Great goal.Some disturbing passing at the back early on.... now to push on
  7. well we got four points from the last three games which was as I expected / hoped.... but not that way
  8. so wwld?what will the Hoo do?
  9. beats the man... makes the space for the pass and then loses it... and meanwhile we have pushed up so losing possession puts us straight under pressureto be fair probably trying to make something happenbecause no one else really is
  10. Ozbarclay

    match thread?

    bit Captain Obvious but we really need to focus for the next ten.... think they''ll come at us like a train
  11. Ozbarclay

    match thread?

    bit worried about that yellow as the game goes on... don''t need a secondref doing Ok but every now and then I can''t tell what he has given from his hand signals... was convinced he pointed for a city free kick once when it was the other waywould have like to have seen Pilks with that free kick we took quickly

  12. Ozbarclay

    match thread?

    agreed... takes the pressure of the defence..and yep... should have put that away
  13. Chelsea are a class act... but some of our defensive errors are embarrassing.Still ...good to see Holt strike that so well.... and Chelsea look a tad dodgy at the back at times... Pilks maybe??

  14. Interesting line up... apart from injuries I''d have liked to have seen it a few weeks ago
  15. well we had the ball in their box often enough to win or certainly draw...just don''t look like scoring
  16. changes later if we are still 1-0 down.... Sky commentators having a love in for Newcastle and barely commentating on the game
  17. +1 for Pilks... can change a game on a good day... can''t do a double change though
  18. I can''t see us being given a penalty like that...Turner... well he was to blame for the goal... but not sure he''s as bad as we feel.probably the last injury we neededbetter service into the box and Hoolahoop is making a few things happen... when we don''t dwell too long and get closed down we look better going forward.... but still need more class in the box

  19. wow  Turner was lazy there
  20. Interesting line up... sensible decisionsIs Pilks not match fit or just benched?... really want to see better crossing / set pieces please
  21. Ozbarclay

    Match thread- Team news!

    24 shots at goal ... no goals. Looks like goals will be our biggest problem.I think West Ham will be in the relegation scrapSome good signs from kane but wow.... that should have been hit

  22. Ozbarclay

    Match thread- Team news!

    Howson only seems effective this game when he''s deep... and he and Holt do both seem to deep...Hoping we get earlier subs if nothing changesAt the moment the game could go either wayI agree we need to grab the game in the centre and dictate from there
  23. Ozbarclay

    Match thread- Team news!

    certainly don''t look so dangerous from set pieces this season
  24. Ozbarclay

    Match thread- Team news!

    Ball was a yard in the box... a reasonable amount of Surman was in the box but the contact was outside... correct decision but buggerIf we could finish we would deserve to be ahead... Holt still not really in top from...