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  1. Install a few more of those camera pits Sanchez became so fond of.
  2. The club are probably holding off with any kit launch as its unlikely we have a marketing campaign given the uncertainty of our top flight status and players futures. Come the summer Snoddy will probably be wearing green and white hoops while asking kids for a game and lets face it little red hiding hood is currently more intimidating than the big bad wolf.
  3. DJ11 - where did you get the tickets from in the neutral area? They have been sold out on the Fulham website since the start of last week.
  4. I''ll certainly have my "Grant Holt: Thanks for the mammaries" t-shirt on
  5. In the last few games we have started to create a few more chances but failing to capitalise when we are on top is coming back to haunt us as we are prone to making a defensive howler. I know we haven''t scored many goals but what I find staggering is the stat in the Ashton article where of the 63 PL subs made this season none have scored or created a goal. This underlines the point that while CH may set the team out well he cannot influence the game and if anything his changes have had a detrimental impact on the team with Tuesday night being a perfect example of this. However when we look back at Watford in the Carling Cup game, CH threw on Josh Murphy who had an impact and salvaged the game for us. The board won''t sack CH now, but I believe he really needs to start throwing caution to the wind and put the pressure on the opposition because we need wins at this stage, especially given our run in. West Ham were there for the taking but by subbing off our threats he managed to rejuvenate them rather than us!
  6. One from left field... Paul Clement - current assistant to Ancelotti at Real after coming through the ranks as a coach at Chelsea and then following Ancelotti to PSG and Madrid. He has had a great schooling in the game. Is young and hungry and has recently stated that he wants to step up and become a manager. The last few coaches to leave Chelsea and become managers in Clarke & Rodgers haven''t done too badly. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/24032226
  7. Paul Clement, has the pedigree and ready for the step up... Rodgers and Clarke haven''t done too badly since making the move.
  8. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]You might want to recheck those numbers...[/quote] I think he''s excluding the two games where the opposition played with a beach ball.
  9. It will be released on tour surely? The States trip is a big marketing exercise so it makes sense.
  10. Yes a marketing push is clearly behind the tour. I fully expect the new away kit to be launched over in the states. How about our new golden generation pictured in the kit with the golden gate bridge as a backdrop?!
  11. FFS I don''t care about the canteen!!! My point is... McNally wouldn''t have taken Fer out to Yellows or anywhere in public (and then retweeted the Yellows link) if he didn''t want people to see he was here. It''s used to make those ignorant people outside of Norfolk understand we mean business - yes I''m looking at you Ola Toivonen. Big names only help attract bigger names and hence I believe we could be in for a fantastic few weeks before the season starts.
  12. Well obviously the point I''m trying make isn''t clear... For McNally and Hughton it must be incredibly difficult simply to state to a player "we are ambitious" without showing some form of action. Thus, much like RvW when he was told we would sign attacking players, we are trying show that we are a club that is going places. In the past we have usually kept our cards close to our chest but now we are showing our hand simply because its so good! Put yourself if Fer''s shoes, would you be more or less inclined to sign for Norwich if you knew they were in the running for Alderweireld and Quagliarella?
  13. Does anyone else fee that all these rumours in foreign papers along with pictures of Fer in Yellows are too much of a coincidence? I get the feeling that we are actively encouraging such coverage to highlight our ambition in an attempt to help attract players to the club - who may have been scepitcal about whether we are a "big" enough club. I believe it''s only going to take one to sign on the dotted line then the others will be like dominoes! OTBC
  14. Kei Kamara''s having a party, bring your vino, bring your charlie
  15. Get yourself on MOTD! #cliche QPR safe cos of ''Arry and his signings. Reading have great team spirit. Southampton playing with flair. It think you missed off Norwich playing with superb spirit and still looking dangerous at home
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