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  1. beckford has been playing crap recently. thats a joke.
  2. [quote user="Kojak"] Anyone know what the odds were on us winning the league after that defeat...? My mate reckons it was 20-1??!! [/quote] i think it was 18-1. i know someone who put it on for a joke after the game. hes pretty happy now
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufZRA5gyXhQ hes not very good at predictions is he
  4. that was quality cheers for that
  5. lambert 1 million grant holt 5 hundred thousand nearly same amount of goals. enough said
  6. [quote user="Squire"]Seems to be part and parcel these days but frankly I could do without it. Not clever, and unimaginative. Am I alone?[/quote] i think it makes it funny to go to games when in the barclay. just a bit of banter nothing else
  7. [quote user="dpit"]How many games before the end of the season, do you think we''ll seal automatic promotion? I''m going for 3.[/quote] before the leeds game
  8. [quote user="morty"]Happy is an understatement lol! [/quote] sorry i meant very happy with that lol
  9. yeovil (h) huddersfield  (a) swindon (a) leeds (h)   i would happy with 9 out of 12 points with that. with the teams we are playing and how we are playing at the moment i would say thats satisfying. this could be the most important 4 games so far this season which might decide if we go up as champions or not
  10. [quote user="MPR"]If the midfield defend any deeper, we''ll need him. This is one of the things that tends to invite wave upon wave of attacks at times.[/quote] who??
  11. [quote user="Dr. Ink"] There is something in the air tonight The future''s bright, fernandes They are playing well for you and me For Victory, fernandes Though I thought that we could never lose There''s no regret If we have to score a goal again  We will, my friend, fernandes. [^o)]...To the chorus of the Abba classic [/quote] give up
  12. got to be holts header against millwall or spillanes goal against leyton orient [:D] 
  13. i thought we were going to get a goal before that. i would of been happy with a point if we 11 men on the pitch in the end
  14.                 hughes                     russell                 hoolahan              mcnamee                  holt                        martin                       hoolahan and mcnamee could swap every now again, also martin could cover on one of the wings if needed
  15. [quote user="Salford City YELLOW"]Yes I realise why managers do it Woody... I''m not sure it could work for us either but I like it anyway. 2 out and out wingers switching sides throughout the game and causing both the full backs problems I feel would work for us in the Championship next season.[/quote] hopefully would cause a lot of problems with trickery and pace. would be like croft and hucks again maybe.
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