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  1. A mate and I were chatting about Bennett yesterday. Naughton is bringing the ball a long way up and not leaving Bennett with enough room or time to try and beat people. Tierney has the overlapping role down to a T.
  2. I can''t understand why, in situations like that mentioned above, we don''t go for the inswinging option. A ball aimed at the far post only takes a little nick to divert it whereas an away swinger is helping the defence.
  3. Five Live saying definitely a penalty.Whenever I try and find a stream all I get is flipppin'' Blackburn.
  4. I just presented a Scummer colleague with a bottle of 7-Up. His mates found it amusing.
  5. Let''s hope PL comes up with similar ideas. http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/football/premier-league/video/allvideos-22327918/tactical-brain-26316719
  6. Sadly just a bit of editing from an old AP clip, but it made me laugh so what the hell....
  7. I just mentioned to a Leeds fan in the office that we''re supposed to be signing Johnson. He''s gutted. Good enough for me.
  8. Good results in general, though we still need to capitalise on them Monday night for it to play out
  9. Agreed. RM can''t cross for toffee which seems to have been acknowledged with the attempt to get Bennett.
  10. Good point SUTRE. I find it amazing that there are strikers (Zamora, Ameobi and the like) who go for entire seasons without scoring. That''s like me turning up to work for a year and failing to do the main job I''m paid for.
  11. A couple of stats from before last night. The dull one: Last night was our 500th home league draw The interesting one: We''ve had 212 attempts on target before last night. That''s equal top with Leicester which suggests there''s something wrong with the finishing rather than that we''re not even getting the shots in.
  12. A quote from my mate at the match: Wilbraham is the new Dean Coney. I assume he hasn''t just put one away off his left cheek.
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