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  1. [quote user="Ginja"]and don''t forget that you can vote twice at work and at home ;)[/quote]Or vote delete cookies and vote again.
  2. Best game purely because it was the first match I took my son to was the  Millwall game 6-1 he loved it.Worst there are a few but the one that sticks in my mind was the Newcastle game I had a stinking hangover had to climb a million stairs and watch my team lose 6-2 then have a long drive back.
  3. GreenFugelstadCulverhousePolstonNewsomeEadie CrookKeith O''NeillFoxSuttonAshton
  4. Izal toilet paper was that the stuff we used to have in schools?, it was like wiping your arse with tracing paper
  5. Out we dont need a plan. Its worked well so far with brexit
  6. How the hell did i forget Radiohead. I hang my head in shame
  7. Elliott SmithPink FloydNirvanaManic street preachers (early stuff)Brand newToolChimeraNWAThe beatlesgodspeed you black emperor
  8. Requiem for a dreamPiFight clubDumb and dumber
  9. Can we sign the lad Tena??? It may stop a few of the pant wetters
  10. [quote user="wcorkcanary"]City Hotels back Badger Cull......you read it here first.[/quote]
  11. HA HA I got sacked this morning from the hotel, F.U Barnham Broom, that''s were he was staying and they have two more people staying there next week, sorry i didn''t get their names. Oh well life goes on plenty of jobs out there time to chill out with my kids for the summer holidays, gutted it wasn''t a month ago then i could have watched all of the world cup.
  12. I have worked in most of the big hotels in Norfolk for a while now and meet a lot of players and the vast majority are pleasant enough to talk to but as in most aspects of life there are the odd few who really are just dicks. I used to work in a hotel that made us sign a contract so we wouldn''t tell anyone who was staying there, but this current place hasn''t so i''ll let you all hear as and when. (not that anyone will care)
  13. The hotel I work at has most of the players stay when they sign for city and are waiting for a home. Surman was a nice man but Yobo was a complete arsehole. The only reason I have never posted about it is because at the time i feared i would lose my job, and now well screw it its only a job
  14. Surman was indeed staying in a hotel, he checked out on the 16th. He was there for two weeks and was a really nice bloke, i had a few chats with him and most of what the OP said is right. he never said anything to any of us about RvW though.
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