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  1. The improvement that Carlton made during the year at Hamilton was significant. Was much more involved in the games towards the end of the season and helped keep us up. Don''t think hes ready for the championship yet. another couple of years probably, with loans to perhaps league 1 sides will bring him onto the next stage. Rumours that Hamilton want him back, but I don''t think that will help him too much.
  2. We''ve known for a long time that Michael was not going to sign a contract extension. Hes done very well for us and is one of the main reasons were still in the SPFL this year. I cant see him signing as a number 2, he''s already knocked back Southampton as a back up to Fraser Forster. Perhaps Ruddy has other options? Anyway. Hes a very good shot stopper (just check out the game against Germany). In my opinion he does rely on the defence a little too much instead of coming out his goal. Hes OK at cross balls, but he''s not the tallest keeper (about 6ft2in) Great at saving penalties and is cool as ice. Be interesting to see how he does. Sir Alex knows him well and took him to Hamilton. Hes a really genuinely nice guy who will be missed. Its says a lot when the supporters of all the clubs he played for wanted him to stay. Please can we have Tony back?
  3. Carlton had a good all round game on Saturday. Put in a good shift, showed some skill and his strength in possession. A very good first start for Carlton. He took his goal well and was unlucky not to score a second. A great save from the United keeper kept him at bay. heres a link to the highlights for anyone thats interested: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/scotland/33952730 I also hear that we may be getting a couple more players on loan from you. Any thoughts on who may come. A central defender and another striker are the positions I need to fill
  4. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/400xY/2014/4/24083125.jpg NICE WEE PICTURE OF ALEX AND TONY
  5. A few of us Accies fans are looking to organise a wee trip down to Norfolk this season. Whats the best way to go about getting tickets, and where would be the best part of the ground for atmosphere?
  6. 2-1 to Norwich, with tony Andreu coming off the bench to score in the last minute of injury time, repeating last years play off final against hibs ️️️️️️️️️️️️
  7. Wishing you guys the best of luck today. Hope Alex can do it for you
  8. remember Sir Alex knows the scottish market best, having spent over 10 years up hear. can see him at least looking at players from Celtic & Aberdeen like van dijk, armstrong, mackay steven etc would not be surprised to see him go for michael mcgovern as a back up for ruddy. (was man of the match for NI against scotland on Wednesday before he came to norwich the most he''d ever spent on a player was about £10K. he will look for players with a good work ethic, very fit and capable of playing a high tempo passing game.
  9. [quote user="Yellow Wall"]You guys really miss him, don''t you![/quote] Think your all starting to realise, what we''ve known for a long time.
  10. Andre can play anywhere in an offensive midfield, but is best through the centre.
  11. Ive been following Norwichs exploits with more attention than The Accies recently, due to our meteoric collapse since Sir Alex left. Was wondering who you reckon will get dropped to allow Dorrans into the starting line up. Can see it being Hooper as he''s slotted in well to the role behind the main striker, Don''t see i being tetley as most folk seem happy with his defensive midfield role From all accounts Johnston has bought into Alex''s pressing style of play Could it be Redmond. Knowing Alex pretty well I can''t see him changing his preferred formation for one player. Be interested to know what your thoughts are. ps be interested in coming to narrow road later in the season. How easy is it to get tickets.. All the best
  12. We need as much help as we can get. A couple of loans to would be most welcome.I was there yeterday and its hard to beleive that we beat that same Aberdeen team 3-0 earlier on in the season.I see Cameron Jerome is warmign the bench. More than happy to give him game time
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gcer7yFCshg check out the goal at around 3 minutes
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