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  1. This relaxed, no worries, long fingernailed feeling is weird.
  2. That was always a distinct possibility as soon as Luton decided to come at us again. Game over
  3. Did ok first half but is favouring them in this. That was never a foul by Rupp
  4. Why hasn’t he mentioned it in the last 4 years or so? Hucks worked with him and didn’t know
  5. Luton sitting back a bit at the start of the half. interesting
  6. Swansea fortunate to be ahead again. But as long as we win, it’s another game down, promotion getting closer
  7. Very good performance so far. Look to be playing with confidence and we will always get success against these level of sides who come and have a go as our extra quality will show through. Great to have Cantwell back, Emi looking as hungry as ever, Pukki on fire and Skipp/McLean in control
  8. Only if there is a 2nd goal. Luton have been ok but they don’t look like scoring two
  9. So much better to watch when a team comes and has a go. Shows our quality in attack
  10. Cantwell proving his worth and why he’s come straight back in
  11. Emi just needs to fine tune his passing radar, but we look dangerous going forward already
  12. The commentators saying ‘Hoolahun’ always really irritated me. How hard is it to learn the pronunciation of someone’s name! Though it’s taken us about 3 years to find out it’s Airons, maybe it is Hoolahun
  13. Last season in the PL: “why isn’t Vrancic starting? Farke obviously hates him, he doesn’t know what he’s doing” This season in the championship: “why is Vrancic starting all the time? He should be a supersub, his legs have gone” This is all in jest, I just find it amusing that Vrancic is the definition of a player who’s brilliant when he’s not in the team.
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