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  1. That should hopefully make the game slightly more enjoyable - we have good players (great at championship level) and we need them now
  2. Clearly Wagner realises his fledgling career would be in complete tatters if this squad somehow gets promoted, so he's sabotaging it now. He also knows how much we hate the binners. Any other reason we're playing this badly?
  3. What is the plan??? Are we hoping for another set piece where we can copy a Man City routine again? Some quality players (that will probably leave at the end of the season) and instead we focus on our clearly weak defence.
  4. Impossible for us to try and slow it down anymore. And the tactic isn't working unless the strategy is to try and hold on for a draw and only use set pieces to attack. Why are we not using Sainz, Sara and Sargent?? 2 of the most in form midfielders and the top scorer of 2024. Leicester are in their worse form of the season and we try and contain them??? Baffling.
  5. We're getting destroyed down the left. Such negative football so far (though great corner)
  6. McCallum not having a good game so far. Postionally poor and is he really that slow??
  7. Wow, that finish from Sara. He's some player.
  8. I agree not replacing Skipp that season (or since) was/is criminal. But that's not on Wagner. You pointed the fact out fair enough. I think it needed a massive piece of context.
  9. Yeh Skipp made absolutely no difference, it was only ever about the CBs
  10. Bit by bit yes, but this isn't another bitty change. This would change the countries football life, its DNA. Fans know that football is a business. It's about money. Sky came in with a LOT of money. It revolutionised football (better or worse, hmm). Yes little changes came in. There's more Sunday games, lunchtime and evening kick offs. All the other amendments you mention. Grumblings on message boards, Facebook, in pubs is all common place but that's as far as it goes because the fundamentals of the game in this country and leagues remain. Then along came this European Super League rubbish. The big 6 were on board we were told. Some owners were waxing lyrical about the change in the landscape and the great opportunity for the clubs and on the world footballing stage. But what's this? The fans don't like it? MAJOR repercussions began within each club. Not just the big 6 fan groups but within numerous clubs across the country. The message was clear. This can't happen. Fans can only be pushed so far. Can only accept so much. The owners and clubs underestimated the reaction. The backtracking was immediate and decisive, laughably so. Whats changed now? A court ruling? More money involved? None of that matters if the fans won't accept it. The ESL is simply unnecessary and irrelevant to the average football fan. It gives little and takes away everything. Everything they've grown up knowing and loving about football. The champions league exists to demonstrate their credentials on a wider scale than simply England. But do they want to never play the likes of Bournemouth, Stoke, Luton on a wet Tuesday night again? No chance. Capitalism has destroyed much of the world. I hope, and unfortunately it is a hope, it doesn't destroy footballing tradition within this country.
  11. Why inevitable? The big however-many-it-is-now in England and Germany won't join it. The fans will riot. It VERY quickly was abandoned last time as soon as there was a whiff of fan discontent. Those that don't understand the heritage and tradition behind football in this country soon realised it won't be something they can just force through. This isn't something the capitalist world can win (hopefully).
  12. I didn't but I wish I had now. I would've like to say goodbye to Pukki, the last reminder of what a great team we used to have.
  13. In an organisation where Michael Oliver is seen as the best representative of English officials, there's no surprise dross like Hooper still get work.
  14. Well maybe two of them, one has grown a beard since high school
  15. Whacked through the player to get the ball, is a foul. Debatable if it ahouldve been a red though
  16. Why is the consequence of being totally inept and useless at your job to be taken out of the spotlight and given a week off? Hopefully there are further ramifications like some form of disciplinary procedure as many would face in everyday jobs if you CONTINUALLY show yourself to not be up to the job.
  17. Very sensible. I'm loving my Sundays watching my boy play football. For him there's no money involved, there's no big team bias and there's no VAR. It's simply him and his mates getting together to enjoy a fairly (or often feisty) competitive game of football. Seeing the look of pure joy when he scores a goal is better than anything the PL could ever throw up.
  18. To quickly expand on the point of loving football.... There was so much joy to be had in this opening weekend... Haaland being Haaland, Newcastles all round play, Salahs pass, Sakas goal, Chelseas performance after the first 10mins or so, Maddisons continued rise, etc etc So much to enjoy and love about the pure actual sport of football. Sadly that's becoming and has become so diluted within the beast of corporate organised competition. Capitalism is the true evil on the planet and an ever present in this Sky sports era that is just accepted as the norm. Billionaire, 'controversial' investors have now taken the ownership to new levels (low or highly exciting, you decide) that can give any club an edge and there seems to be a never ending list of new ways to bend financial rules. All 'controlled' by the Premier League, seemingly wanting to keep and tighten their grip (new refereeing instructions) whilst also blatantly begging for anyone with large sums to join them in cashing in on a dedicated and passionate fanbase who will lap it all up, love and debate the controversy and continually spend spend spend to watch, bet and support 'their' team. We're all playing a part in the downfall of this beautiful game. It needs revolution from the true supporters but unfortunately the fat cats at the top, those in offices and those genially clapping along in the directors box trying to look interested, hold all the aces.
  19. Good for you. I wish I could turn away from it. Love football. Hate the PL.
  20. Very helpful thanks. Are you volunteering to be first? Because I don't think it'll make any difference sadly. I'm interested in your view on.. you know... the topic of the thread though..
  21. Carragher joining in with the corruption. He doesn't think there was enough for it to be overturned 🤣 Well Done Mr Sky Premier League.
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