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  1. Apologies from me too. I thought at the time your post was a bit strange and out of character.
  2. Even Webber said it which really irked me. He’s a fan and (more importantly) it was a clever thing to say to slightly even out the fact he’d just said Leeds shouldn’t be promoted without the championship completing but still.....would people stop declaring Leeds should be in the PL because they’re a ‘big club’. Only Leeds fans and idiots want that
  3. Interesting. Even with Leeds track record of throwing it away no matter how late in the season? Do we deserve to be relegated when teams in the same situation (or worse) have escaped from such a position? Leeds and West Brom have earned nothing yet. The biggest challenge (as we found out last year) is finally getting over the line. That’s dealing with pressure and expectation, something Leeds have shown they haven’t been able to do recently. For there to be promotion and relegation, the league fixtures need to be completed. Whether that’s behind closed doors, at neutral venues, whatever...the games must be played....in both leagues.
  4. The weeks before the proposed restart will be interesting. Country is getting more relaxed with lockdown meaning more footballers and the staff (and broadcasting staff etc) out and about
  5. More sense than PPG definitely but I still say it would be unfair. We deserved and achieved our promotion by being the best team in the championship over 46 games. For a team to replace us in the ‘best league in the world’ they should achieve the same thing. If they can’t then unfortunately it’s just tough
  6. That’s why PL clubs must make sure there is an agreement in place before resumption (and hopefully completion) of the season. I’m sure at least 6 would vote that the championship must complete its season for there to be promotion and relegation. Once the league is complete obviously only the bottom 3 would care About relegation so the decision needs to be made now.
  7. That’s how I interpret it. Webber is a clever man and when he decided to start talking (The club had been silent up to then) it was always going to be something he wanted others to take note of and to cause debate. Dont know how everyone else feels but he just makes me relaxed about how the club is running and how it will conduct itself throughout this madness
  8. Deeney has nicely put what I was struggling to get across in the posts above. I simply don’t understand taking the risk. As he says, he isn’t willing to put his young child’s life at risk. Only 300ish people at each behind-closed-door game? They all then go home to their loved ones. It only takes one mistake in the testing, one change in this virus we don’t fully understand at the moment anyway, the ramifications could be horrible. Play when it is safe to do so, and when it isn’t going against the governments own advice. I’m baffled by the general acceptance of the restart
  9. The EFL will ultimately decide but the PL doesn’t have to accept anyone into its league. Discussions and agreements need to be made, clubs need to force decisions to be made. As has been pointed out, they are separate entities. However the PL seem desperate for relegation to be completed (assumedly so there is actually a point to resuming the season) so what the bottom 6 (and all with any sort of sporting morals left) need to get an agreement on is relegation takes place as long as there are worthy replacements ready to be promoted i.e teams that have completed a full season in the championship and actually deserve to take the place of those who have completed a full season in the PL
  10. Webber was putting his (very calm and sensible) thoughts on the matter out there so it gets into people’s minds (other clubs and the PL themselves) and gets people on side. It was a clever move that could be solely responsible for the EFLs reaction the same day about completing the championship.
  11. There are so many unanswered questions about the virus. Only today the loss of smell/taste is now an official symptom. We had a member of staff at work who had only this symptom but was told he couldn’t self isolate, would have to take the time off unpaid and so continued working, potentially infecting dozens more. There are mixed messages about who is most vulnerable. Is it those with underlying health issues (of which there are footballers with such issues), the elderly (Roy Hodgson is 72 along with many other backroom and technical staff that will be much older than footballers - and there’s no clear definition of the most risky age), certain ethnic groups etc etc. So many unknowns still with the virus and who is most affected and most at risk. For these reasons, I ask, why take the risk? It just doesn’t make sense (and contrary to many bleating, latest reports show football has enough money to survive).
  12. I wonder if Purples post will get a response from those on here who have gone on endlessly about that which the article is challenging
  13. Yes it’s obviously safer (MUCH), but is it a necessary risk considering the thousands of people involved?
  14. This. My argument was never will it restart or not. I’m just sad that it will despite all that is known. Money, inevitably but unfortunately, will talk. It’s just the longer those running football continue to keep silent over their motives for project restart and push it through whilst I’m not even allowed to meet up down the park for a kick about, the less respect I have for the whole game
  15. If aimed at me, I have never stated it’s anywhere near one of my priorities. I simply gave an opinion that it’s an unnecessary resumption during this critical time of the pandemic. Have the tests been met that mean sport can resume? Why should football be above government advice? My objections are simple.
  16. Good that it amuses you. The statements from the PL and FA about the ‘integrity of the game’ and ‘needed to boost morale’ does the same to me
  17. The suggestion that those are even remotely the same as playing football?? You strenuously exercise and then immediately run onto a bus, spit on the floor and heavily breathe around at least 21 other people? I work in a job where it is actually impossible to follow social distancing rules and complete my work, yet I can recognise the difference between what I do and what a footballer does. Also I’m considered a key worker, footballers most certainly are not
  18. Indeed. None of the people in your examples are being forced into close contact though. Stay alert - unless you’re a footballer in which case we’re going to make you continue your anti social distancing profession anyway Control the virus - loads of testing, no fans at games (just 300+ others), disinfectant etc. Sorted. Save lives - hope so
  19. Hopefully we’ll never have to find out
  20. If that’s the case there’s little point in resuming the season as most games will be worthless barring fights for European places. And don’t forget, we must resume the season for the ‘integrity of the game’ and to help ‘boost morale’
  21. ‘Overwhelming view of League 2 clubs is that no team should be relegated into the National League from a season that does not finish’ Wonder how many PL clubs will feel the same?
  22. Quite right. Shouldn’t be one rule for the PL (and possibly championship so we can make sure Leeds don’t get upset) and one rule for the rest of the footballing pyramid. I know it’s all about money (which they really should just be honest about - im losing more and more of the little respect I had left for English football the longer they go on about the ‘integrity of the game’) but if it’s not safe or possible for Leagues 1 and 2 to complete, then it can’t be for the PL and championship
  23. It most certainly is about money. Presumably the reason it hasn’t been mentioned more in this thread is because it has been done to death in others. The OP was about Webber and his upcoming comments. Comments that have had an effect (as was obviously intended) but that don’t dismiss the idea or opinion that safety of players and staff should be the top priority
  24. I think it was just a very clever remark to get people thinking. ‘decide it on the pitch’ As a club, we come out of our silence talking sense, getting many fans talking and agreeing with us, increasing the debate, moving it away from simply trashing the bottom 6, whilst also gently reminding the FA and the PL that we (along with other clubs) aren’t going to simply go along with their numerous and ludicrous ideas all of which are designed to see teams relegated unfairly and certainly not respecting the ‘integrity of the game’
  25. The problem remains though that if neither league completes the season (highly likely), it’s back to PPG nonsense to decide clubs fate
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