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  1. For Me the team would be GK:Forster CB:Doherty,Askou RB:Spillane LB:Drury CM:Russell/Joey Gudjonsson*/Hughes RM:Smith/Jermaine Johnson* LM:McNamee/Hallfreðsson* AM:Hoolahan FW:Holt/Elliott*,Morison*/Martin Joey Gudjonsson: An accomplished midfielder at this level who has been promoted twice (I think). Is without a club. Jermaine Johnson: A skillful right winger who has been relegated with Sheff Wed. PL the right man to get the best out of him. Emil Hallfreðsson: A cracking left winger, playing with Barnsley on loan and has arguably been their best player. Steven Elliot: Has been top scorer once at Championship level so there is some real ability somewhere in him, and PL is the right man to get that out of him. Steve Morison: Has been superb for Millwall this season, and I think he could do a job or two at a higher level.
  2. [quote] user="i want morty''s babies!"]Please put a plug in your volcano then I can go on holiday without worry, thanks[/quote] Please stop voting that idiot called Gordon Brown. And I''m afraid the volcano could also stop my holiday plan.
  3. Please stop voting that idiot called Gordon Brown. And I''m afraid the volcano could also stop my holiday plan.
  4. Now that this season is over we must look forward to next season, and to stay alive this summer we‘ll need some paper plane games and some transfer speculation. We have good up and coming goalkeepers (Jed Steer and Declan Rudd) so signing a keeper would be an error. But another season of Fraser Forster would not do us any harm, he has been astronimically vital for us this year, so it is pivotal to get him back. We have adequate players in our full back positions, although an already mentioned Ian Harte would be a thrilling signing. In the heart of our defence we have Michael Nelson, Gary Doherty, Zak Whitbread and Jens Berthel Askou, although Mickey Spillane can also play there. If we can stay injury free that is good enough. Although it would not be harmful to sign a good Championship level defender, f.x. Jason Shackell back from Wolves. In midfield we should get rid of Matthew Gill, Owain Tudor-Jones, Paul McVeigh. I feel a new midfielder would be good for the side, and I think it should be someone on the right side, f.x. Emil Hallfreðsson who has been a key player for Barnsley this season, on loan from Reggina. A cracking winger. In our striking position Jamie Cureton needs to go ASAP. I think Paul Lambert is the right man to revive Elliots goalscoring form, and if that is possible he would be a big threat at Championship level. I also think a player like Morison from Millwall would be good. Ins: Fraser Forster, Ian Harte, Jason Shackell, Emil Hallfreðsson, Steve Morison Outs: Michael Rose, Matthew Gill, Owain Tudor-Jones, Paul McVeigh, James Cureton.
  5. The dust is decreasing, but there are lava rocks coming out of Eyjafjallajökull who are as big as jeeps. The ash might cancel all schools in Reykjavik next Friday, as it will probably be the first time it hits Reykjavik. But there is still lots of ash being pumped out of the volcano. You asked for cash, but got ash!!!! (There is no C in Icelandic alphabet). Best regards from Aisurando
  6. I think Chelsea beat them a few years ago in Munich, but that was at the Allianz Arena. We are the only English club to beat Bayern at their Olympic Stadium
  7. Hes a great player at FM 2007. I have him and he cant stop scoring!!!
  8. Colchester - It would be the good option for kids, going to the zoo, where 75% of Colchester population live (and the rest work there) Leeds- Have had to take enough, although they would be able to put up a fight in the Champo Charlton - I loved Alan Curbishley. And because of that I would prefer them with Leeds going up through the play-offs.
  9. A tragic story. This is so horrible when the young lose their lives far too early.
  10. It''s too bad we lost him to Celtic. CELTIC!!! If we keep on losing players we are after to Celtic we will not get out of this league. No really. Celtic aren''t that good. Half their squad just signed for Middlesborough??? Does that leave them Prem class, GUESS NOT!!!
  11. Össur Skarphéðinsson, Icelands foregin minister.
  12. Zambian teenager, their international left back, 16 yo. Playing well against Nigeria. Plays club football for Pyunik Yerevan. Anyone up for buying him before Drury goes so he can teach Mbola the best tricks hes got. Surely one for the future.
  13. Iceland, Reykjavik. Made one game in my lifetime (Norwich 3-2 West Brom in the Prem, and had to sit in away end) Plan to visit more often if I get to University in UK. Also, unfortunately, Icelands foreign minister is a Norwich fan, a complete asshole. Össur Skarphéðinsson.
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