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  1. Just browsing the net and spotted that SkySports have posted a team made up of free agents and i have to say there are names on there that would both do a good job for us and would be a realistic target! http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/12040/7803391/Free-agent-select-XI Sorry it''s not a link
  2. Fantastic news and he is bringing all of his backroom staff too!
  3. http://www.bcfc.com/page/News/NewsDetail/0,,10412~2804185,00.html Sorry can someone make it a clicky linky thingy!!
  4. So pretty much signed sealed and delivered! Very Very good appointment....don''t think we could have got a better replacement!!
  5. Don''t be silly guys.......Hodgson will blatantly look at replacing him with another Liverpool player.........Raheem Stirling under 17 and un-capped.........looks like he will be a perfect replacement should Defoe decide not to play. ;)
  6. sorry "Hucka Hucka Huckerby"........that should have been 80%. Thanks for pointing that out lol.
  7. Well, this time last week after hearing that a certain Mr Lambert was to make a sideways move to Villa and Holt putting in a second transfer request i felt that our beloved club was in turmoil! One week on and I personally can''t believe how much my view has changed on the club. We all knew Lambert would move on...albeit not as early as he has done.....but that''s football as they say. From past experiences with our club i honestly felt with Lambert''s departure that we wouldn''t be able to find a good replacement for Lambert, and if we did, we wouldn''t be able to attract them anyway! It turns out McNally is a complete genius and has pulled out all of the stops once again with Chris Hughton! With out McNally our club would be nothing it is today! With the announcement of Hughton''s appointment due in the very near future, I for one will definitely back this guy 110%. I hope some of our fickle fans (that''s makes up about 75% of them then) don''t jump on this guys back straight away, give the guy a bit of time and i am sure results will come our way! I Hope we finish Higher than Villa next season, it will be a very tall order indeed with the budget Lambert has been given in the Transfer Market, but with our young fighting team now having to prove themselves all over again.....maybe, just maybe this is just what was needed!
  8. I cant believe over the last 9 hours how fickle some of our fans really are! Everyone loved Lambert when he got us 2 successive promotions and survived a first season in the Premier League "the man''s a legend", "Lambert is god".............now "reports", yes "reports" are suggesting he may be on his way to another club fans are suggesting that he should be "kicked out of the hall of fame".... absolutely ridiculous. Basically, we all knew that he would leave the club at some point, maybe not as soon as this but we all knew it would happen at some time. The guy has done wonders for this club. He will always be a club legend in my mind and i personally wish him the best of luck if he has left. If "reports" are to be believed and it is Aston Villa that he has left us for then it''s a bad move in my mind. Villa are not a big club anymore, they have big debt and typical American owners who know a single thing about English football.
  9. [quote user="Buzz Killington"]Get a grip!! He''s been our most successful manager ever.[/quote] well said sir! some people really do need to get a grip over this matter......nothing has been confirmed yet, when and if it does then good luck to him. We all know that we would struggle to keep hold of him. Most of our fans are happy when everything is plain sailing but once we get in a sticky situation all the idiots come out (the person who started this thread being one of them)..... ridiculous!!
  10. absolutely gutted for him!! To be fair the chances of a game where against him but still the whole experience for him would have been fantastic!! I wonder who will get a call up now.....maybe Ben Foster?
  11. absolutely gutted for him!! To be fair the chances of a game where against him but still the whole experience for him would have been fantastic!!
  12. Sorry if this has already been posted, just found this interesting article on vacant Liverpool job and Mr Lambert....... http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/12193/7770162/Style-v-substance- Apologies for the link not working, can anyone tell me how to do this on here?
  13. Was a tough call between Holt and Ruddy for me and i''ve voted for Ruddy! Don''t get me wrong, Holt has played way above my expectations this season, i just think Ruddy tips it as he has pulled off some World Class saves this season which kept us in many games!!
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