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  1. "Worthy Out" - remember the fool''s ramblings back in Sept/Oct/Nov? - wouldn''t listen to those with faith & could see what Worthy was doing. Probably cried when we secured promotion.
  2. No more than 3 or 4 a season and usually I buy a Goalden Goal ticket. I tell you, I will never forget the one time I won. I was about 14/15 and we were playing Tottenham - 86/87? Crook curled in a great free kick and when them guys walked round the pitch with the time shown on the board & they announced it over the tannoy I just couldn''t believ it - 71 mins 47 secs - still remember the exact time! It was the 2nd Goal I think, and it won me £50 - not a lot now, but to to a 14 year old all them years ago it was a small fortune! Just to show you how long ago it was I treated myself to a Lyle & Scott jumper & thought I was the dog''s b''s when I wore it to school! So, Goalden Goal will always have a special place in my heart!
  3. Due to living awayfrom Norwich I can''t get to many home games - has there been an influx of touts or anything recently that could have caused this problem?
  4. Maybe the PINK UN / EDP could make enquiries as well to put some weight behind it? Can you pass that on please Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss Moderator??
  5. Sorry, can''t agree with a team that has no place for Mulryne''s play making / vision.
  6. I think you''ll certainly find there were Worthy haters on here a month or so ago, hard to believe as it is. In fact I think one of them was even calling him/herself "Worthy Out". This person is strangely quiet now!
  7. Probably feeling just a little silly. McKenzie & the rest of the team rightly deserve accolades for today, but Worthy must also take huge credit. His tactics were spot on - be tight at the back & hit on the counter. Did anyone else notice the number of instructions he was barking out - constantly calling players over to the technical area to give them guidence. And from the 1st goal celebration you could tell how much the players work for the man.
  8. Have gone out to buy a Lucky Dip lottery ticket. Jackpot means Hucks stays! Numbers are:- 1,3,13,14,16 & 35 Get them fingers crossed!
  9. between 650 grand and £1.5m hey? I''ll just check down the back of my sofa to see if I can make up the difference.
  10. The club is skint, it can''t afford to take on any more debt and none of your fond memories of the 70''s, 80''s and 90''s is going to change a single thing. This is the real world & it''s 2003. Yes it''s not nice not having money to buy players, but it would be far less nice not even having a team to support. To remind you of a not so nice memory, we''d have gone out of business a few years ago if Stoke hadn''t made the playoffs on the final day of the season. Reaching the play offs meant two more games for Mike Sheron to play in, prompting a further £100,000 payment to the club as he hit 50 appearances. I for one don''t want to go so close again to extintion. Another year in Div 1 or oblivion? Hmmm, let me think.
  11. How about a nice bench in the garden, so he can sit on it, freezing cold every saturday afternoon, to re-create the twilight of his career?
  12. that 6 1st Division Clubs have enquired about him in the last few weeks. Although not confirmed, the rumours round here are that these clubs are West Brom, Norwich, Stoke, Gillingham, Palace and Sunderland.
  13. God point, but to add even more caution I think it''s dangerous to assume we''d get our money back on Huckerby if we failed to go up. Clubs will realise he''s on big bucks & that we''d be desperate to offload him & so would tempt us with low bids. Look at the Binmen, just £750k for Holland? A little more for Hereidasson was it they got? Clubs knew they were in financial trouble and took advantage. 12 months earlier they could have easily got £3m for Holland and similar for Hereidasson.
  14. Yet another article about how much we need Huckerby. Cheers for that. Why not tell us next week that the Titanic has sunk? What I find more worrying is that it seems to be an agenda of his to build up expectation amongst the supporters & crank up the pressure on the board to secure Huckerby''s services. I''ll forever be grateful to this board, simply for still giving me the opportunity to support this club & I have no doubt that if there is any way they can sign Huckerby for us, without putting the club''s future in jeapordy, then they will. Potentially causing bad feeling between the Board / Manager / Fans achieves nothing but negativity. You''ve made your point - several times now. Time to move on to something else.
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