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  1. Rock the Boat, Yes I feel the same about the Olympics. I was lucky enough to go to an evening athletics and it was an incredible atmosphere inside the stadium and in the Olympic park, . Also agree with the quote about loving football but not footballers ha ha!
  2. NCFC need to do something about this. Of course they can''t interview everyone who walks through the turnstile but they need to have boards up which say ''No away fans'' - which they currently don''t. Without a clearly advertised policy there is no reason why away fans should be ejected from the home end (unless of course they are starting trouble - and cheering for their team is not, in my opinion, causing trouble). I wrote to NCFC about this after the West ham game last year - and i am still waiting for a response ! enough said !!! However, with the help of the Pink''un I''m sure we can put our views forward to NCFC - can any of the web team help here???
  3. Peterborough & looking forward to the Posh friendly.
  4. Mad Dan. Have you had a reply from Mr Doncaster regarding your letter? Presumably not, as I have not either. But yes good question. Presumably he will be greeting opposing fans with open arms on Sunday? It is all a bit of friendly banter after all !!
  5. GIVE SVENSSON A RUN-OUT!!! I still feel sorry for McKenzie as he is quality too. But for me it has to be Hucks and Svensson up front against Ipswich.
  6. Mr Silver Fox. Yes, you are right. Are you driving up to the game tonight?
  7. Brum canary, don''t worry you wont be the only one singing... there''s lots of ex-barclay supporters in the new south stand - so sing your heart out !!!
  8. I have just emailed NCFC about this to find out what their official policy is on away fans in the home end and what they are going to do about it. I will let you know when I get a reply.
  9. Big dave / BES - I have just emailed NCFC about this to find out what their official policy is on away fans in the home end and what they are going to do about it. I will let you know when I get a reply.
  10. Canary Boy, he needs a run in the team to regain his fitness.... but he has excellent potential.. believe me, he will be starting up front with Hucks soon.
  11. Am I the only person still fuming about the fact there were about 50 West Ham fans scattered in the Norwich section of the new South Stand... These fans were not ejected from the ground even though they were wearing away colours, but even worse than that, they were allowed to jeer and goad Norwich fans when they scored!! The Police and Stewards did absolutely nothing, which i have therefore concluded means that away fans are allowed in the home end??? Which I think is an absolute disgrace.. I will be forking out £360 for a new seat next season and do not expect to have to, potentially sit directly next to away fans, when, there is a perfectly good away section they could sit in... Just think what''s going to happen in the Premier (hopefully) next season, we are going to get that happening every week. Oh and while I am having a rant, don''t we have all seating policy at Norwich? You would think the Police and stewards would have thought to have told the 2,000 West ham fans who stood up for 90 minutes? Anyone sitting in the Barclay (as I did before today) will know that they tell you to sit down every 5 minutes? Double standards or what? Ps I have nothing against West Ham as a team, I thought they were the best side we have played this season and deserved a draw.
  12. Lots of interesting feedback thanks.. I would like to pick up on a couple of the point from Lurd and Yankee Canary. Whilst I appreciate what you have said, my original post was talking about a minority of people who support some of the top Premiership sides and who bought City season tickets so that they can watch their side next season.. I totally agree that we should encourage others to come along and support Norwich, but the people I''m talking about will never be ''loyal'' to Norwich in any way. OTBC
  13. I know for a fact that a number of ''norwich fans'' have bought season tickets in the new south stand so that they are able to buy season tickets again next season if we get promoted and see their beloved Man U/Arsenal/Liverpool etc... Am I the only one (as a new south stander - transferring from the barclay) who is angry and annoyed at this? Firstly, they stop real fans getting tickets/season tickets and secondly it will be no surprise if there is not much singing from certain sections of the stand (as they don''t even know our songs, unless of course we start singing ''United'' or ''Arssseeenal'' etc) I''m not saying there is anything NCFC can do stop this happening (or is there?), but it makes me angry all the same. Aren''t we and our stewards going to have fun next season if/when we are in the premiership.
  14. Why don''t we sing Day dream believer anymore? We could sing ''Cheer up Joey Royle, oh what can it mean to a ex-norwich b#st#rd and a sh''t football team'' Perhaps it will be one the new south stand will start off in a couple of weeks time !!
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