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  1. Decent first post, have you spent 4 years pondering how to make your debut?
  2. just had a quick look on the leeds message board, made me raise a smile. Quotes along the lines of "Obviously, I''m happy about this, and I''m glad he has credited the fans for this. He has re-gained a fair bit of my respect. He does seem to avoid the area of his long-term future, and beyond this season. Either way though, it is his choice now, he has honoured his contract, he paid due respect to the club, and has earned my eternal respect and gratitude" I have not defended Beckford''s stance because I admire him - I''d have done that anyway, especially as no-one ever knows the truth behind any story. Having said that, I am an admirer and I am chuffed to bits he''s staying. That means there is a real possibility of him re-negotiating his contract if we are, as expected, successful in this campaign. I''ve been very amused by the whole scenario and the damage has already been done. Hes nowhere near as good as he thinks and as mentioned its no surprise that no clubs are willing to cough up to buy him. They also seem quite concerned about yesterdays performance but dont seem to mention any concerns about us or charlton. Nevermind, we''ll continue going about our business, racking up the wins and i''m sure we''re going up this season. Another fantastic result for the yellows yesterday. Well done boys and well done Lambert and the coaching staff. OTBC
  3. wilnis is an idiot. I remember ipswich goin out and buying loads of players when they finished 5th, and they couldn''t survive. If we went out and got 15 players, we would nearly be in as bad position as the binners. Also i believe melanie said she was happy in division. Good job cos with thier defence they''ll be in div 1 for a long while. STILL TOP OF THE LEAGUE AND HAVING THE BIGGEST LAUGH OF THE LAST DECADE.
  4. Firstly, i wanna big up the team for this unbelievable run we''re on, 5 wins in last 6 games, get in there. Secondly the board for signing hucks which i admit, thought we didn''t have a chance of getting him. And finally nigel worthington. The man is a miracle worker, we are playing the best footy since those glory days of the early 90''s. I seem to remember a lot of anti worthy comments and anti board comments, of which i was completely against after what has been achieved in the last 3 years. Granted there is still 20 games to go, but we are gonna do it this year and i beleive it is about time for the people who slated the team/ board/ worthy, to come out and say well done. Also player of the season candidates, greeno, flem, mcveigh, steady eddy and of course hucks. As i said just after the loans in december, STEADY ON NOWS OUR CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. How about (fingers crossed) Huckerby is coming to town Huckerby is coming to town Huck-er-by is coming....to town
  6. What is the point in signing him, he is totally unproven. At this time we should be focussing on hux at this moment. Please darren sign asap. That would wipe the smile of the scummers faces. Well done to the board for acting, fingers crossed!!
  7. See you later if this is your last game at carrow road. Face it guys hux and crouch were always gonna be out of league, and yes we should have had a replacement lined up by now, but just give it another month, when the transfer window opens and then decide if you never wanna come back. We''ll still be up there in may. In response to question, was really worth it, of course it was. We need about 35 points from 24 games or thats 72 points and that should probably get us in the playoffs. Give them another month and then i too will probably join you. Chin up you guys Steady on, nows our chance!!
  8. Nothin has been said about harper yet. He is surely a lot better than rivers, and the ideal sort of player who could teach hendo a lot of tricks. Worthy has come out and said that he wants to sign some players whether loan or permanent, don''t rule out harper just yet. Also i''m am sure the board and worthy have some trix up their sleeve, nobody saw these 3 coming so don''t be too dispondent :) we''re still joint 2nd. Also if we don''t anyone before the derby with the scummers, mcveigh and roberts up front with brennan on the left. I''m sure the next few weeks will be very intresting. We can still do it. Just got to ''''''steady on, cos nows our chance'''''' otbc
  9. According to the peterbourgh evening telegraph, norwich and reading scouts were at posh''s fa cup game to watch leon mckenzie. He''s ok at div 2 level, but to injury prone for div 1. Also the daily mail yesterday says we have found the money to buy hucks. Read on the bottom of one of the sports pages for div 1
  10. I already paid 250 quid for my season ticket, 5 quid extra per game x 23 games thats an extra 115 quid, and theres about 13000 season tickets. I can''t sea all those paying an extra 100 quid a year. That won''t work til we are in the prem
  11. I must admit, ever since he first signed, i''ve been saying we''ll never sign him, but with a combination of the points above, we have a real good chance. a) 1million from sumer on 2 strikers never happened, so 1 million available b) sales from the new stand at around 250,000 c) he''s prepared to take a pay cut d) we''ve not publicly said we want him e) we have about the smallest sqaud in the legue so wages mustbe available f) bar wigan who else in this league could afford a transfer fee of around 1 million Think about, we have the best chance out of anyone in this league. I won''t slate the board if we get beaton by a premier league team, but we''ve gotta at least try!!!!
  12. We couldn''t afford connelly, shipperley, hulse, taylor etc, these players were all half the reported askin price for hux. We don''t have any money for a big transfer, but as i said in an earlier post we must have some cash available if our squad is half the size of coventry, milwall, derby etc etc. Crouch is a possibility for loan, but with villa in the bottom 3, they''ll probly call him back. Fingers crossed worthy has some more tricks up his sleeve!! Our squad needs to be increased to keep our position ASAP.
  13. Any other regular visitors to carrow road must have looked at the size of the squad on the back of the programme compared to other teams. Coventry have twice as many players. Surely wages must be there if wish to strengthen the team, perhaps not transfer fees tho. If you take out shackell, briggs, sinclair, lewis and abbey - too inexperienced or injured and then 3 loanees, we have bout 16 players who have played more than 10 games for the club. Not really a squad to challenge for promotion. I''m not saying we can defanitely afford to spend millions, but there must be some money there, if the likes of coventry, derby, etc can have 30 or more players on their books
  14. so it seems very unlikely hux or harper will stay on after milwall away, crouch is a possibility, any ideas who we bring in? Micheal Chopra from newcastle proved last year that he could cut it in the 1st division with a very average watford side, so give some decent service could probably do a job for us, also the gunners have got some good young talent coming through. Perhaps setting my sights a bit low maybe. I still hope we can keep hold of crouch til the end of the season. Keep it low
  15. Sorry gazza i disagree with you, we''re not askin for a big transfer fee to get hux (nice as it would be), just an investment of 200 or 300 k, which would give us a big chance of promotion. It is within our grasp. Another big income that we seem to be forgetting is the new stand will bring in 3 or 4 thousand 8 game season tickets, thats 300 or 400k, and covered any wages invested in crouch or harper. Come on this is surely being realistic enough for a club with our potential at the moment
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