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  1. don''t you find it a little concerning the only point you pull me up on is, i was harsh on garrido?? he is better than tierney but he was awful yesterday..
  2. Last season we went into every game to win, we always looked like we had a goal in us, it didn''t matter who we were playing or how we were playing we always looked like scoring.   Under Hughton we seem to go into games more worried about the opposition trying to keep them at nil, (which has obviously been a disaster) i think he has completely nulified all what we had going for us from last season. our attacking players and especially our midfield players seem scared to express themselves Howson in particular looks a shadow of the player we saw last year. He hardly makes it over the half way line. We hardly get to even see Wes on the pitch our most creative player. Our fullbacks didn''t hesitate to get forward last season it don''t seem to be happening this season all our build up play is so slow. Why does Snodgrass play on the right when he hasn''t got a right foot? the amount of chances that have gone to waste because of this is ridiculous, if he beats his full back he either puts a crap cross in with a flick of the outside of his left boot or turns round to bring it back onto his left foot then chance has gone.. last year we would get the ball wide beat the full back put a cross in holt or morison would score a header how many chances have we created like that this year?? no wonder holt looks frustrated his had one chance this year and what a decent finish it was..   His signings have been pretty poor.. the policy of having 2 players for every position is nice but imo they seemed to have for quantity over quality..   Whittaker..not seen him as been injured but dont think he''ll play instead of martin but was a free Squad player Bassong.. The one quality signing to problems with this one First team Turner.. Awful start to his ncfc career not better than Ward or Ayala Not needed waste of money Snodgrass.. very good championship player wasted more chances pilks is miles better than him Squad player Garrido.. looks ok slightly better than Tierney First team just Butterfield..looked good v Doncaster one for the future Tettey.. as above was another midfileder really needed?? Bunn..looks a have decent keeper but do we really need him waste of money Kane.. young kid come here to make/learn from his mistakes(bad missed v west ham & donny) like bertrand gibbs etc we needed much better panic signing   So around 9-10 million spent on 9 players but only one of them actually is an improvement on last year?????
  3. Just been in ticket office to hand in chelsea application form and over heard what our prices are going to be for this season....they will be starting at the highest price from last season £33?? to £45 thoughts?!?
  4. one all draw for me tough game barnsley decent side hard to beat.
  5. Just seen the ref for this game is our mate Eddie Ilderton remember tranmere anyone!!
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