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  1. Agreed, I wanted to find out how many tickets left for Cardiff on Saturday, and whether we can pay on the gate. I'm on hols in Spain at the moment and fly into Bristol for 12pm which doesn't leave much time for delays.... between the 5 day response for an email, and can't get to the phone right now if you could kindly wait for 20 mins customer service is pretty crap. In fairness they have now updated the website ticketing page to say tickets sold at the gate, but since buying tickets via website (and having them posted) isn't really an option not the optimal place for me to go looking. Anyway, having endured the premiership, the ticketing system, lets hope for better on Saturday... OTBC
  2. Not sure we really were relegation candidates at that point, an outside bet maybe. Even when the season finished for us we were 8 clear of Coventry with them having 3 games left to play, including the champions. And the reality that we lost 3-2 at home to Sunderland the week before the final if memory serves me? No one thought at that "I'd prefer to win the league game and stay"
  3. Good luck to him. He had some magic moments here, and for whatever reasons things haven't quite worked out this season for him. There'll be different perspectives on that, but football is no different from any other walk of life, it just means a parting of the ways - no reason it can't be amicable.
  4. The sister restaurant is not so nice apparently, called Pukah!
  5. I think it is option 2 and the board think we are doomed, or it would be so expensive to alter the course of our season it puts the club in jeopardy. I think the players know that, and it is contributing to the rut we are in. It's clear we lack premiership quality leadership on the pitch, without that all our players with potential (Sargent, Tzolis, Idah....) don't have the right enviroment to grow and develop as players, and we are absolutely rudderless. When we lost 10 in a row last time, this was clear - it is what Webber has failed to address in my view. We need to probably spend on player wages instead of transfer fees to get in some experience. Our policy says we don't want to do that, we want to buy players we can resell. I'd argue we can't afford not to, we have devalued all our assets. Until the hierarchy have a rethink, we are hardly worth watching. I have taken my boys to 3 away games (I live near Bristol), Man City, Chelsea & Palace currently currently 15-0 and out of sight by half time in each of them. I have followed the club for 40+ years but I have to question what is the point of spending what is typically £150 to £200 each time I go, to be stuffed before half time.... loyalty is all, but it ain't gonna be 20+ games for me this season. It's down to Delia and Webber to signal their intent, and the silence is deafening. If they can't act in a crisis, what value are they to the club?
  6. Actually a pretty sensible move my both Smith and Lampard... I think they both want a job in the premiership, evidently neither are wedded to Norwich, we are just a vehicle for their ambition. However, they do care about their own success and would surely be negotiating the terms of the deal, what they have control of, backroom they can bring in and what they can spend. Since that directly influences their success, and many have been quick to call them failures for previous tenures at other clubs, pretty important really. My hope is that we don't settle for less, because they are the only ones happy to set the terms. When the club say they have real ambition to be a premiership club, this is the time to back that up, yet remain true to their principles... not easy?
  7. Have to go a long way to usurp Becker in 1985 - 17 years old and unseeded, can't speak to whether he qualified or not..., at the risk of being sexist, I'd say the challenge to win the mens singles at that age is more difficult. Obviously doesn't detract from this Radacanu's story
  8. Always take kids where they are wanted and will learn the most. If that is Ipswich, so be it. My lad who is 9 also is at Newport County (Cat 3) and absolutely loves the opportunity to play and learn. He's at a level where I can't offer him too much now, his free kicks, ball control etc is better than mine already. If one day he was offered Wales (schoolboy or better) rather than England, I wouldn't let my alleigance or his stand in his way.
  9. More than happy to accommodate both. Skipp progressed during the season notably, and his ability to carry the ball forward was one of the main areas he developed. You could criticise that neither are going to be dominant aerially, but we don't play that way, other teams may which leaves us needing other players to do the heading, noting it may also take Kenny Mclean out of the team, but it may means we need to improve aerially when recruiting others. Generally I do think Skipp has the physicality required, not seen enough of Gilmour. Personally I like to CDM's, Southgate is just being more cautious and not allowing his full backs too far up the pitch. Shame in terms of entertainment, but we haven't conceded yet.
  10. I think he will take a job in Scotland, his stock is probably low currently so, more likely a club like Hearts as a stepping stone to Celtic.
  11. Last season could turn out to be 'the gutsiest move I ever saw' in football management. To go up to the premiership with a team that 12 months earlier, having sold it's best player was probably hoping for mid table, play offs for the optimistic; and not add to it was pure folly. A defence where 3 players were 21 or under was always going to struggle. The difference between us and Sheff Utd wasn't as big as last season seemed to illustrate, a good start, physicality and experience. What we lacked last time was experience and leadership (on the pitch). Our best players were our youngest, but our eldest (Krul aside) didn't have the capacity / ability to do their own jobs and cover the weaknesses of others, let alone the confidence. In the end, we ended up rudderless, the most demoralising watch ever, not because we were the worst Norwich team I've ever seen, but the one with the least hope of winning, and sad to see players that had over achieved left exposed. It'll never be like that again, if we are fortunuate enough to gain promotion, there will be more experience in the dressing room, and more money available to spend on more quality reinforcements, and hopefully a bit more luck too. For me, I can't find it in my heart to criticise Cantwell, Buendia or anyone else for last season. Our maligned defence of last season is worthy of the individual price tags, but at the same time not a recipe for Premiership success, and while you can pick out poor performances or individual errors, policy was more to blame. Most of this squad, having experienced triumph and disaster together, feels forged and galavanised, which is why I feel confident of what lays ahead, for this season and the next.
  12. Agree totally (we lost to Derby when they were bottom after all), but being confident isn't the same as taking anything for granted. We have depth of squad, quality and are controlling games. Doesn't mean we can't lose or drop points, I just think we have a real focus and understanding of how important each game is.
  13. There is a story waiting to be written either way... 'new manager bounce' or 'Watford in disarray'... For me, we are really beginning to gather momentum, when you look at Middlesboro, Reading, Swansea games and think, each was a chance to put down a marker. Watford is just another one of them. Should we be beat them, it's a 12 point gap, which at our current rate of 2pts per game will take a long time to overhaul. I also sense in some key players like Buendia, that they recognise the importance of these games and are fired up to make the difference. Each win adds pressure, provides a buffer, the experience of 2 seasons ago stands us in really good stead. This feels like the promotion bandwagon is beginning to roll So I'm confident about Watford, but one game doesn't make a season, and without doubt we are without doubt the team that all others want to finish above in this division, currently.
  14. Mould all that together and we'd have a £40m transfer target, that would leave after the next 8 games
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