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  1. 92-93 I bought the white and purple away kit instead… I did buy it 93-94 for the tour though, it’s etched in history now
  2. I'm thinking if we win at Portman Road, in one of our darkest periods, Ipswich will lose all hope of ever beating us again... the equivalent of a Klose equaliser but drawn out over months / years hopefully.
  3. It's really hard to launch the ball into Row z when you are running backwards
  4. I think in the old days managers could fall on their sword and resign, Bond replaced by Brown, Machin, Stringer, Walker and so on…. But these days the back room team pretty much come as a package, then you have the responsibility to think about the futures of all those that have followed you. You can see how that becomes more difficult.
  5. I ask myslef at times, if the manager wanted to expedite his sacking what would he do? Err... Keep the same back four and the same defensive midfielders that have let in the most amount of goals... keep the same tactics with high full backs, keep sucking the oppositon on to us while making errors and conceding... The only time he has changed the back four was to bring in Fisher for Stacey, who in fairness is the last defender I would change at this stage.
  6. Shane Duffy…. absolutely massive…. I mean the advertising board is only half way to his knee and he’s sitting across 7 seats….
  7. Can imagine Frank reading this and takes some comfort in our 1 win in 11, and reflects…. I probably dodged a bullet there.
  8. The signing was illustrative of Webber's point made in the interview i.e. 'context'; meaning we haven't got as much money as most clubs so to take it equal in terms of quality means increasing the risk somewhere. That risk can be linked to injury propensity, overseas player settling in, or conversion needed in terms of attittude probably a few more. I think Hayden was supposed to address the lack of on field leadership in the squad, the older / experienced player now stated we need to find, last season's under performance has made this much more glaring along with a few additional injuries and decline in form of some senior pro's.
  9. To be fair the rules are different at Anfield, see Diego Jota vs Spurs….
  10. Two West Ham fans single handedly... made me smile
  11. Mkes sense really. Good luck to both, Aarons needs to move for the good of his career, he has stayed before when he could / should have left. Omobamidele is a bit more of an unknown quantity, but shows great potential. Wagner favoured Gibson / Hanley and stil has them, be interesting to see if we bring in an experienced centre back as a starter...
  12. Agreed, I wanted to find out how many tickets left for Cardiff on Saturday, and whether we can pay on the gate. I'm on hols in Spain at the moment and fly into Bristol for 12pm which doesn't leave much time for delays.... between the 5 day response for an email, and can't get to the phone right now if you could kindly wait for 20 mins customer service is pretty crap. In fairness they have now updated the website ticketing page to say tickets sold at the gate, but since buying tickets via website (and having them posted) isn't really an option not the optimal place for me to go looking. Anyway, having endured the premiership, the ticketing system, lets hope for better on Saturday... OTBC
  13. Not sure we really were relegation candidates at that point, an outside bet maybe. Even when the season finished for us we were 8 clear of Coventry with them having 3 games left to play, including the champions. And the reality that we lost 3-2 at home to Sunderland the week before the final if memory serves me? No one thought at that "I'd prefer to win the league game and stay"
  14. Good luck to him. He had some magic moments here, and for whatever reasons things haven't quite worked out this season for him. There'll be different perspectives on that, but football is no different from any other walk of life, it just means a parting of the ways - no reason it can't be amicable.
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