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  1. "Michael Starr"]Really poor stuff now. Get the woeful Jackson of, get Morison on. put the ball wide and get those crosses in!! Come on LAMBERT. Only one winner right now at it''s the team in white. Woeful Jackson, one of our best players today. Do you watch much football?
  2. Yeah rest everybody against WBA in the cup and go out - and still lose away to in form Sunderland. Given the choice would take the 3 points won at West Brom in the league over the cup win but we were greedy and took both against a poor side. Sunderland were a different proposition and will beat all our rivals who have still to play them
  3. Why don''t all you girls put your handbags away now. We are staying up and with a whole seasons premier league experience behind us plus some new additions we will go into next season better equipped than we went into this one. (and we haven''''t done bad have we) Hopefully Lambert will still be picking the team then but if he does move on we can install a management committee from the posters on here as they would have us in the champions league in no time. No Norwich player can be judged good or bad on what is a new experience and step up in class. Judge if they are good enough after a couple of seasons and give them time to learn and adapt. Thankfully we have done enough this year to secure another crack at this league. Come back to haunt me if i''m wrong. You won''t need to
  4. RE. Jordan Rhodes, if bookies are always right then how did they get this so wrong?
  5. [quote user="JF"]So where is the guy that started this thread? He joined just to post this and hasn''t been seen since. Has made it onto the Down at the mac Uddersfield forum now, Strangely posted by a new members 1st post.[/quote] Offering 10/1 on Rhodes coming to Norwich on his own gambling website and cleaning up!
  6. After the huge success Lambert has achieved with us, many believe he will one day move to one of the big clubs. The success at Norwich has been largely based on ''hungry players'' with no superstars and the emphasis on the team and loyalty to the group. Moving to a big club would present Lambert with big egos, interfering chairmen, meddling agents and would be alien to everything he seems to thrive on. He would also become more in the spotlight which he always seems to try to avoid. The way he bats off the press at present would also be harder to do at a big club as the press want every detail going. I believe he is a special talent and would be successful anywhere but i have a nagging doubt that the top players would not respond to his methods and would not buy into the Lambert way. What are your thoughts?
  7. Team Steer, R. Martin, Drury, Whitbread, Crofts, Holt (c). Pilkington, Hoolahan, Fox, Bennett, Ayala subs: Ruddy, Johnson, Jackson, Lappin, Barnett, Wilbraham, Tierney
  8. [quote user="SWP = Poor Man''s Ruel Fox!!"] Its not just the league positions we need to look at though, I saw the Fair Play league in the Racing Post last week and we are up there with only Man Utd, Tottenham and Swansea above us. Obviously the top two will already be in Europe so it could be between us or Swansea to get a Europa Cup place through Fair Play, that would be the first qualifying round most probably starting very early pre-season and something we wouldnt want to entertain next season! Or win the FA Cup!
  9. Just saw this on following link https://sports.bodog.co.uk/football/england/english-premier-league.htm?marketId=-1&eventId=163786 5-3 to Norwich has been suspended in the betting. Do they know something we don''t?
  10. The screen showed the game live but only replays of the goals were shown. Most other incidents are not replayed which is standard practice in most grounds. The picture quality was shocking though, i think they were Alba screens
  11. Did you see the middle aged bloke get manhandled out of his seat and bundled to the end of the row by the brave Baggies fans. He must have been sitting on his hands all game but Morisons goal must have been too much for him and he must have went up. Fair play to him and he looked ok after his ordeal and managed a smile to the Norwich fans. I tried to get the stewards attention as there was a spare seat next to me which he could have had, but he was marched out rapidly.
  12. Titus Bramble on 26/9/2011 His performance left you speechless and i would pay good money to see him play against Norwich every week
  13. Just another example of QPR trying to convince everyone they are a ''big'' team. They seem to think that winning the Championship (by default) and having a few quid automatically makes them superior to the likes of us and Swansea. Making derisory bids just shows that they lack any class and their pathetic excuse for a home crowd won''t sustain their team. Their owner is a pauper compared to the big boys of the division. All they will buy is washed up players or bad apples so i wouldn''t worry about them. Warnock will be managing in the lower leagues come September (if not before) So nice to take 6 points off them
  14. A thread on bad losers and no mention of Colin!
  15. Lowly Spurs pulled off an unbelievable shock tonight as they somehow managed to defeat the all conquering Norwich City 2-0 away from home. Spurs manager Harry Redknapp said after the huge upset "we caught them on an off day and my lads played out of their skins. The massive gulf in class was evident from the first whistle but we hung in there and somehow managed to nick the three points" Norwich will now look to bounce back with a banker away win at Barcelona in the Champions League knockout stages first leg
  16. Surprised inclusion tonight and must admit was a bit worried about him but put my trust in Lambert as usual and was not disappointed. Drury was superb and proved we have competition for the left back spot.
  17. If you listen to half of the posters on here i hope the earmarked players are Messi, Ronaldo and Xavi or else we are all doomed!
  18. [quote user="Brighton Yellow"]You are actually all morons on this thread!![/quote] What even me?
  19. Once again you clowns are on here thinking we should be competing with the big boys. If Spurs win their game in hand they are 4 points behind the mighty Manchester teams. We had a decent go again tonight, needed to score first to have any chance and eventually had to settle for no points as we were up against a very, very good side. If you really think we are going to challenge the cream of the Prem (even at home) then you are deluded. We have been bloody brilliant this season with a team full of Championship players. I am so glad Lambert didn''t follow the usual route of signing hasbeen Prem players (a la QPR) and still be struggling to compete. If you analyse our squad you will know that what we are doing this season is above and beyond what we should be and is a testament to firstly to the manager and then the players who at times have all proved that they are good enough to play at this level. They are not going to be world beaters every week but will learn quickly and will always give their all. It is a cliche to aim for 4th from bottom but if we stay up it will be another Paul Lambert ''miracle'' and maybe (just for you lot) we can aim for the Champions League next season! Wake up and smell the coffee
  20. He is a mere baby in goalkeepeers terms and could spend another 3 or 4 years on loan until he gets a prem team willing to give him a chance
  21. PROBLEM SOLVED Write to Norwich and tell them that this lad has been asked to go to Ips*** and tell them he is Norwich mad. If one professional team has shown an interest then no other club would pass up the chance to at least look at the lad in case he has something. Odds still massively against him making it but the worst they could say is no thank you. Then he can still go down the road to oblivion!
  22. [quote user="Title chasing CT "]Since saturday and our promotion has anyone else been surprised by the amounts of other teams supporters wishing us well and congratulating us? I''ve even had scummers ''welcoming'' us back to the championship! Anyone with other stories? [/quote] Considering i have a Leeds fan and a Millwall fan working either side of me, no i have not had any kind words of encouragement. Had a lot of fun this season though and would have worked on Monday for nothing!
  23. Will this mean that four teams will go up from League 1 to the championship? Would it mean both playoff finalists or would the 7th team get into play-offs with the top three going up. Can just see Leeds getting a backdoor ticket out of the league. Portsmouth folding is a longshot but the more you hear, the more it seems likely
  24. [quote user="Pole_Bot"]DID YOU KEEP A CLEAN SHEET AGAINST SOUTHAMPTON IN 2 ATTEMPTS? NO DID WE? YES THEREFORE WE SHOULD SWAP PLACES AS WE ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE [/quote] On that basis, we beat Bayern Munich once so should now be in this years Champions League Final
  25. [quote user="ncfc90"]My friend says all we need is 1 more point then we''ll be champions, is this true? [/quote] Does your "friend" live in a matchbox under your bed?
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