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  1. How short does the ''short notice'' get for these pressers Pete? And, have we confirmed that Hughton, whatever the circumstances, parks his car in a perfectly straight and symmetrical line?
  2. What I find most annoying (and is another stick to beat him with) is that Hughton refuses to park his car at that jaunty angle when a new signing is imminent. Lambert''s Maserati parked at between 45 and 60 degrees was a better than any white smoke. I bet that''s never even crossed Hughton''s mind. The PR at this club stinks ;-)
  3. Like I said ... I may be wrong. This ''idea'' came from something I''ve read numerous times on here! Jeez
  4. I''m fairly sure they''ll both pitch up at Villa in the next week or so ... didn''t someone post that they''ve said their ''goodbyes'' to the staff? However, if this tweeter is assuming that Culverhouse is now free to talk to AV because his current deal expires on 30/6 then I think that may be flawed. I''d always assumed that him and Karsa were on rolling 12 month contracts a al Lambert. I may be wrong ...
  5. Cheers ... must admit that myunswerving faith in McNally even outweighs my faith in Lambert and Holt :-) OTBC
  6. Totally agree with your sentiment mate ... but at the end of the day these guys are looking to make as good a living as possible over a relatively short career. The fact that we worship them as demi-gods is probably the thing that is is unrealistic in the larger scheme of things. OTBC
  7. For my take on the Lambert and Holt sagas, please see my latest blog at ... http://lgrwebwriter.blogspot.co.uk/ Apologies if the link doesn''t work (still haven''t sussed it) OTBC
  8. I have no doubt that if Culverhouse chose to stay and take on the manager''s role here he''d make a great success of it ... Lambo has spoken on countless occasions on how much he relies and values Culvehouse''s tactical nous. However (and I have absolutely no inside knowledge whatsoever) I''m fairly sure that Lambert would insist on taking Culverhouse and Karsa with him ... in his eyes they are very much a team, and are as valuable to him as the team ethic he preaches on the pitch. Culverhouse also strikes me as a very private man who would enjoy even less than Lambert the glare of publicity that accompanies the job. Anyway ... what are we talking about this for ... the whole thread is irrelevant ... Lambo is going nowhere! *crosses everything* OTBC
  9. I''ll be egg-stremely disappointed if you don''t read my Moro related blog at http://lgrwebwriter.blogspot.co.uk , I can promise you a clucking good read. I''ll get me coat! OTBC
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