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  1. I honestly cannot understand the issue with standing. It is a bit different now than a traditional terrace, I don''t understand how anyone can be ''crushed'' when there is seats between every row. If it was small steps like a terrace used to be (or London Road for example) then I can understand the fears. Standing does create a better atmosphere, people get more involved when on their feet (I don''t know why, but it is a fact). It''s just a shame football in the UK cannot be more like the Bundesliga. They get a choice between cheaper, standing tickets, or more expensive, but seated tickets. They are also treated like adults and therefore act like adults. I think the treatment from stewards and the hostile attitude often shown just creates tension that idiots feed off and use to their advantage to cause issues. I agree though, the announcement was utterly embarrassing as is the whole system.
  2. [quote user="Chip20"]If he''s such a great prospect, why didn''t another EPL team buy him this window?[/quote] Other clubs probably got wind of our bids, saw Celtics stance on the issue, weren''t needing a striker as much as us and probably thought ''Celtic won''t sell, we will get him cheaper in the summer''.
  3. Samba said he was originally supposed to have a bit of time off but would probably be playing. He will be fit enough to do a job and he is a good player (certainly not £12.5m and £100k a week though). Faurlin wasn''t playing. Harry Redknapp said he wanted fighters at the club and people willing to scrap, I don''t think Faurlin fits that criteria.
  4. Not worth £2m? Are you kidding? He is a natural finisher and scores goals wherever he is.I''m glad we didn''t spend £9m on him (if that is what they wanted, we''ll never know I suppose) but £7m would have been a good move. He could double that value with a good season in the Prem.Honestly, Hooper is a goalscorer and while I think we will no doubt bring in some quality in the summer if we survive, if we don''t get him, he will bang goals in somewhere else and do it well.
  5. I don''t think we''d have been trying so hard if it wasn''t made clear by him or his agent that he would be interested in the move.However, he has 2 CL games and trophies/medals due at the end of the season so I doubt he was desperate for the move. He knows in 6 months he will be in the EPL with someone, whoever that may be.Also, if Celtic had refused to sell him, can you imagine how awkward it would make life for him?
  6. My honest opinion is that yes, this was a huge missed opportunity.I''ve seen Hooper play several times as my Dad is a Celtic fan and when we can, we go to watch them. He will one day be a EPL striker scoring 15+ goals a season and I can just see him signing for someone like Spurs in the summer.As has been mentioned, £9m expenditure is a lot yes, but compared to a potential £60m if we survive, it is a pocket change.I think we will survive, but I just feel a little less positive without the extra fire power.
  7. Both have been valued at €20m. That is about £16-17m so I dont think that''ll be happening.
  8. Fourth official have just tweeted that Spurs are readying a bid for Hooper. If true, brilliant...
  9. Paperwork has to be handed to the FA by 11pm. Normally player registration documents signed by both clubs go to the FA with a clause stating something along the lines of ''pending medical and personal terms''.
  10. [quote user="Michael Bates"]I think McNally may go for one more bid with Sporting if he is assured that Hooper is a no go. Whether we can get it done in time i''m not so sure... Medicals etc would need to be done swiftly![/quote] Medicals can be done after the deadline. All we have to do by the deadline is send the players registration documents and agreements from all parties involved to the FA and anything else can be after the deadline as far as I know.
  11. [quote user="Scottlarock"][quote user="Carlton Canary"][quote user="Captain Holt"]**RANT** Sick of hearing that we''re too small to sign Hooper, he won''t leave the mighty Glasgow Celtic to come and play for a ''wee team like us.'' CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOOTBALL!!! Yeah, well you fluked your way to the last 16 and you''re getting ruined by Juve and you know it. £5M isn''t enough? He''s playing in the equivalent of league one. I don''t know who they think they are but I can certainly see an Englishman prefering to play in his home league (which just happens to be the biggest and arguably best league in the world) and live in a better area for more £ a week. Who''d have thought it? *END OF RANT*[/quote] £5m isn''t enough, he has scored in the CL and has 18 in all competitions this season. The SPL is much tougher than people give it credit for and they have improved massively in recent years. I think the top 3-4 teams in Scotland would challenge in the bottom half of the EPL and the rest would cope in the Championship. [/quote] You''re free to think so mate, I suppose, however.    I highly doubt (know) that Inverness Caledonian Thistle, Hibernian and Motherwell would CHALLENGE in the bottom of the EPL. I''ve never heard so much nonsense - unless you said that without checking the SPL table.   As for Ross County coping in the Championship - I''ll spare you on that one. All the teams I''ve mentioned would be lucky to survive league one - Sheff Utd and Swindon would easily challenge top half in SPL. You seem to be one of the few who think Scottish football is improving massively. [/quote] I can promise you now they would be more than comfortable in the Championship. Have you seen all these teams play? Scottish football is improving and with Rangers out of the picture, the SPL teams will get stronger every year now. This English mentality of the SPL being a ''mickey-mouse'' league is silly.
  12. [quote user="I am a Banana"]Anyone could pick an all right footed midfield. But name me a current midfield that are all right footed and it is working.[/quote] Barcelona - Xavi, Biscuits, Song, Iniesta... Man Utd - Young, Valencia, Cleverley, Carrick... Two teams, destroying their leagues with all right footed midfielders.
  13. [quote user="nutty nigel"] Laudup probably has to sell in order to buy. Probably has less to work with then Hughton. Celtic also probably need the money. I don''t see where Sunderland are cash rich and doubt they could out bid us. Newcastle seem more interested in selling players than signing them. Are we really the poor relations many posters would have us believe? We have a policy, although it''s taken a huge bashing on here, of making as much income as possible available to the manager.     [/quote] Can I just ask why you think Swansea have less to spend than us? They are also debt free and made £15m from selling Joe Allen in the summer, barely spending any in return. I think if he wanted to, he could just go and buy somebody. He just doesn''t see Graham fitting into his system.
  14. It''s getting pretty heavy across the UK so I think alot of games will get called off this weekend. Which might be a good thing for us and allow us to thrash out a deal for a striker before our next game!
  15. Howson is now!: Pretty much what I said but you beat me to it.. Also, Celtic are incredibly strict on wages and apparently the new contracts he has turned down have included a weekly wage of £20-25k.... We could easily match it and offer EPL football but we could also beat it with the money due in next year.
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