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  1. Capt Canary. The dent was in the back of the car because the idiot was going so fast he lost control on a slight bend, the car spun round and hit all three of the pedestrians. The poor lad was catapuled under a parked car and was laying in a pool of blood. The young girl was thrown into a hedge and the father was also hit.
  2. Totally agree. If anyone knows who did this to an innocent family, shop them
  3. on Twitter holty1981 So Mark tierney has signed. Good player and a great guy.
  4. Assault charge. Hopefully not available Saturday
  5. That will now unsettle all Watford fans, Malky and the Watford team. Clubs like Burnley should not be alowed to go public untill a bid is accepted. If they have asked permission or even if its declined they should not be allowed to say.
  6. I have Melissa Gunns number. I am sure they still have contacts. I know for sure she is friends with a few of the players
  7. Point 1. Why didnt Paul Lambert simply say "I am going nowhere" at this mornings press conference. That would have been better than saying nothing to a city fan. Point 2. Why dont Burnley appoint Roy Keane and leave our man alone?. Everyones a winner !!!
  8. I have just emailed the FA. See email below. Hi Having watched the live football match between Reading and Norwich City on Sky Sports on Saturday I was so infuriated I felt I must write this email. Before we go any further, I must say I am not a Norwich City fan. I am a Stockport fan so I am not writing this without thought. It is not a heart on sleeve moan. Quite frankly the decision made by Michael Oliver to dismiss Norwich Citys Grant Holt was a downright disgrace. I have to admit, I feel that Ian Hartes reaction caused Mr Oliver to produce a straight red card, and not the "foul" itself. This, in my opinion, has cost Norwich City two points and I believe their supporters who paid their hard earned money to watch this game can feel quite rightly robbed. Of course, this result cannot be changed, but how many points will they also lose in the coming three matches without their top marksman if indeed you dont have the decency to overturn the decision. Common sense must prevail and I hope you see it for what it was. The guy didnt deserve it. If Mr Oliver is not up to the standard required to take charge of Championship games he should not be appointed for those matches. He lost control of the game and embarrassed himself in front of thousands of TV spectators. Personally, I watched in as a neutral in a pub in Manchester and the reaction from the 150 or so in there would agree with the above. I sincerely hope, for the good of league football, you overturn this gaffe and clamp down on idiotic refereeing decisions in future as it is not good for the sport. Many Thanks Ian James
  9. Wes Hoolihan thought that it would be a good idea to stick his middle finger up at a dozen or so fans as he left the ground last night. Then he joined a queue of traffic and about 10 of them tried to turn his car over. After the way he played I cant believe he has the cheek to stick his finger up at the fans. Disgraceful behaviour.
  10. ...according to the edp. What ever are they talking about?.
  11. [quote user="colneycanary"]Come on web team pete......name the journalist who wrote this story just to stir things up!![/quote] It was Chris Lakey  http://www.edp24.co.uk/content/edp24/sport/story.aspx?brand=EDPOnline&category=Sport&tBrand=EDPOnline&tCategory=xDefault&itemid=NOED03%20Aug%202009%2013%3A21%3A34%3A883
  12. [quote user="LENNONSDAD"]So correct me if I''m wrong but do you pay to watch Norwich City or pay for there players to talk to you. All I''m saying is I don''t think there''s any need for people to slate him the way they are, and especially bringing his late brother into the debate is totally wrong.[/quote] I didnt either 1, start this thread or 2, bring his late brother into this. I do however think that players could find it in themselves to at least be sociable. I agree that he walked around like he was some kind of superstar to be honest and i agree that it is funny how he has now found out how good he isnt. no need to be rude, so on that note i withdraw the muppet jibe.
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