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  1. Our ‘support’ today was so quiet, we really need to get behind the team and show the passion we expect from them. A lethargic support equals a lethargic performance. Congratulations to the Barnsley supporters today, they never stopped singing!
  2. Thanks Daz and others who recommended the streams. Got to see the game today!
  3. Thanks. Checked the link, seems ok will try around 3pm. Fingers crossed!
  4. I hope someone can help. I am now working across the ME based in Kuwait/Dubai. Having reluctantly not renewed my season ticket, I''m missing the Saturday buzz etc. already! Anyone know if there is a channel showing the Championship in the ME? Thanks in advance.
  5. Losing Adam Drury as part of the deal would leave us with a ridiculous issue. Adam has plenty of championship experience and has been one of our most consistent players (when fit) this season. In my opinion he is one of only 5-6 with real champiuonship quality in our existing squad. Who remembers one of our previous Managers making the decision that Marc Edworthy should be released........We still have not been able to replace him 4 years on!
  6. Unsung hero/Most improved player in my mind.  After what was apparantly a difficult start with PL he has knuckled down, inproved his fitness and is certainly far more confident! A great example and I agree he was pretty close to the MOTM award.
  7. Could well be another stroke of genius. I guess we will see over the next few weeks without GH.
  8. John, thats correct.  And why I hope that there is not some other motive to the timing of the contract.
  9. As far as I am aware no ''business'' has been placed in administration due to either an annual loss or indeed the debt that the organisation has.  A business is placed in administration by either the board or the banks if it has run out of cash and cannot a) service the debt payments or/and b) meet it''s necessary and conracted regular outgoings. This clearly includes such areas as salaries (being the biggest commitment). I am also not aware that the palyers have not been payed, a point I am sure we would all find out about. Finally would the board approve a 3.5 yr contract yesterday to CM and all the additional cost that incurs if we were " on the brink of financial meltdown".............Unless there is another motive! Exceptional TEAM performance yesterday!
  10. Does anyone have odds on a Norwich promotion and an Ipswich relagation ?
  11.     ST holder for 5 years since moving back, but have been going to CR for 34 years.
  12. I missed it...Who was awarded MOTM today? 
  13. Congratulations!!!!  In your years following our team, what is the true single highlight?
  14. Thanks for the comments.  The post was made at 07.40 and this has been followed by numerous other PL posts. I must have missed someone pointing out the Celtic connection.
  15.     I am positive that he will be named as our new Manager in the next few days. I believe that there is a ''Celtic'' connection between him and our new CEO ?
  16. Thank you for your response, I am genuine but doubt if the reply will ever arrive.  The ''phenomenal'' spelling error and ''incoherent'' writing comment do concern my somewhat. Recent business contact with Richard Branson, David Bailey and Steve Redgrave, all who are dyslexic, to me prove that accuarcy of spelling or grammer do not deserve the type of immediate and assumed response that I received. Still, we all support the cause and I just wish I could contribute more towards the regeneration of our club. MIB
  17. Thank you CatNcFc.  It is appreciated when someone actually reads and understands the original post.
  18. Thank you for your feedback and particularly on the spelling error. My point was as a season ticket holder and loyal supporter of the club I expected at very least a ''thanks, but no thanks'' response. 
  19. One thing I live by is never be too busy for those that support you and inevitably keep you in your job and pay your salary.
  20. No, unlike a previous individual I don''t chase publicity my only interest is the ongoing success of NCFC!   My point is one of respect for the supporters some of whom have alot to offer the club. With the potenial rebates for season tickets improving cash flow and giving headroom there is still no representation on the board. Not even in a non executive capacity. Who therefore is the guardian of that cash injection?
  21. Roeder''s arrogance refused to give Darren Huckerby a new contract, I know it is old news and in the past but..... Do any members of the board believe that if Darren had been in the side for even 25% of the season we would be in the disasterous position we are in now?  If the answer is no we would not be, then remember, Roeder is not ultimately accountable, as a board you have to sanction such critical decisions and therefore you are responsible and accountable. As a unified Board the decision was made to give a club legend the responsibility to keep us in the Championship. A man who has never managed a team at this level in his life.  Decisions made by Board Directors like this in ''real life'' would be considered as incompetant at best and as gross misconduct at worst.  Any ''business'' does not fail because it is generally poor, it fails because it has poor management making poor decisions. It is time to have people leading, directing and managing this great club who have the ability to financially stabilise the club. People who can unify the fans by making the right decisions, who have the present and future success of the club at heart. We need players who are passionate, who want success for the club as well as themselves. We need People who believe. People who are driven. People who have heart.  But first we need people with HONOUR.
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