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  1. But if we tried to get in early, turn his head and give him the opportunity to really put himself if the shop window for the big teams, it could, and this is a big could, be a win win for him and us. Could be our Garet Bale (that''s possibly being a tad over optimistic!)
  2. Ryan Gauld anyone? 18 year old attacking midfielder at Dundee utd would obviously be a gamble but seems to have bags of potential, great technique, lovely passing and tons of vision. He may be the same size as Wes but is very quick, so has the ability not just to beat players but go past them as well. He can also shoot from outside the box which is something Hoolas for all his strengths can rarely do. Due to his pace can play on the wings as well as behind the front man in the number 10 role which is a big advantage. Negatives are obviously young, untested outside the spl and lack of size. The concern is would he get muscled out of games by the likes of Yaya Toure et al? Also would he have the ability to find the space he needs to create? But then again it''s the same for all players coming from outside the prem, you never truly know how they are going to adapt until they have a run of games. Think he would be a very interesting long term replacement in the CAM/No.10 role. May not be a target in this window, but would love for us to have a look at him as a potential long term option in the summer.
  3. [quote user="Row D Seat 7"]@ TCCANARY Playing a better brand of football, scoring goals, winning more than we have done. Being positive. Knowing how to change things when things aren''t going well. Making substations to change games, not just going like for like. I could go on but to me it''s quite clear that we will struggle. How many games have we won in the last 26? 5/6 games? Not that great. As for our 11th place. Just like the 7-1 defeat at the hands of Colchester turned out to be one of the best results in our history considering what followed, that 11th place, whilst it looks good, could turn out to be a bad thing considering what we are left with in terms of our management team. We could easily have been relegated, but for playing a West Brom team that didn''t care and a Man City team that had Bryan Kidd in charge following Mancini''s sacking. I do think some fans, McNally (from his comments on BBC Look East and elsewhere), Hughton etc have conveniently forgotten how near we were to relegation last season. Something we will be fighting against this season. I do think if we going into that last 4 games needing wins, we are doomed and I think that''s quite likely.[/quote]We could''ve lost both the West Brom and Man City games 10 nil and still survived. We finished 11th 3 points less than the season before losing one more game and with a -3 worse goal difference, the actual difference in real terms between Hughton and Lambert isn''t exactly huge (talking about results not subjective appraisals of playing style etc).
  4. Morison had the worst pass completion rate of any outfield player in the premier league last season (55.2%, source: Michael Cox of the blog zonal marking and the Guardian), you need no other reason than that for him not to play ahead of Holty. He''s got a decent work ethic and is lethal with his heading but in the system we''re playing, his inability to find a player in a yellow shirt with any kind of consistency makes him a liability. Holty might not be scoring, or indeed getting too many opportunities at the moment but his passing and all round link up play is far far superior to Morison, like others on this thread have already said; he should be the first name on the team sheet at the moment, end of. The OP is just plain wrong (and possibly a bit of a wrong un, i.e. binner).
  5. [quote user="Jim Smith"]We don''t need Burke. He''s decent enough but lightweight and no better than the two wingers we have. If we are going to poach any winger from Birmingham then we should go for Redmond. From one or two thinks I have heard I think Davies may well be our first signing. [/quote] Think Burke is a decent player but agree we should definitely go for Redmond, he''s raw but has massive, potential and versatility, could be a direct replacement for hoolahoop but also has the pace to play out on the wing. He''s also relatively under the radar at the moment, give it another season and bigger clubs than us will start sniffing around.
  6. Stepehen N''Zonzi?appeared to be one of the few decent players in a poor Blackburn squad, very big and a stong tackler but also seems to be technically gifted and a good passer to boot, could play as a box to box CM or deep lying CDM.
  7. FAO Canaries UTD please read this article on the Fox style of midfielder and then come back and try and argue your point again, yes fox is not the box to box midfielder you describe, but then again he doesn''t need to be as long as he plays in a balanced team.http://www.zonalmarking.net/2012/04/24/how-the-2000s-changed-tactics-1-the-fall-and-rise-of-the-passing-midfielder/
  8. [quote user="Jim Smith"]Would take him even if we can only do it for three months. Looks a decent player in the making and may give us a bit of physicality we have lacked at times in the midfield. Fox is a great passer but needs athletes alongside him A three month loan if times right could be beneficial. we have a very tough run in so need to be ahead of the game at the end of March really.[/quote] Unathletic players like Bradley Johnson you mean? Who up until the Villa game was the only player in the league to cover 12km plus in every game. Wouldn''t say no to him though, he looks like he will be a top quality player in the future.
  9. [quote user="JJ"]Is their one in Leeds I could join or one for Yorkshire perhaps. Don''t kill me if this has come up in convocation before.[/quote] Technically we could create a Leeds NCFC supporters convocation (due to it''s non ecclesiastical meaning being: "a group of people assembled for a special purpose"). As far as i''m aware there''s no Leeds Canaries supporters club, although there is a generic northern one. I think there would definitely be scope for it, in terms of numbers anyway, finding a NCFC friendly pub would be another challenge entirely.
  10. Good find!! that would  be absolute class, would look amazing in black or white. think that photo made me a touch tumescent.
  11. [quote user="Shack Attack"] I can see us reverting to this type of formation in some games next season. Maybe in some away games when we may struggle to get enough possession to make the diamond formation work as well as it should.   I wouldn''t have Crofts as one of the deeper lying midfielders though. On the few occasions I saw him play at the base of the diamond last season I felt he maybe lacked a little tactical discipline and got dragged out of position a little. Fox doesn''t do this and although he maybe lacks the bite in the tackle that Crofts has his positional play and distribution more than makes up for this. Crofts would be better suited to one of the three attacking midfield positions alongside Wes/Surman/Bennett where he can provide not only a goal threat but also has the energy and hard running to press the opposition high up the pitch. All of which probably means we need another deep lying midfielder if we want to play this system. [/quote] Turning a DM into an AM can work with the right player, Crofts could be our Yaya Toure. Ten points to the person who first uses Yaya Toure; poor man''s Andrew Crofts as their screen name.
  12. I think it''s a good shout particularly away from home, would prevent us getting overrun in midfield, however I would think we need a pacier left sided attacking midfielder to make it work effectively. Surman''s a great player but he is not the quickest, I fear Holt could get really isolated using this system if he doesn''t have two wide men to get up and support him quickly from midfield.
  13. If it''s a "lesser" team maybe the diamond, but would like to see us play 5 in the middle against bigger teams, Holt alone up front, Hoolahan in the hole behind Holty, Surman on the left and  Bennett on the Right. Although there is something to be said for just going out and attacking and not showing anyone any respect. In conclusion I have no idea, I''m glad I''m not Paul Lambert, as everyone else probably is.
  14. [quote user="Nigel Worthless"][quote user="Webbo118"] [quote user="NCFC4LIFE"]It was a back pass he could of picked the ball up, it was a mistake! Everton (h) friendly Watfold  (h) 1st goal near post Swansea (h)  Pen, might of been sent off. Leicester (h) near post fumble Leeds (h) gradel weak shot Leicester (a) header should of done better Watford (a) Graham''s shot was tame Forest (h) pick the ball up!! Look he improved for sure but watch the season review and you will see for yourself, there are more just cant think of them as i havnt got the dvd to hand, me and my friend counted at least 10-12 shockers [/quote] Now can you add up the number of crucial saves he made and how many points he earned us last season? Or perhaps you haven''t considered that side of things. [/quote] NCFC4LIFE is spot on with his assesement at the start of this thread. Ruddy is ok, but he is prone to too many errors. Yes he has made some crucial saves this season (as do most goalkeepers), but so did FF last season, although FF barely made any mistakes!! I would certainly say that FF won us far more points than John Ruddy. It would be brilliant if we could get Forster back next season, as I feel he is a top class keeper. I don''t really understand why he is not number 1 at Newcastle. Hopefully their mistake can be our gain! [/quote] Barely made any mistakes? are you high? He made as many if not more in a worse league, plus his kicking is a liability.   Celtic fans are divided on his abilities, some think he''s great others far less convinced (guess a little bit like ruddy in that respect). Many would rather see Artur Boruc or Shay Given ahead of retaining Forster http://www.talkceltic.net/forum/showthread.php?t=104994
  15. [quote user="NCFC4LIFE"]It was a back pass he could of picked the ball up, it was a mistake! Everton (h) friendly Watfold  (h) 1st goal near post Swansea (h)  Pen, might of been sent off. Leicester (h) near post fumble Leeds (h) gradel weak shot Leicester (a) header should of done better Watford (a) Graham''s shot was tame Forest (h) pick the ball up!! Look he improved for sure but watch the season review and you will see for yourself, there are more just cant think of them as i havnt got the dvd to hand, me and my friend counted at least 10-12 shockers [/quote] Firstly that''s 7 in the full season no point counting friendly''s they mean bugger all! Eustace- the 1st watford goal was a fierce shot through a crowd of players, most likely unsighted Swansea pen was a through ball that caught our defence napping,  there was little he could do but come out and try and stop sinclair, who is by the way just about the fastest player in the league, plus he saved the damn penalty what more can you ask him to do? You also seem to forget the fact that Forster was sent off twice in the 2009/10 season, by your logic surely that makes him an inferior keeper? added to that his poor kicking along the ground which also cost us points surely makes the case for Fraser less compelling (although i''m not saying he''s a bad keeper by any stretch of the imagination). Gradel - could have done better agreed, Waghorn''s goal at home to Leicester - a big mistake no denying it Wellens goal away to Leicester - it''s debatable, he got a hand to it but not enough to put it over or round, hardly a shocker though Graham - it wasn''t the most powerful but he''s a big guy and it was along the ground close to his legs, therefore difficult to get down to, i can''t see FF doing any better. Tyson''s goal was an error of judgement but an absolute freak and 99 times out of a hundred would have gone out for a goal kick or a throw in Therefore perhaps 3 where he got something on a shot/header but not enough to keep it out so possibly could have done better and only 2 genuine shockers one of which you''re only likely to see once every couple of seasons if at all. I really can''t see what the fuss is about, he''s pulled off some stunning saves, is very comfortable under high balls and crosses, and has excellent distribution. In short he''s a great keeper working behind an occasionally porous defence. Yes in likelihood we need another keeper to come in as competition/cover but to say he''s a disaster wating to happen or that FF is significantly better is an absolute fallacy.
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