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  1. Yup, noticed when on of the camara men was stood in front of it, and his legs seemed to vanish! Noticed again when it was the same advert the whole way round the ground, yet in a replay they were static boards with different adverts on.Bet that will pull in a fair few bob though without the expense of installing video boards for a one off game!
  2. So is it everyone wearing their colours? Yeah in P4 too, seemed to be pretty well sold in that block, couldnt think why! :p
  3. Anyone sitting in the neutral area for this one as they didnt want restricted view seats?
  4. [quote user="NWC"]QPR away at Watford and home against Leeds.The way us and Cardif are playing it could be looking like qpr in the play-offa??Oh how we would laugh!!![/quote]Laugh? If we won the league, I wouldnt actually know how to celebrate, I think I would have to just stand there in jubilation!
  5. [quote user="bloodwagon"][quote user="NottsCanary"]I have heard some goal reactions from those two in the last few seasons, but that last one was by far the best by a million miles![/quote]Anyone got it taped as just got in from work and didnt hear it !!![/quote]If you tune in now, they will do a re-run of the goals in the next 15ish mins.
  6. I have heard some goal reactions from those two in the last few seasons, but that last one was by far the best by a million miles!
  7. [quote user="Legend Iwan"]Cheers for all the replies, but I don''t understand how BBC Derby can have their pre-match build up and we can''t. I''m also positive that at half 2 throughout the season I have been able to tune in. [8-)] [:S][/quote]Yeah, I dont know, oh well, its working now, as long as I can listen to the match, Im not bothered lol
  8. [quote user="Legend Iwan"]Anyone else having trouble with the BBC Norfolk commentary on Canary Player? I''ve switched on to Derby''s and it seems to be working.[/quote]Exactlly the same mate. Was waiting to see if anyone else posted about this. Think it might be something their end if we can get other streams, but not that one.
  9. [quote user="Barnett is King"]Just watching the rugby reminded me of how well respected they are by the players. Is it plausable for this to happen in football do you think? I see no reason why not, if players are booked for any confrontation or something. I know it could make it become a bit silly, but it works in rugby? Also I believe the refs would actually do a better job without constant whinging from players. Possibly?[/quote]Yes, but it would also help if, like in rugby, when matches are on tv they had the option of the vid ref!!! Opens a whole can of worms! However, yes, its possible. The fact is, when its on tv, you know the ref will get it right with any 50:50 decision, as he will get it refered!
  10. I think clubs should follow the "player" model they have at the mo, but add a video stream to it! Then, do season tickets for it, roughly the same price as an actual season ticket, or make it so you can buy a ticket for a one off game, just like you can when you actually go!! I think this would mean people who live in the areas of clubs, would still go, so wouldnt effect the K.Os at 3, but would allow people who are unable to get to games to watch them! All this means that either way, the club would still get the money!!!!!
  11. Just heard it again, hairs standing up lol, such another awesome moment!! COME ON CITY!
  12. The best few mins ever for commentry on radio norfolk!!! Quality, absolute gold! Neil and chris going mental, along with me shouting!
  13. [quote user="Jacko"]Think he has really grown in confidence. He looks very solid and assured. One of the most dependable keepers in the league on current form. Compare and contrast how he and Steve Simonsen elected to handle corner kicks. [/quote]Yup, like the way he was caught in his goal mouth with the ball, and we score, compared to coming out and claiming the ball!Also I was very impressed with the save which he put over the bar early on. I rate the guy.
  14. [quote user="ncfc4life"][quote user="NottsCanary"]Just read on a burnley mb, and they seem pretty certain they have got PL!! I hope this isnt true! I dont understand why he would go, as he has us where he wants us, where as they are slightly below the playoffs, and he would have to bring in players, etc... Sounds like a bit of a risk going there in many ways! Either way, surely DM knows what lambo wants, he is the one that brought him here, so surely he can bring him round to staying??[/quote]Burnley fans on that board are certainly being hypocrites, only last year they were calling Owen Coyle at judas and slaughtering Bolton for stealing Coyle from them and yet now they are hoping for them to appoint Lambert.[/quote]Yeah, thats one thing thats getting up my nose big time! True, it is pure speculation! I would love it though if tomorrow lambo turned around and said that he was staying put, imagine the feeling the claret fans would be feeling!!!!
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