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  1. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="gabba"] Sadly these events seem to attract those that think the board is doing a fantastic job [/quote] These events attract shareholders garbage and it is plainly obvious you know absolutely jack shite about what goes on at annual general meetings. [/quote]Since the club has been taken over by media luvvies and corporate spivs that''s exactly the sort of thing to expect at an AGM. When you look at the Norwich City Supporters Trust and see it being headed by the likes of Dick Menace and various other hard core happy clappers then you''d have to ask questions about the reach of the club''s PR machine. However I wouldn''t expect a deadbeat plod to understand these sorts of things, especially if they''re happy with the status quo.
  2. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="Holtcantshoot"]  he''ll probably get sacked in late January when we fall into a relegation scrap.[/quote] To read some posters efforts on here I thought we already are. [/quote]It''ll probably take time to reach that stage via a couple more managers, a repeat of what happened before. The problem is that the club is run by media luvvies and spivs who know little about football. Their record of managerial appointments is generally atrocious as evidenced by the appointment of Hughton and the consideration of Mackay, neither of whom would play progressive technical football.We''ll always be at risk of relegation if we go for the low quality end of the market and end up appointing a radio commentator with a poor footballing record at U18 level when we don''t get the top choices. The chances are that they didn''t sack Hughton earlier because when it comes to recruitment they''re clueless, don''t plan ahead and generally don''t know what to do.The board probably didn''t search round Europe for a manager because they haven''t a clue about football and wouldn''t know a good European manager even if one bit them on the 4rs3. If the next Wenger came on their radar they''d probably favour some nobody on the grounds that they had more championship experience.
  3. [quote user="Buh"]^tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy yokel alert[/quote]I don''t think they''d need many plants in the audience if happy clapper numpties like yourself were doing the questioning. Sadly these events seem to attract those that think the board is doing a fantastic job by making a radio commentator our manager.
  4. I expect there will be a few stooges in the audience to ask the really ''tough'' questions. The people being questioned can then give a really good ''spontaneous'' answer.
  5. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]Or to put it another way, four (or five) of the last six seasons have been successful. 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 (our highest PL finish?) Which leaves 2013-14''s failure, and the current season which isn''t finished yet. Perhaps this board are getting better at the whole "running a football club" thing?[/quote]The football under Lambert wasn''t exactly very good quality. Well organised yes, but not anything near to what we took for granted under Stringer or Walker over a sustained period. The ''football'' in 2012-13 was rancid, an insult, a case of being top of the bottom of a very bad heap and nothing to be proud of.[quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]2012-13 (our highest PL finish?)[/quote]Erm, I expect you''re quite young, but our highest finish was 3rd in 1993. Pre-premiership we finished 5th in 1987 (under Brown), 4th in 1989 and 10th in 1990. Post premiership we were 3rd in 1993 and 12th in 1994. Most of that era involved hardly spending a dime as our backroom and youth system was exceptional. These days we flush 20 times the money down the toilet.
  6. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]Certainly strong enough to stop me peeing in my pants and calling for resignations and sackings like the rest of you muppets.[/quote]Well I''m not peeing my pants as it''s been obvious for ages that we wouldn''t get promotion. The problems go to the very top and resignations/sackings in that area seem like the only way for the club to go forward. The football has mostly been dire for 20 years or so, so people calling for boardroom change aren''t exactly displaying a kneejerk response.
  7. [quote user="Bor Bor Bor"]We are 5 points off 2nd place and 8 off the top, I don''t think that " Legitimate expectations of a top two finish have already been watered down to a play-off place and we shall soon have dropped enough home points to render that unlikely" is a reasonable statement at this point in time.[/quote]That must be strong ganja you''re growing at your allotment.
  8. Apart from 2003-04 and 2009-12 (starting from a very low base) we''ve never had a sustained period of success like we had from the mid-80''s to early 90''s. The truth is we''ve declined and fallen behind other teams, the board lurching from one crisis to another because they know little about football.
  9. Adams was the same when he was in Forbes'' position, constantly defending the likes of Grant and Roeder. I remember his footballing opinions back then, how he admired a direct game and therefore knew all the talk of passing football when he got the manager''s job was just flannel.
  10. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Love how some fans feel that "Wessi" is the only thing that makes us win. For every game he does something great there are two where he spins round on the spot 3 times or passes the ball straight to the opposition. [/quote]Minus a spin or two you could say the same about most of our outfield players. We always seem to end up passing backwards or sideways, else give the ball away because our movement and interplay are so poor.
  11. We miss him, but this argument is one step back from idea that we just need a decent striker, when the problems are more fundamental than that. We''re weak in central midfield and have nobody that can serve as a defensive playmaker. If we have to rely on Johnson and Tettey then we falter. We seem to want to be tough at the back, very attacking up front but are left with little in the middle, especially when someone like Vadis gets injured.
  12. It''s going to take another relegation for some of the happy clappers to snap out of it. Even then it might take a thumping at home by the likes of Walsall to make them realise that the people in charge are clueless muppets.
  13. Once again a manager has come in and said we''ll play passing, attacking football but failed to deliver. Even with the new football board there''s no plan anywhere at the club about how we should be playing and we get the same old managers producing the same old bog standard football. If we fail to rely on technique and pass the ball correctly then we''ll go absolutely nowhere in all areas of the pitch, especially midfield.
  14. What next? Phelan will take over, probably until the summer after next. We''ll then change manager two or three times, play an awful direct game and relegation will be somewhere around 2018. Then we''ll have people on here pointing out that it''s happened to many other ''big'' teams and we''re actually doing quite well for a club of our size. They''ll defend Delia to the hilt, praise the beancounting ability of our board and tell us how we''re lucky we are to have Stephen Fry associated with the club.
  15. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="gabba"]Another one joins the exodus. Sadly the architects of the current crisis , ie the prawn sandwich loving media luvvies who know jack $h!t about football, are still at the helm.[/quote] I know I have just come back from holiday so looks like I have missed something ?  [*-)] [/quote] The cook is still stirring the broth. The radio commentator is still at the helm. You''ve only missed a man being thrown overboard in a desperate attempt to stop the ship sinking towards division two. Oh, and a jolly looking bald man has arrived in time for the AGM to cheer up the plastics.
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