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  1. Micawbers Tavern on Pottergate show all home & away games if you are in the city centre, as do plenty of pubs around the city. You should be spoilt for choice.
  2. Brighton Yellow, Due to Premier League injunctions the foreign satellite broadcasters only now show one 3pm kick off rather than all simultaneously, meaning that Norwich are rarely shown. Most pubs therefore rely on a subscription based broadcast via broadband on a specific system, which is generally of a good quality but is by its very nature always potentially subject to some of the issues described above. The places to avoid are the ones showing a feed directly from one of the streaming websites, as quality tends to be more erratic. As mentioned by others, Micawbers, Ketts and Rose are all good options, no personal experience of the others but sure some are ok.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys, will definitely seek those out before the weekend. Vanwink, I take it Efes is the local beer? If so I hope to be celebrating with a few on Sunday night!
  4. Is anyone on here familiar with the resort of Side in Turkey? Heading off this week for an unfortunately timed holiday, and will therefore be missing the last two matches of the season as well as the U18 second leg. As I will no doubt spend the rest of the week desperately trying to find a bar showing English football I wondered if anyone could suggest anywhere to look out for? Many thanks.
  5. Does anyone know of any good bars in Paphos, Cyprus to watch football? There will be a group of us out there missing the Liverpool and Arsenal games - given the opposition I don''t doubt there will be plenty of places showing the games, but we wondered if anyone could recommend any to look out for?
  6. Thanks very much for the advice guys, looks like a few good ones there to choose from. We were really hoping to catch the City game live that weekend, but it doesn''t look like anywhere in Cambridge shows any of the foreign channels.
  7. Can anyone recommend any pubs in Cambridge that show live football? Ideally we would like to find somewhere to watch a City game, so a pub showing 3pm kick offs on a foreign channel would be perfect, but failing that the usual Sky Sports package would be fine. Many thanks.
  8. [quote user="Striker"]It would appear that these are back on, with at least one city pub advertising the fact. Does anyone know any more about this ? Is it back to how it was before the plug was pulled in early December ?[/quote] I think most of the pubs whose coverage was blocked had subscribed to ViaSat Baltic (Latvian broadcast), who stopped broadcasting 3pm kick offs under pressure from the Premier League. Pubs subscribing to ViaSat Sweden or Nova were unaffected (I guess broadcasters in such countries are harder to bully). To get 3pm kick offs back on, a pub would need to subscribe to an unaffected broadcaster such as this. I have been watching away matches in Micawbers Tavern (can highly recommend), who have now resumed showing 3pm kick offs along with the Ketts Tavern and Rose to name a few. As far as I know, to show matches in a pub streamed from internet sites such as firstrow etc is strictly illegal, and very risky!
  9. Probably a long shot, but is anyone aware of any Norwich friendly pubs in and around the Birmingham area? A group of us will be in Birmingham in a few weeks for a stag weekend, and would like to find a pub run or frequented by NCFC fans, ideally showing live 3pm matches. I have seen a couple in London mentioned on here, but don''t recall any in Birmingham. Failing this, can anyone recommend a good football pub in the centre of town showing other live matches? Thanks in advance for any info you may be able to provide.
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