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  1. I initially thought Pilkington but could well be Steve Morison. Had a very impressive first half of the season, as did Pilks of course. Wonder which club it was.
  2. Hadn''t thought of the Scottish national team. Would probably want to leave it until he''s a bit older though and achieved more in club football.
  3. Sorry for the negative thread but just wanted people''s thoughts on which club(s) Lambert would ever contemplate leaving us for? I''m not a WUM or a binner before you ask. Having a quick look through other club''s forums it is amazing how many would like their next manager to be Sir Paul. These include Everton, Villa, West Brom and Wolves. For me Lambert would not go to any of those clubs. West Brom and Wolves would surely be sideways moves at best.I genuinely think Lambert would only leave for a top 6 club in England, Celtic or Dortmund.
  4. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4068657/Norwich-agree-a-deal-for-Leeds-skipper-Jonathan-Howson.html
  5. [quote user="AJ"]To be fair, had we played better and given them a bit less respect, I think we could have been worth at least a point against Arsenal[/quote]They did have Vermaelen fit at Carrow Road though who makes a huge difference to their defence. Agree we could have got something though.
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