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  1. Agreed, They are obviously putting more MSG in the food at the Hethersett Chinese.  
  2. For me the coaches are the heart and soul of a management team. They work with the players far more on a day to day basis than the manager, they also should know each players personality, getting the best out of the squad by knowing what motivates each individual and thus getting them to gel as a team.   I don''t have that feeling with our present set up. I don''t want to harp on about previous management teams however when things weren''t going well the coach always seemed to have a solution or a plan B  ready. There was a moment against Liverpool  where Hughton and Calderwood just stood there in a huddle, didnt speak, and just stared at the pitch wondering why plan A wasn''t working. I find that disconcerting.     
  3. your observations are a fair reflection of our first team midfielders. However we seem to have a manager/ coaching staff who are unable to utilise the talents they have available. Todays most bizzare decision was to bring on Tettey when we were 5 1 down. It would appear this tatical masterstroke was so he could sit just in front of the back 4 and prevent Liverpool playing. A classic case of shutting the gate after the horse has bolted   brilliant....
  4. [quote user="Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar"] Drinkell, He drank lots of beer, smoked lots of fags. had fish and chips for breakfast and drove a sponsered Fiat Uno from Pointers Fiat. Still managed to score goals. For all of the above he''s a legend.   [/quote] That''s sponsored before the spelling Police caution me.
  5. Drinkell, He drank lots of beer, smoked lots of fags. had fish and chips for breakfast and drove a sponsered Fiat Uno from Pointers Fiat. Still managed to score goals. For all of the above he''s a legend.  
  6. [quote user="Zak Burger"][quote user="Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar"] This one. People have moaned about the present board on and off for years.     [/quote] You are confusing the present board with the previous board surely. There hasn''t been much moaning since Bowkett, Mcnally, Phillips and Fry joined but there was plenty in the dark days of the Doomcaster, Turners etc. [/quote] Apologies, Was mainly referring to chairman/persons. You are quite correct, the previous members of the board under the Delia/ MWJ reign where shocking. Doncaster was a strange and inept person.I suspect many an agent were laughing their heads off when Doncaster agreed some of the players deals.   
  7. [quote user="lappinitup"]Good post Sir Digby. The main thing that swings it for me is that while the others all left the club in turmoil, Delia and Michael faced up to that tumoil and steered the club through it... [/quote] Definately, Chase was a businessman who although he was local was in it for the cash and reputation. The man had a huge ego (remember the FA commitees he seemed to wangle places on?) He loved being on the TV and radio, but whenever he was on he came across as an unlikable patronising knob.This self publicity is all well and good but when it all started going wrong, this made him a bigger figure of loathing with the fans. Admittedly his land investments got the club out of the cack. however, I dont believe for one second the purchases were for the ultimate benefit of the club.                                                  
  8. This one. People have moaned about the present board on and off for years. My view is they genuinely care about this club, they''ve made some decisions which have been poor in the past, however these were down to inexperience and their hearts ruling the head.  As their tenure has continued though I would say they have learned their lessons and employed a chief executive who is street wise and not afraid to get stuck in for the good of the club.  We as a club are quite unique as having a board who are NCFC first, and self profit second (image or finacially). Which as you know is rare in this money driven Premier league.     
  9. [quote user="Icecream Snow"]They said that about Neale Fenn - anyone remember him? ;) [/quote] Didn''t he play Organ on sale of the Century?
  10. [quote user="Indy_Bones"]The 92-93 season. We were outstanding for the vast majority of it, but just couldn''t hold it together over the last few months. An excellent 3rd place from one of our finest ever teams which then lead to the great UEFA cup run and defeat of the ''mighty'' Bayern Munich. Easily the best years I had as a fan and boy do I miss that kit... [/quote] Agreed, it was a great season I was lucky enough to go to every game home and away, something I have never managed again. They were heady days when we were capable of beating any team,except Blackburn who beat us 7 1! What made it better though it came completely out of the blue as the season before we were nearly relegated! If we hadn''t drawn with Wimbledon 1 1 we would have been. I dont think it''ll ever happen again unfortunately.
  11. I think you''re right, it would also mean he could play the existing 4 4 2 with holt and one other up front, or 4 5 1, adding Butterfield to the midfield playing just behind the lone striker who I think would be the lad Kane in that formation.   
  12. thats cheque, not check  before the spelling police nick me.
  13. It''s nice to hear Snodgrass and Johnson talk more about the team than themselves when interviewed after the game today. I know footballer interviews can be laden with cliches, but this sounded sincere and it''s great to hear. I''d rather have that in place, than a group of expensive individuals loyal only to their next huge pay check.  After all the transfer window b####cks yesterday I feel strangely cleansed and optimistic. It won''t last long I know, but indulge me for a while.
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