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  1. just bin watching a little bit of braintree town vs tranmere............ and hearing/seeing sam habergham and luke daley playing... were such promising youngsters :/
  2. just wondering if anyone knew when they went on sale to super members as it seems to be all about the season ticket holders at the mo?? or do they just go on ''general sale'' wednesday for everyone?
  3. i know has probably been said before but snoddy would have had at least two decent close range shots on goal at the end IF he had  aright foot !! :( both times tried to cut onto his left and what a shock it was closed down soooooo frustrating !
  4. id like that too........ BUT unless u want us then to be tired to get smashed by liverpool 3days later!? lol
  5. http://www1.skysports.com/football/teams/norwichcity?ref=stream
  6. anywhere in norwich or anyone know anywhere showing the game today plz ? :) i guess roccos etc isnt showing it anymore like last season ?
  7. Im in manchester this weekend (mainly trafford centre xmas shopping lol) coming from norwich, anyone know if anywhere showing the game tomorrow?
  8. end of season dinner last year talking about holty not acting / looking like  a gud player but did bloody well  and also saying dont turn ur back to russel martin or crofts!! calling them fruit cakes!! hahaha hilarious :) otbc !!    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axbjNzsXK_E&feature=related
  9. tonight !! wow !! yes we have a ''second stringISH'' team out and mk dons have started the season very well and are top of the league but WOW !! was appalling ..... we were all over the place could hardly string passes together ..... i think ruddy could maybe have done better with the shots for the goals (shame was ex city chadwick with 2 ! )  instead of rudd.. drury looked verrrry slow and understandably rusty ..... russell martin looked scared of playing /losing his place with crap crosses and defending jsut letting them run past him, naughton to start against chelsea ! ayala even gave the ball away very sloppily to gift them a goal....then also went off with maybe a bad knock.... GR8 :/ whitbread did look gud tho winning a lot of headers.... fox as said in other posts passed the ball side to side (oh and backwards) borrrrring and uninventive tonight... hoolahan was very gud getting stuck in and sum trickery too and running back but mk dons soon started tag teaming him out of the game then went off with an injury.. surman played how he did saturday verrrrrrry lightweight doesnt get stuck in at all and had a gud shot 2nd half but hardly anything else... and jackson and wilbraham cudnt hit a barn door if they tried !! a very very bad night for city ! :(  
  10. I think rudd is a really gud keeper too... and also this season if he plays in a lot of r PREMIER LEAGUE reserve matches that we are now in he will be up against a lot better players than in the championshop etc aswell to give him a gud test... and yes ruddy is decent and a really gud shot stopper but also now and again does some dodgy mistakes.... i think really hes the modern day DAVID JAMES lol awesome shot stopper but just now and again u get a blooper (which ruddy did have a few times last season).... hahneman is afree agent and would be a very gud back up ... :)
  11. [quote user="Ernie"]Can you just turn up and pay at the gate?[/quote]   yup.... but also looks like its going to p i s s s s s it down ! and forecast for a while lol :) think il stay at home for this one..
  12. [quote user="Skijumptoes"]I hope Cody starts, and bangs in about 10 goals! *Hides the tears* :oP[/quote]   no cody tonite.... squad now on canaries....... U18''s some familiar names tho.....ball,brindley,dawkin,steer,adeyemi........ mite still go tho but doubt it will be very exciting lol...
  13. i work with his bro at royal norwich golf club.... yes hes very gud and can play left wing too (very quick) and gud on the ball as u say.... hes on some academy/youth team games vs chelsea etc on youtube some gud performances and goals ;) bin with the club since about 10... dont think he got offered a contract early this year tho so he has been looking for other clubs, trials etc....howcome he was only on for 25/30 mins ? did he get injured ?
  14. i have NCFC down the back of my forearm written with each letter about 2" in height and diameter in graffiti style think looks pretty gud with shading ;) ... on my fb ...... darren abbs
  15. [quote user="jb"]i''ll definitely be there...[/quote]   and keep ur eye out for richard brindley on the bench il be going with his older brother... hes verrrry quick and gud player... plays left wing usually tho so depends how long they give surman :)  
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