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  1. HSL chairs. Some bint gets it to lift her up and she walks off.
  2. Who did they ask? Not the public, government or media? Schoolchildren then. Perhaps Daniel Craig?
  3. Well they haven't rationed Boris's stupidity yet
  4. Plenty of time to post while waiting in the queues that Gove and Farage said just couldn't happen
  5. Trump Loses His Lawsuit Against Omarosa September 28, 2021 at 9:16 am EDT “Former President Donald Trump has lost an effort to enforce a nondisclosure agreement against Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former White House aide and a star on The Apprentice who wrote a tell-all book about serving in his administration,” the New York Times reports. Said Manigault Newman: “Donald has used this type of vexatious litigation to intimidate, harass and bully for years. Finally the bully has met his match!” Donald Trump on Tuesday engaged in his ritual denunciation of a former staffer who revealed damaging details about the inner workings of his White House. The twice-impeached one-term president responded to revelations from a new book by Stephanie Grisham, his former White House press secretary and former chief of staff to first lady Melania Trump, by impugning her qualifications and hurling a personal attack.
  6. Jools loves slogans. Steal the Vote, Release the Kraken, Four more Years. Need a new slogan writer.
  7. But they have to pay imported workers the minimum wage. And you say even more unskilled. That is the point. There are so many unskilled jobs available.
  8. You and Labour do need to move on from Blair though. That's almost a generation ago. But he still keeps popping up telling us all how to do things. He needs to move on.
  9. Why are you denigrating unskilled work? On one hand you talk of raising wages and then sneer at the unskilled. And nothing could be more polar opposite than your view about immigration. Anyone should be welcome in this country to do a job of work that they are best suited for and is necessary in this country. Whether you are my Cancer Consultant from Sri Lanka or a chap from Lithuania who works at night cleaning sewers.
  10. How often does the £2.5M new press briefing room get used? Only to announce a £.50 trade deal with the Solomon Islands? We are missing out on the metaphors Boris. As our great leader said "Where are you? Lets be 'avin you". Oh I see, no Government Minister is allowed to talk about the fuel crisis. Its nothing to do with them. They didn't cause it. They couldn't have done. They didn't even think about it. Let alone the select committee that told them 15 months ago this would happen. Surely there are a few clever Etonians who can be spared for 3 months to drive the full but driverless tankers? We need SKS to forget the lectern today and rip the bowels out of this shoddy, sleazy, scum sucking bunch of liars and tell us that the UK will return to working properly under a proper Labour Government. People ask why Labour always eats itself from the inside? Its because their supporters will tell their failures and liars like Blair its time to go. Try getting a Tory to blame his own party. Its like rocking horse siht.
  11. Its perfectly relevant if you care to think about it. So tell me what people voted for then. I assume it was to be, as they were told, better off.
  12. What? It isn't just the French then.
  13. Just like Letterbox Mr RTB. Scumbag means despicable person so it is appropriate. I love Angela. Proper Socialist. Not daft left. Care worker, trade unionist. Told JC a few home truths.
  14. Will you be representing Andrew in the States Jools?
  15. I'm not on that one. I would be in between 2 and 3. Which of the Apes is you?
  16. Niners vaunted defence couldn't stop Rogers last drive and keep them out of field goal range. Should have Blitzed him. Tried to play it safe.
  17. Fact is, the majority of people who voted Leave are never going to admit it was a mistake. Even if there are wholesale shortages and price increases as well as lengthy waiting lists, they will argue we are making our own laws (like banning protesting) and are free to trade with who we want. It really doesn't matter anymore about immigration. A golfing buddy of mine has a son who has two fishing boats in Aberdeen. He doesn't land in this country. And his crew are from Ghana. They are cheaper than any European and send all their money home just like others have in the past and do not set foot in this country because of the Immigration rules. Is that progress, exploitation or a consequence of Brexit?
  18. But this time they can't blame the Unions or a Labour Government. Will they dare blame themselves for telling everyone to vote for liars? To cancel and leave a system that worked just so we can have blue passports? Thatcher had her Falklands to hide her failings. This cnut has had his pandemic (which he also lied through his teeth about) but is about to disappear once again while the siht hits the fan. I assume he swats up on metaphors while he goes into hiding.
  19. In what context is this meant to impress?
  20. No apology needed. I am sure we would all prefer if a new ownership with an endless pot of money bought us. No reflection on the current owners who have done a brilliant job. But they bailed us out when the EPL was in its infancy. Now its light years different. But for some reason(s), a suitable new owner has not been forthcoming. So whatever we might want, for now we work with what we have. We will be spending a lot on wages this season with all our new sigings and loanees. If we have bought the wrong players, no owner on earth can change that. That will be the responsibility of two others.
  21. Still hard for some to accept that the Democrats put up their worst candidate to beat an incumbent Republican President.
  22. Stop it, its making me cry tears of joy.
  23. Haven't we spent a lot and invested this season?
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