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  1. The detail is irrelevant at the moment. The fact that those leagues voted to do it is a good start. There is a realisation that the wealthier clubs and super rich ones have no intention of trickle down. The wealthy will still bring in foreign players and coaches as well as owners of course. The proportion of foreign owners in the two leagues is small, they are mainly English. I do fail to understand why any supporter doesn't welcome this initiative. Forget the players, they would have to accept it. Does anyone think our team at the moment is any better than previous teams that played at the top? It is about entertainment over style surely? After 10 years, the game will adapt just as other sports have. A salary cap in Premiership rugby didn't stop the game progessing and England making another World Cup Final.
  2. I couldn't argue with your post. But the intent is paranoid clap trap.
  3. Not going to change your name to Yellow Peril?
  4. Fine, you think the risk is acceptable. At the moment I do not. We are obviously miles apart on this so there is no point deliberating further.
  5. Just the new ball in our way now. All their reviews have gone.
  6. My issue is that indeed there is risk, whether it be to or from groups in society. For any statement to be made that the young are not at risk is not reasonable as they could be a risk to others. And many young have taken it as read that they are invulnerable and not obeying the rules. For instance, every Saturday night there is a large gathering of late teenage early twenties youngsters at our local park that has a small wood attached. Naturally they drink and play music into the early hours. I think it is fair to assume there is very little social distancing. They may well be OK but the risk they are taking of catching and carrying and maybe infecting someone is not worth it in my opinion.
  7. The Government scheme is for 50 upwards to be told to stay at home. That is supposed to be including the vulnerable as well. And you just cannot categorise someone 50+ as more likely. No-one can say for certain, the scientists argue amongst themselves, what the virus can or cannot do. Statistics say the younger you are the less likely to suffer from it but not carrying it. We have seen and heard different ways to attack the virus. And the most sensible one is stop the transmission and check those who have had it. Allowing the greater part of the population to wander around will not stop transmission. But we hold out hope that with new cases apparently diminishing, there may not be a need to lockdown anyone.
  8. Its a fair question. But any buying club must see something in a player that might not always be obvious.
  9. Whether this is perfect or not is irrelevant. What is important is that it is the first step in clubs able to buy their way out of L1/2. It isn't going to happen in the Championship for a while I regret to say because of parachute payments. But if there is a will then it could still happen. Wait for the moans to come out of the EPL. Many top sports leagues around the world have a salary cap and it has worked so there is no reason not to give it a try, bearing in mind examples have already been set.
  10. That is a silly thing to post. My beef with the Government is that they are categorising this crisis. Nothing is clear about the virus. Statistics can probably prove that the most people who have it shop at Tescos and wear Primark underwear and earn minimum wage. Until there is certainty, and that is a proven vaccine, we are all in this together. And everyone has to take precautions. It is their duty. So stopping youngsters crowding pubs and bars irresponsibly is nothing to do with the Government deciding to unilaterally decide who should stay at home. Why 50? Why not 49? Why not BAME if they are apparently more vulnerable? No, because it isn't as simple as that. Aberdeen is locked down. Fair decision if there is a spike. Yet two players have tested positive and 6 others quarantining from Aberdeen FC but their match on Saturday can go ahead. How responsible governing is that? A bleddy football match, being played closed doors, is going ahead. What message is that sending? The Government got it wrong from the start and this is still getting it wrong. If you are vulnerable, you don't need to be told. If you are 70 or over, you don't need to be told. We don't need categorising.
  11. The Sunday Times claims these could include giving everyone aged between 50 and 70 a personalised risk rating which could lead to more than the 2.2 million people who were already deemed the most vulnerable being told to remain at home. What next? Means tested if you can afford to stay at home?
  12. What? A whole University? Students Union bar takings will be down.
  13. Never been a fan of basketball. Its like synchronised swimming to me.
  14. So if Assad said fcuk the Syrian people, I'm sponsoring Norwich everyone would be happy.
  15. So 40 and under don't die. Does that stop them carrying and infecting others. Until the whole population realises it is involved in this then the stupid and the selfish will continue to risk others.
  16. I bet that guy went home home and told Mary Beth that some pinko Commie busted who his father fought for wouldn't listen to the truth. Mr President has told the world that he has done more for White America than any other Orange President hss ever done.
  17. Glad there is some loyalty to the domestic leagues. Seven teams in Europe. Stuff the other 85.
  18. While there is not one malcontent on here about our club?
  19. Sure, but you can't make a professional footballer redundant as they aren't normal employment contracts. Its the same old argument though. You make jobs redundant, not people. SO if they are outsourcing jobs like security it isn't redundancy as such. They just aren't using that source. But if they are ticket office then eventually they will have to make jobs available. The law used to be six months before you can do that. This has been a grand opportunity to take the players and their contracts on. But I don't think the clubs have the nerve to do it. Its quite pathetic that Ozil sits on his orifice on £350K a week while that 55 staffs wages would be nowhere near that. In fact, it is fcukin disgusting. Surely this crisis has shown us the world for what it is and we should be making a new start.
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