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  1. keelansgrandad

    McLean to West Ham for £10m

    Sky have a program every morning with a bunch of agents and pundits sat round a table talking about EPL rumours. Its the latest thing. You've had fantasy football. PS4 and XBox, now you have it, endless talking about rumours.
  2. keelansgrandad

    Team for Newcastle

    Sorry, have to disagree. Now Vrancic is lightweight as well as immobile? He and Buendia are the class in our side. Todd isn't far behind and experience will make him similar. But the rest are very similar to each other and do not really to bring a spark to the game. Even Championship and L1 teams knock it about instead of launching it and its those with flair that give a side that real chance when everything looks lost. And I'm sure Rupp is "mobile" and "heavyweight" enough to cover.
  3. keelansgrandad

    Team for Newcastle

    I don't know what preference of position Vrancic has. He likes to pick it up halfway and do damage. Obviously that means he can't start from a too advanced position. But he does like to get in and around the box and is dangerous there as he showed against Burnley. He isn't the quickest I admit but to say he isn't mobile isn't completely fair. If he and Tettey are played together, there is admittedly a chance of getting caught out on the break. But we are now in a position where we are going to have to take risks to get wins. Draws will not be enough. And as much as Tettey has done very little wrong this season, against my expectations, I would keep Vrancic and perhaps try Rupp alongside him. They interacted well against Burnley, particularly second half when our midfield tends to wilt. I don't think it will be an easy decision for DF. MacLean's position is clearly under threat just because of the new signings. And he has done little wrong and is an ability in the air that the others do not. I would try: Krul Aarons Zimbo Hanley Byram Rupp Vrancic Buendia MacLean Todd Teemu Bench: Farhmann, Lewis, Tettey, Duda, Hernandez, Trybull, Drmic
  4. keelansgrandad

    RIP Nicholas Parsons

    Sale of the Century had the highest viewing figures for any game show/quiz, at its peak. I am old enough to remember him being the straight man for a comedian called Arthur Haynes, who called him "nickelarse"
  5. keelansgrandad

    Rain Forest

    Thanks, I will give it a go
  6. keelansgrandad

    Amadou off?

    It is becoming increasingly clear we just stick a number of names in a hat and just go for we ever comes out you couldn’t make it up But by putting that, you have.
  7. keelansgrandad

    Rain Forest

    Fascinating to hear the scientists and reporters talk about their expedition to Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica and the effect climate change is having on it and the rate it is warming and melting. A glacier that is the size if GB! Loo forward to seeing the documentary.
  8. keelansgrandad

    President Trump

    Just waiting for Trump to say that Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica is a fake one and is not melting or causing a threat to sea levels.
  9. keelansgrandad

    Klopp being a tw*t

    I think if you asked any of the players they would want to play against the big name players, they want to test themselves against the best... That's not even to mention the attendences, lower league against prem are almost always a sellout at the lower league ground, would that be the case if they knew it was only a reserve team coming? Dead right Sam. The gap between the EPL and L! and L2 is growing as we speak. I don't think it does the EPL clubs any harm to compromise maybe once a season to accommodate lower tier clubs. Its not like they don't shove out the first team in the last eight if they are drawn against other EPL clubs. It is a lack of respect for what has gone on in the past to get them to the level they are at now.
  10. keelansgrandad

    Amadou off?

    We can argue all day about players but in the end we have to leave it to the coaching staff. And there could be any number of reasons, not just football, why he hasn't settled into what DF wanted.
  11. keelansgrandad

    Klopp being a tw*t

    There is no need for a winter break. Players play less games than they ever did before We have under soil heating The pitches are no longer muddy Rarely are fixtures postponed because of weather Winters are getting warmer Squads are bigger with multi £million players sitting on the bench week after week and barely getting a game In 1963 over 400 matches were postponed but we coped In the same year the FA Cup third round tie between Lincoln City and Coventry City was postponed 15 times This is England, not Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway or Sweden. These Foreigners come over here and think they own the place I do not want to watch football in the summer 10 months (August to May) is plenty long enough to fit all the PL, FA Cup & League Cup, fixtures in. Pretty much sums it up. I always remember George Best saying he wasn't envious of modern players but he just wished they would shut up moaning. They were privileged and apart from a few public appearances, and all they had to do was turn up for training and then play. Everything else is done for them. If people in factories moaned as much they would be told to shut up. Wise words.
  12. keelansgrandad

    Ban Football Chat in the Office?

    You have to be of sound mind... I think I used to have one but a nice peaceful death is better than the tripe that comes out of some peoples mouths about what I should and shouldn't be doing because it might upset just one bleddy person. To say it encourages laddish behaviour is stupid Mind you I'd give her one
  13. keelansgrandad

    Ban Football Chat in the Office?

    I give up. I darn well give up. I'm off to Switzerland.
  14. keelansgrandad

    Salaries / Wages

    For , a start it says Norwich United, who are what? Anglian Combination? It has Ben Marshall on the list as well
  15. keelansgrandad

    What's wrong in britain

    None of the companies involved in the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower has accepted responsibility for the deadly fire, an inquiry has heard.
  16. keelansgrandad

    NFL Thread

  17. keelansgrandad

    Klopp being a tw*t

    I can never understand those who look a gift horse in the mouth. Klopp has done a good job a t Liverpool and that is undeniable but he shows little humility and respect for our game. So by Woosters reckoning, if the World Club Championship is taken over by Greenland and played on ice and becomes the most important competition, then we should forget about the EPL. Nonsense. Just because something is old doesn't mean it is redundant and unimportant. You respect everything because it is your breadwinner. And if Barcelona come in with a fantastic offer, he will clear off. Their reign is temporary and their views equally so.
  18. keelansgrandad

    Winter break

    How can you predict a winter break? It could snow the week after the break and everything is called off and not just because of pitches but travel and safety. And don't get me started on the pampering.
  19. keelansgrandad

    Jamal to Palace?

    I am not sure his value is going to increase. He did alright Saturday but his final ball isn't the best. Byram has done a very good job and is as good. So cash in while his value is high.
  20. keelansgrandad

    Norwich vs Burnley (FA Cup) Match Thread

    What about Rupp? I thought he was very good in combo with Vrancic. Is there a place for both?
  21. keelansgrandad

    DF looking to salvage our season?

    It will take a miracle for us to stay up but not necessarily one to win the FA Cup. And how many more rounds before everyone plays their strongest side anyway. Last eight?
  22. keelansgrandad

    Ben Gibson Burnley

    Gibson went for a lot of Burnley's cash and has played one game. Admittedly, they do have three CBs in Mee, Tarkowski and Long ahead of him. It is very hard to scout a player who doesn't play apart from sub and I doubt a CB will get on too much. Boro will be the favourites.
  23. keelansgrandad

    Best bottom of the league team ever

    Apart from VAR, we have to say we have got what we deserve. We should have had more goals from decent chances and our lack of threat, apart from yesterday obviously, at set pieces is a bit of a worry. We knew from last season that defending would be a problem. But the style of football and emergence of a squad of skillful players has meant that apart from the odd occasion, we haven't embarrassed ourselves or lost with a whimper.
  24. keelansgrandad

    Are we really a family club?

    Under age gambling should not exist. Parents and the betting companies should see to that. Anyone of the appropriate age who is conned into believing that because his football club is sponsored by a betting company that will enforce him to bet too much needs therapy of a different kind. Should we stop the Lottery? The Pools? Nothing stops people spending a fortune on those. Can people take responsibility for their own actions for a change?
  25. keelansgrandad

    Draw for the 5th round of the FA Cup

    Any home draw and the crowd will be right behind the team for a chance of the quarter finals at stake. Are Stake still in it?