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  1. [quote user="GJP"] [quote user="Largey"] Fox - 6.5 - Looked like a solid replacement for Clingan. Does not pull out of a challenge, and provided a good range of crossfield passing. Crofts - 7.5 - Great finish, good distrbution, good awareness, great tackling. A hard worker and looks like he could be a new fans favourite. Surman - 6.5 - Glad we have him in the side, I believe he will provide an alternative attacking source along with Hoolahan. Solid if unspectacular. Hoolahan - 6.5 - Some great control and turning on the ball, but then takes too many touches and loses it. Frustratingly has a habit of over-hitting a throughball, but he scared the defence as they were backing off him. .[/quote] I actually think you''re being kind on Surman to rate him the same as Fox and Hoolahan. For me that was a disappointing performance from Surman. Just didn''t do enough, no urgency, a weak performance. You would have to say, based on that performance, Simon Lappin was unlucky to be out of the team because he would have put more into the game. [/quote]   What a load of shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite!
  2. Where are the lucky people that got tickets heading before the Charlton game?!
  3. Any advice? Which sites are best?! Cheeeeeeeers
  4. http://www.playerfactor.tv/Videos/VideoDetails.aspx?fileId=901
  5. There goes my bet for 3 - 1! Oh well this is better!
  6. http://http://www.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1789430/ShowPost.aspx
  7. Where''s your favourite place to go for a pre-match pint?
  8. You could try getting a buy back ticket on the day?
  9. Birmingham away last year was a good''un! And Notts Forest! Awesome atmosphere at both!
  10. [quote user="newboy"][quote user="Canarydan82"] After messing around with the stupid new phone number for canaries. I was calling to enquire about the rebate cheque. I was informed that all cheques were put in the post yesterday and will be with everybody by Friday morning at the latest. Fingers crossed for that. [/quote] Not something the real fans have to worry about ! [/quote]   Haha awesome, Very true!
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