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  2. Ok so we know which grounds and fans are a bit dodgy but on a consistant basis which clubs have you visited that have been genuinely good afternoon/evenings out for fans/boozers/ground etc? For me Huddersfield was always a good away ground although often rubbish results, no problems in pubs decent ground and facilities and decent funny and welcoming  fans.  Also i have enjoyed Loftus Road a few time for the same reasons.  The last one that springs to mind is Fulham!  Very civil usually loads of fans crammed into 2 pubs, good banter with fulham fans and decent location (Near the church from the Omen dont ya know!) 
  3. From the list of players in contract for next season this is the strongest lineup that we could hope for do we think that they could get us back up next year.....                              David Marshall,   Jon Otsemobor,  Dejan Stefanovic, Gary Doherty, Adam Drury   Sammy Clingan, Wes Hoolahan, Darel Russell, Matty Pattison,              Jamie Cureton,.Cody McDonald   subs - Declan Rudd, Michael Spillane, Tom Adeyemi, Chris Martin, Korey Smith   The likelihood is that Clingan and Hoolahan will move on as they will be on big wages and have international careers, You could also ask questions about Marshall staying. That is 3 of our 4 best players.  The others i dont feel will be too much in demand and it will be a question of if we want them.    Bleak eh?   But add subject to cash, Lee and Hucks and attacking wise its maybe not that bad.   My personal keep list would be....   Marshall Stefanovic Donk Drury Clingan Hoolie Rusty Cody Rudd Spillane Martin Smith   I just cant decide on Curo as to if League1 maybe a level he can score at....
  4. Semi and Osmosi along with Fozzy have been the biggest let downs this season with their performances and none deserve a current place in the team. How about trying Grounds at RB??  Cant hurt especially if Purse is coming in....
  5. I know he has retired but i wonder if he would consider coming back with enough persuassuion from old team mates Gunn and Crook, I reckon he could still be excellent at this level even if its on a pay as you play.  Apparentely he was a class apart at the game at yarmouth last nite and thats without any training or practice.
  6. The teams from the Cardiff v Cov game were.... Coventry: Westwood, Hall, Ward, Turner, Fox, Mifsud (Thornton 60), Sawyer, Gunnarsson, McKenzie, Eastwood, Morrison. Subs Not Used: Marshall, Beuzelin, Doyle, Wynter. Cardiff: Enckelman, McNaughton (Comminges 24), Roger Johnson, Gyepes, Kennedy, Burke, Rae, Ledley (McPhail 70), Parry, Bothroyd, McCormack. Subs Not Used: Heaton, Purse, Eddie Johnson. Possibles - Purse, Boothroyd, Morrison???
  7. Reading Eadies comments today i really like his idea of a host of former players taking over on an intrim basis, people like Gunny, Goss, Adams and Iwan taking on shared responsibilities for a few weeks i beleive would revitalise the fans and the players and long term i think we would need an experienced manager/coach it would be great to have a pool of ex players that are qualified coaches as part of the setup or indeed to step up to the plate every couple of years in between managers.  Bring the clubs family values back to the fore. Oh and for gods sake someone sign Hucks up on loan for a month or so!! 
  8. Wark Holland Willnis Marshall (Andy not Ian) Burley Kiwomya I could go on all day.....
  9. I think on a 3 month or pay as you play deal JFH could be a shrewd signing, not just on the pitch but off.  If he can teach Koroma/Lupoli/Cureton how to hit the target he is worth every penny.  And lets face it if Jimmy had any of the chances Lupoli/Curo has had this season i would back him to bury them all.  Let us not forget the comments made about Dion and the fact that Jimmy is a proven goalscorer.  I would be exited to see him get a few games for us....    
  10. Theres one for all you doubters over the years!  Lol
  11. How unlucky is it that just when all of those target men show up at Asda its the one time Carl Cort isnt in residence......
  12. Mr Doomcaster If you would like me to play tomorrow please let me know asap as i would need to train all night in prince of wales road to prepare to fully for the game. PS Same terms as last season?? PPS I really need the beer money Regards JH
  13. Dear Mr Doomcaster. My name is John and am 33 years old and from Wales i saw your ad and thought it might be right up my street. Could you send me more details of this job including details of the 10 nearest bars/takeaways and nightclubs near the ground.  I have always dreamed of working closly with Delia Smith. Regards JH
  14. I hate to admit it but if they do sign Ameobi then i am jeleous of that and the Campo signing. Both players are quality  i feel on top of what we have could have made us a strong promotion chasing team as a pose to mid table also rans.  Its so frustrating that we are maybe just 2 possibly 3 quality players short of having a real shot of going up again.  If no Ameobi, then  i really think Iverson is the next best thing despite the criticism of him on here, he is a proven international player who can and has scored goals everywher he has been and is a good header of the ball. With that and the possibilty of Bell adding creativity to the midfield then it might be a little more positive.... If only Curo could find his golden touch again...
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