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  1. marshell otsemobor omuzuzi bertrand croft patty clingan bell hoolahan cureton
  2. does anybody else think darren ferguson should be manager he would be perfect in my eyes also he just turned down new contract at peterbourgh
  3. really !!  and what bout that bloke who presents sky sports sum times Jake something??
  4. yea i agree but sibieski and lupoli have proved a good partnership
  5. Marshell Bertrand Donkey taylor Otsembor bell pattison clingan croft sibieski lupoli Subs: Ched, omazuzi, hoolahan,nelson, russel that is 6 loans or sighnings we only need to sign 3 this january try sign sum permatly who is with me on this
  6. your all fucing to**ers u really fink getting rid of roeder will make things better, who will we have whos better anyway NO ONE besides you cant just keep getting rid of managers as soon as things get rough thats what is sending us down not them so if you really care for the club and want to see us stay up and be where we should be then support roeder and the players because thats what they need having people like you lot on ther back all the while dosnt help 
  7. Roeder is an experienced manger who no what he is doing who do you propose we bring in who will do a better job (realistically) because who is going to want to manage a team struggling at the bottom of the championship with hardly any money besides roeder needs time to grow a good team and you can start to see that by how he is bringing in young players
  8. urm and maybe we could take advantage of that by sending daley and renton there on loan for experience
  9. well i rekon we shood stuff lita and stop worrying about him play lupoli bring jamie back sign sibieski and him and lupoli are great partnership and then sign ched on loan and they wouldnt cost as much as lita what does anybody else think
  10. well i think all the current norwich songs are pretty boring and old apart from on the ball city which is classic i think its time we brought some new blood back in and try get the atmosphere back at carrow road which seemed to disapear a long time ago
  11. yea i agree unfortunalty roeder is such a t**t that he dosnt relise we have a perfectly good striker there who could be better than lita given the chance so why not stop finking about lita who would be a struggle to sign anyway and play lupoli and put russel back into midfeild as he is not made to be a striker. and for god sake bring ched back not as if man city need him  
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