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  1. http://live.skysports.com/ScoreCentre/live.html] or is that the postions? lee croft left centre back ?
  2. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=cIJk3VoYNHc
  3. Hopefully We Will Sign Him ,, I Do Like him Jay De-mirit and for that price well worth it :P
  4. [quote user="y''army"]I presume the money here is better than the Disney Channel...He has been appearing on Disney with his brother Zack for the last few years!!!!! Lol..... does anyone reckon more signings ? i reckon 1 more
  5. i know transfer after transfer .... : )
  6. Leijer In ( Swap Loan Coming in ) Omozusi (Swap Going Back)
  7. 2 Strikers....Cody Mcdonald And Chris Killien (Loan) 1Midfield/Striker....Alan Gow (Loan) 1 Left Midfielder....David Carney (Loan) Andrew Davies (Loan) Hopefully And Another CB      
  8. [quote user="thefutureisyellow"]Hi  Ncfc-Jack, would that be "my names Jack" or would that  be "Swansea Jack" ? Makes no difference to me bit just interested  to know?[/quote] My Names Jack
  9. [quote user="singing canary"]hes supposed to be very quick , sheffield united were interested and palace .[/quote] and fulham
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