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  1. [quote user="The Colonel"] are people confusing two different shots from last night? There was one where Davis made a very good save diving down to his left.  There was another shot where cureton hit it straight at the keeper and should have done better! [/quote]   The first save you mention was a Hoolahan shot, i sit in the upper Barclay and he hit it well but the keeper palmed it away. The second save was Cureton banging it straight at the keeper, it hit his arm and went wide.
  2. [quote user="canaryman"]can someone please give me a description on this carner guy.[/quote] For a start, his name is Carney.
  3. [quote user="City Turn Around 2009"] Hi Everyone and Happy New Year We are after something from you, and that is your support in plans for a consortium based bid to take over the club. It is not possible for obvious reasons to go in to much detail at the moment, but the consortium will be fronted by a former city  player, and five others two of whom would be known to you all. We feel it would more than likely take the form of a hostile takeover, so we need your support. Views please, and thank you for your time [/quote] I would support you, I am sick of what is happening to this club I love.  What do I have to do next?  Do you want me to sign anything only I am not doing that without proof of who you are, no offense or nothing but you might be one of those identity theives.
  4. [quote user="norfolkchance1"] I reckon we should have a "Shoes off for Roeder out" protest in the stand at Bramall lane, that should get us noticed by the media and may speed things up. see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njo1Ua6uX2Y , the sheffield u fans did it when they wanted rid of Robson.  [/quote]   LOL can we do a George Bush protest and lob them at him.  But then how would we get home?
  5. He is too negative to play centre midfield I want him to play the ball forward or just stay on the bench, he is a poor version of Sammy C.
  6. LOL its alright for you lucky buggers indoors, some of us have to walk the beat all day getting abuse off whoever is passing the other way whether its their car or not.  Freezing right now too, lucky my boy got me some thermals for Xmas lol.  
  7. [quote user="Beauseant"]Do know whether its an omen or not, but I''m delighted to announce that my first grandchild, a little boy,[:D][<:o)][<:o)][<:o)] arrived a few minutes ago![/quote] Good news congrats.  I remember when my first arrived, we were still in the Woodside at 3 the next morning lol.
  8. [quote user="Fisherman"]Shut up Rita[/quote]   LOL just because you are gutted your team did not lose don''t whine at me.
  9. [quote user="WestMidlandCanary"][quote user="River End Rita"][quote user="porkyp"] River End Rita wrote the following post at 03/01/2009 1:13 PM: I think someone is stirring it a bit, things are not really that bad though we were rubbish last match we played.  Does the person who wrote this hate Roeder?  YOU ARE HAVING A LAUGH HERE RITA......Things not really that bad.....where have you been!! 26 points from 26 matches is relegation fodder without a doubt. We''ve been rubbish in all but about 5 games this season! [/quote] LOL I know things are not great but we are not in the bottom 3 at the moment so how can it be relegation form.  It annoys me that we cannot play like we did against Wolves or the scum every week.   [/quote] Rita, Even if we win every single game left at home - which given our form is extremely unlikely - we''ll still only have 56 points which may or may not be enough to keep us up. Away form is a joke so we may as well write that off now. Do you not see that as relegation form? How many of those 10 home games do you really expect to win? [/quote]   Yeah but why do you think the clubs below us will get better?
  10. I don''t hate Roeder.  I don''t hate nobody except my ex Husband lol.  But I do think he is a big mouth.
  11. [quote user="steve o"][quote user="River End Rita"][quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="River End Rita"] Is this a Norwich supporters message board?  I want Norwich to win every game they play in.   [/quote] So do I, but under Ratty, I just know its not going to happen, so what the hell.[:S] [/quote] So you support Norwich but instead of hoping we win you hope we lose.  Well like my eldest boy says it takes all sorts lol. [/quote]your not getting it, we could all be winners if we lose today[/quote] Why - cos they might sack another manager and then what?  No money no players, who would come here?  And also if you think about it the lot in charge don''t seem very good at hiring people, why would they get this next one right?  My boy is always on about how much he hates Roeder too but like I tell him, be careful what you wish for.  I still hope we win today one-nil, I got 8/1 on that.
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