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  1. [quote user="goonuppersee"]One thing that that has yet to be discussed..... "He will not be our coach for much longer" doesn''t actually mean he''s leaving does it..................? [/quote] No, but I think he''s probably past his peak as a right back unfortunately.
  2. It''s Reading v Birmingham and Palace v Sheff Utd being shown.  Just confirmed on Sky Sports News.  Looks like only one channel and red button option.
  3. .....and there''s me having been spelling it ''Yarc'' all these years!  Let''s face it, neither these kids nor the Norwich stewards come out of this with much credit. As both a Yarmouth supporter and season ticket holder at Carrow Rd until last summer, I felt doubly embarrassed on Monday night. It''s a rediculous case of double standards.  If these kids can clearly stand up and shout pretty much whatever they like in the lower Barclay on a Saturday while City fans and in the safety of a big crowd, they''re going to expect to be able to stand on the back row when not obscuring anyone''s view on Monday night.  The mob handed reaction of the stewards was only ever going to inflame things. It''s equally disappointing that these kids in turn couldn''t just accept that they weren''t going to be allowed to carry on standing and with some of the chanting.  Particularly bearing in mind the fact that Reserve games are a family fun night.  They''ve basically let themselves and the club down on the night. I''d always hoped that the stewards at Carrow Rd used a bit more common sense than some of the clowns we have to endure as away fans at City games around the country but on this showing it doesn''t seem to be the case.  
  4. [quote user="mrdi"] [quote user="renegade tootsie"] Says all we need to know. [/quote] Yeah. That on being approached for the job, Boothroyd replied "There is no way on Earth I''d want to manage that bunch of disorganised, underperforming reprobates! Can I still have a seat for the Barnsley game, though?" [/quote] There''s room on the bench for him and a big Scottish mate.
  5. [quote user="fanforlife"] [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="fanforlife"]Yep..The Caretaker Manager.[/quote] Will he get his own broom ?  Or will we have to loan one in from Arsenal ? [/quote] There is also a 24 hour return clause in place for his broom. [/quote] Hopefully the ''Caretaker'' has seen the broom in question?    Will be a good indication if he uses it early rather than leaving it in the cupboard before announcing it''s too small to do a job in the Championship.
  6. [quote user="Captain Controversy"]He lost the fans, not the dressing room. The same fans who turn on just about anybody associated with this club. We''re in the sh*t. Who on earth would want to come here now? No money, some of the most fickle supporters in the country, a useless board... I foresee dark dark days ahead. [/quote] Hmm, some 23,000-24,000 fickle fans to be precise, turning up week in week out to watch ever worsening performances from a team with a manager totally devoid of management skills on or off the pitch.  Anywhere other than Norwich and the fans would have made his life hell for the way he has ripped the heart out of their club.
  7. [quote user="Houston Canary"] [quote user="canarydan23"]I''m not a homo, but Huckerby coming back would actually give me a hard on.[/quote] Actually, I think that kind of does make you a homo.  [:D] [/quote] Well if that''s what makes you a homo, Norwich could be about to become the new Brighton. Bacardi & coke anyone?
  8. [quote user="city-till-i-die"][quote user="PhatCanary"].. i shouldn''t be calling for Roeder to be sacked?   17   Blackpool   26   7   10   9   26   33   31   -7 18 Derby County 26 7 8 11 28 37 29 -9 19 Watford 27 7 6 14 38 48 27 -10 20 Nottingham Forest 27 6 9 12 28 38 27 -10 21 NORWICH CITY 27 7 5 15 32 43 26 -11 22 Southampton 27 6 8 13 23 40 26 -17 23 Doncaster Rovers 26 6 6 14 17 31 24 -14 24 Charlton Athletic 27 4 7 16 28 47 19 -19   We are in relegation trouble,we have a manager who treats us with no respect but some fans still think he is the man for the job, i would like for the fans who support him to give me reasons why he should stay, i''m not trying to be a smart ar*e or get into a heated argument, i honestly want to know how you can still support him? [/quote]that is a scarey looking table...we are in the doo doo[/quote] You think that''s scarey?  Look ahead to Tuesday 3rd Feb. We''ll just have played Barnsley (H), Southampton (H) and Doncaster (A), the transfer window will have closed and we''re on our way to play Wolves. If we don''t get at least seven points and have signed a striker by then we will be in all sorts of trouble. As they say on Crimewatch, ''Don''t have nightmares!''    
  9. [quote user="Barclay_Boy"][quote user="Canary Poirot"][quote user="AVIVADIVA"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Canary Poirot"] Peter Grant''s record at Norwich: Played 54; Won 18; Drawn 12; Lost 24. Assuming they''re all league games (which they''re not but for the sake of the comparison bear with me) that''s 1.22 pts per game. Glenn Roeder''s record at Norwich before today: Played 60; Won 20; Drawn 14: Lost 26. That''s 1.23 pts per game assuming the same as above. Roeder''s record is no better than Grant''s. Grant was rightly sacked. Roeder should be sacked tonight. Enough is enough. [/quote] Big difference though... Roeder took over Grants team.. Grant took over Worthy''s. I just worked out that if you analyse Roeder''s record not counting the games we took points from he has P26 W0 D0 L26. That''s no points per game so sack him and let him burn in hell.   [/quote] Yeah, and Worthy took over Hamilton''s....There is a big difference, a year later we weren''t in the same s**t though.   [/quote] Spot on AVIVADIVA. The problem with Nutty Nigel is that he is a complete board apologist. He is without a doubt one (of a number) of fans who are resistent to change, and will put up any number of strawman arguements to defend the status quo as his reply to mine demonstrates. I do not know his motivation for doing so, but he does it everyday without fail posting continual support for a board and management which are beyond the pale. This club is sinking and sinking fast. Change is required. The facts do not lie. Glenn Roeder is doing an appalling job. Roeder''s track record over his whole managerial career at every club he has managed is POOR. At every club. Why Nutty Nigel supports Roeder is beyond my comprehension. No doubt he''ll say "he''s had no money", or as above, "he inherited a rubbish team". But as AVIVADIVA pointed out, the latter argument has been demolished. Good managers turn things around and sustain the turn around - just as Worthington did. Roeder has not. As for the "no money" argument - this is not true. He''s spent money bringing in players - the question is are they good enough? Evidence suggests not. And he has failed to bring in quality strikers. Next I expect Nutty to say "well who would you bring in as a replacement?" I say this is another pointless question. If we sacked Roeder tomorrow, we would be flooded with applications. We are one of the top 30 clubs in England. There are plenty of managers out there who would give their right leg for a shot at this job. And there are plenty of good managers doing well with no money (Grayson who has just left Blackpool for Leeds - we missed out there) - in fact there are a large number of Championship sides with lower budgets far out performing us this season. Some don''t even get half the support we get. Money is being wasted - overpaying vastly underperforming players. They are either not worth their money, or they are not being motivated by Roeder. Either way, I simply cannot see how we can continue backing Roeder. A new manager would freshen things up. Give the players motivation to impress him. We, I am certain, would have a mini revival. And if we get him in quickly, could get a new striker in before the end of January. Roeder must go. Without question. Or is it the case, as I have posted elsewhere, that the club won''t sack Roder as the cost of doing so to the club would be greater than getting relegated with Roeder at the helm and losing our Championship revenue next season? If that is the case, the people who negotiated Roeder''s contract need to get a new job, as they are simply not up to the task. We must beat the drop. [/quote] wrong, wrong, wrong I am afraid, he may not be very good but he has been given a pittance to spend and a whole new team required. this season, and the results are there for all to see. change Roeder now and you will be screaming for the next poor sucker to go in 12 months. You need money to survive in football today, and nobody at the present time is prepared to spend it, where it matters at NCFC, on players. despite having a full house every home game, we seem to be the poorest team in this league, and no doubt will struggle to compete financially with the "big clubs" in Div 1 next year. [/quote] Some fair points made about the team Worthy took over and the transfer window issue and I have to concede that even though the football was dire under Hamilton there was far more potential in the squad then. We will obviously never know where we would be now if the finances for Roeder were substantially better but after having an open mind on his appointment I''m not alone in becoming increasingly concerned at his business in the transfer market, team selections and the resultant performances. I may well be wrong but I think I''ve heard Neil Doncaster on the radio stating that our overall budget for this season was in the top eight in the Championship.  If this is right it means a spectacular level of under performance from the managment.  I remember reading an article in the Observer Sport during the summer in which he was listed in the ten worst ever Premier League managers, which I thought was incredibly harsh at the time.  However, decisions such as the release of Huckerby (never mind the disrespectful way it was done), bringing in Lupoli and leaving him on the bench until he had no other option but to play him (He''s now doing it to Cort as well), and his consistent playing players out of position have left me thinking he really isn''t going to be able to turn things around for us this time. Roeder''s  insistance on trying to bring in loaness from the Premier League rather than look for talent in the lower leagues is at best lazy and at worst unsustainable and shows no forward thinking beyond the next three months or so.  This also underlines a weakness in his ability in comparison to many managers we have had in the past. The bottom line is that while our finances aren''t the best, they are almost certainly comparable to most of the opposition we face and certainly not bottom five of the Championship, yet we rarely look like rising above this position.  Our squad doesn''t look great on paper but is it really so much worse than teams like Preston, Burnley, Sheff Wed, Plymouth, Barnsley, Blackpool, Watford etc? It''s a sad fact that the average timespan of a Championship manager at the current time is approx 18 months, that''s the state of football today.  What is worrying to me is that on current form if we give Roeder this amount of time it could be too late to save us from the drop.  
  10. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Canary Poirot"] Peter Grant''s record at Norwich: Played 54; Won 18; Drawn 12; Lost 24. Assuming they''re all league games (which they''re not but for the sake of the comparison bear with me) that''s 1.22 pts per game. Glenn Roeder''s record at Norwich before today: Played 60; Won 20; Drawn 14: Lost 26. That''s 1.23 pts per game assuming the same as above. Roeder''s record is no better than Grant''s. Grant was rightly sacked. Roeder should be sacked tonight. Enough is enough. [/quote] Big difference though... Roeder took over Grants team.. Grant took over Worthy''s. I just worked out that if you analyse Roeder''s record not counting the games we took points from he has P26 W0 D0 L26. That''s no points per game so sack him and let him burn in hell.   [/quote] Yeah, and Worthy took over Hamilton''s....There is a big difference, a year later we weren''t in the same s**t though.  
  11. [quote user="Scole Canary"] I was at a bit of a loose end this morning after another match postponement so I decided to work out our league record since the 13 league match unbeaten run ended in February last season.  Here goes:   OVERALL P   W   D  L    F   A   PTS  GD 41  11  6  24  49  65  39    -16 HOME P   W   D   L   F   A     PTS  GD 20  9    3    8   34  24   30   +10 AWAY P   W   D   L    F    A     PTS  GD 21  2    3   16   15  41     9     -26   Those of you that travel away regularly have my deepest utmost respect. [/quote]   Good work.  It would be nice to think that the people running the club are taking the same time and trouble to analyse the performance of the man they appointed to manage City.  I very much doubt that, but at least the league table is now showing them exactly where we are and surely can''t be ignored for much longer. Of course, if you live on planet Glenn and take out all the games where "It''s quite unbelievable that we didn''t get something from the game." Add the games where the ref has cost us the points. Plus the latest scenario where even the referee says we at deserved at least a point, then  I guess everything is still rosey at Carrow Road. The fact is that Roeder would by now be out of a job at any other club.  He''s been given time, and although obviously not huge, he had a budget comparible to many sides above us.  If he has any respect for his employers or the supporters of this club he will walk soon enough to give a new man a chance to avoid relegation with the same dignity that Peter Grant did. Unfortunately, dignity and respect don''t appear to be in Roeder''s character, so it''s over to the board....... 
  12. [quote user="Andy Larkin"]Well, after 12 or so responses, its bloody good that the responses so far have been well thought out! I don''t want be a downer on anyone that posts on here cos it is a free forum after all, but my blood pressure remains so much lower when people actually give some thought to their responses rather than a hot-headed, ignorant reply (guess this will now cue someone doing just that). I don''t have any answers, and it frustrates the hell out of me at times, but having giving this a lot of thought over the last few years, I seriously don''t think that there are any viable alternatives. Inchy, I deliberately asked for Peter Cullum not to be thrown into the mix simply because I didn''t want this thread to go down the ''Will he, won''t he route" cos none of us know (and I know I made an assumption with my statement in the OP, for which I apologise) one way or the other for all the very tired old reasons. I was simply asking if anyone had any viable alternatives OTHER than him. But thanks for your imput all the sameā€¦ at least it wasn''t a rant! [/quote] Frustration is the only word to describe where we are.  It was clear from the reports of the AGM that there are no alternatives other than just continuing to struggle on as we are, or the board eating humble pie and approaching Cullum.  Whether he is really serious or not, only time will tell but there certainly doesn''t seem to be anyone else on the horizon. It''s going to be interesting to see how season ticket sales go this season as a poor return will heap further pressure on the board.  The club already has some pretty tough decisions to make on pricing if they haven''t already done so with the economic climate and the very real possibility of League 1 football next season. Most frustrating of all is that although there is still so much passion and support for the club in Norfolk and beyond, these days a football club is dependant on having a multi-millionnaire at the helm just to tread water.  
  13. [quote user="thecanaryfan"] 1) Chanting for Roeder to resign. 2) Booing Fotheringham every time he touches the ball (controversial I know but he really is a crap leader). Anyone else got any intentions for this match? Was thinking it may be good if everyone made "Roeder Resign" posters and displayed them at half time? (obviously we would have to be losing but Im sure that wont be a problem). We need to do something at this match!! [/quote] As much as I have no respect for Roeder (being a mere ''fan'' the feeling appears to be mutual) and think Fotheringham is hopelessly out of form, I''ve never seen anything to gain by the booing of players during a game.  While it sometimes irritates me, I do appreciate the right of people to express their opinion and disappointment at some of the performances we''re seeing.  But to be honest I always assumed this to be bourne out of frustration and sparked by events on the pitch at the time, in much the same way as a bad refereeing decision. It really hadn''t occurred to me that someone would make their mind up three days in advance to boo a player every time he touches the ball.  This can only be counter-productive at a time when we really need to be behind the players. Roeder will get what''s coming to him sooner or later, he''s clearly not good enough  to take us forward.  But we need to take every point possible to give his successor the best chance of getting us out of the mess we''re in.  
  14. My best guess is that for the next month we''ll hear several names bandied about, all of which: are realistically out of our price range, or who''s clubs will not let them go, or who don''t want to come here. Then, just as we''ve given up hope, and are in the pits of depression, the newly proclaimed Jewel will pull a rabbit out of the hat at the eleventh hour, and sign Sibierski on a permanent deal. I really hope I''m wrong..... (Chris Porter has just scored for Motherwell and probably just met the first and possibly second criteria above.)  Doh!  
  15. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"]I don''t believe he should have got the stick like he did, infact no player for our team should. We seem to have a problem that we want and find a scapegoat and it disgusts me. Look in recent times, Hughes, Hendo, Fozzy, the list goes on. They maybe pants, but when they put on their shirt and step out, we should always be supporting them. Their confidence must be shot to bits.[/quote] I couldn''t agree more.  Easton was another who used to take a rediculous amount of stick, and his team mates weren''t happy about it.  More recently Croft and Doherty seemed to get plenty but to their credit they have risen above it and we''d be stuffed without them now. It''s interesting to note that there doesn''t currently seem to be a universal boo-boy.  I''d like to think that these idiots have grown up and realised how counter-productive it is to get on your own players'' backs, but it''s probably more due to the fact that the team have been so poor this season the whingers can no longer agree on who they should target!  
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