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  1. Just looking at what new kit Errea are bringing out and came across this http://www.errea.it/en/shop/binner-giacca-c670.html Translation is "Jacket Binner" that''s a strange name...
  2. Sorry if it was bit difficult for you to work out!!!! I won''t bother next time...see yah.
  3. Not sure if anyone listened this morning to the Brazil show, but John Cross called McNally a Dimwit. I had to have another listen at lunchtime. They really do not have a clue the bloody lot of them on there!! I only listened today after the great result we had yesterday as I normally listen to 6 music. I was hoping they may praise us a little. Was I wrong :-( tw@ts Here''s the link http://talksport.com/radio/listen-again/1393221600 Go to between 7 to 7-30 to listen to there comments.
  4. [quote user="SeattleCanary"]QPR have just announced on twitter that their second signing of the summer will be announced shortly. Hooper?[/quote] I just had a look on some websites and I think it''s Dunne that is signing for QPR!!! could be wrong though.
  5. I had heard about 2 weeks ago that Norwich had apparently agreed a fee with Spurs for Defoe. The player had to agree terms and whether he wanted to move up this way!!! I just dispelled the rumour due to his potentially high wages. His name does keep cropping up on a regular basis though forums and the media. Stranger this have happened though, you never know. With Houghton''s connection, it may just be possible...
  6. I also think as Warnock would say "the lads had his head turned". And I don''t think Hooper has scored since the transfer window closed? I know he hasn''t played much so maybe some unrest for the rest of the season! Would still love to see him at City and was all down to Lennon and Celtic for the supposed move not going through.
  7. Yes true Pete, I thought that was already announced yesterday though? I will be even more disappointed if you are right...
  8. I think it will be Beechio and Davis. I will be disappointed if it is though :-(
  9. He must want to go back home really badly!!!! Can''t we step in and make a cheeky bid for him? Proven scorer at this level, unlike the other two we are after.
  10. I agree with you but maybe think that he may well get the sack first if all the money he is spending does not turn into points. Overpaid players just there for the money.
  11. I have to say that as good a job as Lambert has done he was always going to go sooner rather than later. It''s just a pity that he couldn''t have stayed for one more season at least, he has his reasons I suppose. McNally obviously has a long term business plan for the club that he has to stick to. This is where the problem probably is. I would certainly be worried if he McNally left as he has driven the club to where we are today. If it''s true about Lambert then I''m sure McNally will get the right man in for the club. As Shaker said "In McNally we should all trust"
  12. They have been playing this song on BBC 6 music lot''s recently. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDULAuG8FgA Gold Canary by Cloud Control. It could be adapted to say "Go Canaries" instead. Not a bad song and it is very catchy. Have a listen and try singing to it
  13. Yes sorry, it is @ 1:04 ish. Travelling tales.
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