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  1. Thankfuly it''s not genuine - someone has just put that together on www.footballshirtculture.com on their ''fantasy kit design'' section. The kit is clearly from a range of Errea ''teamwear'' with our badges and sponser imposed on the image. Although if we do end up wit han Errea kit don''t bet against it being that awful.
  2. [quote user="Mason 47"]Don''t recognise them as being the style of any of our lot, doesn''t stop them looking sharp though. Personally would never have put white and gold together but that''s certainly shown me!At this point I think the new kit will do well to beat the anticipation levels that have been built up for it now.[/quote] I have to agree with you Mason! I think that having seen the awesome shirt designs in this thread, along with those of your own whatever is released will be something of a disappointment. I have a fear that it WILL be Errea, and therefore it almost certainly WILL be a massive let down.
  3. Wigan - Yes, they do try and play the right way but I''d rather not be watching football in a souless half-empty ground. Blackburn - Same issues re: crowd and stadium as above, plus they have those ridiculous owners. Wolves - We only hate Ipswich and Wolves. Right? I REALLY hope West Ham stay up (looking unlikely) - great London away game.
  4. [quote user="Jin - York Canary"]Apart from this season''s kit, which is quite nice[/quote] The design is fine. It''s just the poor quality and ''feel'' of the shirt material that spoils it.
  5. There are no doubt interesting ethical and social issues here, although my main concern is that I''ve not seen an Errea kit that doeasn''t look incredibly ugly! Oh well, having a nasty kit is almost a city tradition now !
  6. I''m glad I asked now! ''The Secret Meeting'' does at least provide hope that the kit will be an improvement on recent efforts! I''m looking forward to a new manufacturer being used more than anything else I think!
  7. I am right in thinking the current home shirt is due to be replaced this spring aren''t I? Apparently it was only a 1 year deal?
  8. I think it must have been this time last year when rumours where rife that we''d signed a kit deal with adidas etc. I remember hearing that our current XARA home kit would be their last for us. Anyone have any news or scurrilous rumours regarding our next kit?
  9. I think we''re definitely in need of a back-up target man. Without Holt we lack physical presence up front. This is after all The Championship, and not La Liga!
  10. I''d heard rumours of the Inter Village Firm (IVF to those in the know) being formed in the late eighties, early nineties.
  11. I''d be suprised if at this stage (and against chamionship opposition) Allardyce puts out a team remotely resembling his starting 11 in the league. So it should be winnable at least!
  13. [quote user="Legend Iwan"][quote user="Chewbacca"]Martin - 6 Defensively sound, linked well with Smith for the 3rd Goal but that was a rare forray forward.[/quote] Well that''s strange, because most people critcisms (and I use that word lightly) have contested his ability defensively, saying he looks good attacking but this leaves huges gaps behind him. Will Martin do anything right? [/quote] I''m talking defensively sound against a weak Gillingham attack here! I think he plays better with Smith in front of him (that may just be due to a built up understanding). When he goes forward he uses the ball well at times. He will defeintely prove to be a weak link this season.
  14. Ruddy - 7 Solid, claimed crosses well and proved he''s a decent shot-stopper. This should have boosted his confidence Martin - 6 Defensively sound, linked well with Smith for the 3rd Goal but that was a rare forray forward. Ward - 7 Solid and composed, uses the ball so much better than Nelson, although that''s not hard. Nelson - 5 tangled himself for the Gillingham goal. Won headers and tackles as you''d expect against a League 2 strikeforce but his distribution was poor. Surely the whole point in playing Fox at the base of the diamond is for Nelson to play short passes into his feet and leave teh distribution to him? Drury - 6 Solid, reliable typical Drury. Fox - 6 looks neat and tidy and did produce a couple of fine through balls but I think he''s too lightweight to play this position in the Championship. Smith - 8 He didn''t show any lack of match fitness! Ran hard and hurried Gilligham in midfield for 90 minutes. Good use of the ball too and covered well for Martin. Involved in 3 of the 4 goals. MOM Lappin - 7 A competent performance. Made decent use of the ball and covered well defensively. Drury looked less comfortable with Surman in front of him. Hoolahan - 5 was too often guilty of over elaborating and little worked for him tonight. Martin - 7 two goals to show for a good effort. Unlucky not to have had a hat trick after striking the bar twice from well struck free kicks. Holt - 8 despite looking half a stone overweight he scored two well taken goals and made another. Gave their defence a lot to think about. SUBS Johnson - 6 Ran hard and took advantage of a tiring defence. McNamee - 7 possibly a touch generous for 15 mins or so but looked threatening behind the strikers and neat on the ball as well as showing a good turn of pace. Gill - 6 had no impact on the game but given the situation when introduced he was unlikely to. Did nothing wrong either. I think tonght highlighted the importance of Holt to us. We play a lot of diagonal balls from wide areas and Holt is the only striker who can deal with them. We MUST find a back up target man. This is the Championship, not La Liga and that physical presence is vital. Nelson is going to be way out of his depth in the Championship. I hope Askou will be given a chance soon. I have major reservationas about David Fox and how lightweight our midfield appears. I''d like to see Crofts take his position and Smith to play on the right-hand side of the diamond. Playing a 5 man midfield with Hoolahan behind Holt, particularly away from home is something I''d like to see experimented with. We have enough creativity in midfield to make it work I believe.
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