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  1. A bargain still be had - and looking to take our fundraising auction over £3000 with this item (we currently sit at £2957)
  2. Hi we have been raising money for Royal Manchester Children''s Hospital after 2 of our children were treated there for leukemia  - they are using the money to refurbish the ward and develop a dvd explaining treatment for new patients. Paul McVeigh has kindly donated his first Norwich Shirt signed by himself. The includes the emails confirming the authenticity of the shirt.http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221502998299?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649OTBC
  3. 20 trained including Olson who looked sharp and not afraid to shoot. 14 trained properly others warmed down after game yesterday. No pills, bassong, Johnson or synod grass. Did various drills and a 7 a-side game. The wolf looked sharp, although so did Loza (I think) who finished well. All signed stuff after - last out still signing was wolf.
  4. So we are housed in a more expensive part of the ground - still seems wrong - especially an under 16 ticket at £15 more for an away fan. I have emailed Man City about this so I will see if I get a response and will update if they do. Think boycotting the game is the best option sadly as I can''t justify £77 for me and the lad to a (hopefully) meaningless end of season game. Sad though.
  5. Yeh it was Stoke not Blackburn I remember now. Just seems wrong this - have tweeted McNally a few times but heard nothing back.
  6. I get that - you pay more for better seats - but we won''t be sitting in better seats we will be in equivalent seats/view etc. I just think it should be illegal to charge away fans and home fans different prices for casual tickets - why should a Norwich under 16 pay £15 more than a Man City one for the same match/seat etc. I presumed there had to be a fixed price agreement - we benefited previously from Blackburn or someone similar when they dropped prices for home fans so had to do the same for us I thought. I am stunned clubs can get away with doing this to other fans - but if they all do it then I guess it is fair enough.
  7. I am surprised that this is legal - but maybe I am just naive!
  8. So we do charge away fans a different price to home fans? It is not so much the cost that bugs me as the fact we have to pay so much more than they do - but if we do the same thing then the whole of football is corrupt!
  9. I was hoping to go to the Manchester City game with my 9 year old son but I don''t get why our prices are:Level 1 - Adults £49, over-65s £40 and under-16s £27Level 2 - Adult £51, over-65s £42 and under-16s £27but the tickets for Manchester City fans are:£43 Adult£33 18-21£17 16-17£12 Junior (Under 16)So to sit in the away end it will cost me £76 cheapest but to sit and watch in the home end will cost me £55.Can they do this? Is this legal? Do we charge away fans a different price to home fans? Just seems wrong that a Norwich fan has to make a 300 mile round trip and then pay more to watch a match than a local fan. At the moment I refuse to pay £21 extra to watch a match so will not be giving them my money.
  10. Mixed - saw him play against Barnsley and he was ok without standing out. Had a better game against Blackburn but has mainly been used as sub. Certainly didn''t look a premier league star amongst a poor championship side but he was easing himself back from a lengthy lay off from injury and does have a decent touch and used the ball well. Must be said though that Bolton are very poor at the moment and there is an awful amount of negativity around a club that seems in pretty terminal decline - so I''m not sure who would stand out there at the moment. The Bolton fans I spoke to rated him from the fleeting glimpses they saw and wanted him to stay longer.
  11. The ignorance of some people on here is both astounding and quite frightening. I had several friends at the match - people I knew at the time and people I have got to know since. We were at a packed Villa Park that day  - had we been picked to play at Hillsborough only the fact we are not as big a club as Liverpool would have prevented us from suffering a similar fate.My Liverpool friend who was pulled out of the Leppings Lane end and feared for his life that day made a very pertinent point to me. He said it has been like going on a train journey that ends up in a fatal crash and getting the blame for being on the train when it happened. I''m sure some fans may have had a drink - I''m not sure I have ever been to a Norwich game where they won''t have been any fans who have had a drink! Some people may have attended without tickets hoping to get in - did this make much difference to the fact that the game was held in a stadium without a safety certificate? the fact that there was a 1/2 mile ticket check around the ground the year before and 2 years later when we played Sunderland? the fact that there had been many similar incidents and scares at that end of the ground. At the moment it seems fashionable to blame the police - yes mistakes were made but they were put in that terrible position by the incompetence of an FA who did not give a damn about the fans and safety.Out of respect to the 96 innocent fans that did not come home from a game that day, family that mothers, sons, daughters, fathers will never see again - we should not disgrace out club or their memory. I don''t deny that Liverpool have some idiots - sadly it is hard to find a club that doesn''t. Last season at Villa I was ashamed to sit behind some racist idiots who made comments to stewards like ''are you lost? the jungle is that way'' - does this make us all racist.The wounds and memories of Hillsborough are still raw for many - especially after 23 years of being blamed for being at a match. All clubs have idiots - please don''t be one of ours.
  12. Can I just check how much others got? I had 2 adult tickets and a child ticket and have only got £30 back. The adult tickets went down £14 each - did a junior only drop £2?
  13. Yeh he did - but I don''t remember noticing him too much!
  14. Young team out against Bolton - only Declan Rudd with any first team experience. Bolton scored first. We equalised with a penalty that I didn''t see as I was getting a drink but my 8 year old son assures me that ''he never touched him'' as Loza (I think) went down for a penalty that Clunan slotted home. Bolton probably had better of 2nd half - couple of very good saves from Rudd and scored very late on from a free kick crossed in to the box and headed home. Gunny was there watching with Matt Jackson and signed my sons programme! Team looked very young and pacy but lacked a bit of strength. Loza looked the most technically gifted to my untrained eye. Front 2 of Jacob and Joshua Murphy were lively but looked a bit small and lightweight (not sure how old they are). Impression I got was that the Bolton team were a year or 2 older than most of the Norwich side. Barker played well at centre back and McKenzie looks a big lad compared to the rest. Met 4 other Norwich fans at the game (not including Gunny) - 2 were parents of a player though!
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