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  1. [quote user="Lol Morgan"] He is even less effective than Chris Brown.[/quote] I bet you wish Chris brown was back at Carrow Road though for all your critisism of him
  2. [quote user="paul moy"]We drew against Burnley just as Coventry did, [/quote] The only difference being City were at home and Coventry were away when for these two draws
  3. [quote user="ohh uhh lee power"] Sorry just wrote that title so people would read!!! Seriously though, I cant believe people are being so negative.... two defeats against probably the two in form teams in the league.  Against Bristol City there winner shouldn''t have been, and against Preston we played much the better football. I am confident that we will get a good win tomorrow, which will breed confidence going into some tough games. I say no to relegation!!!!! OTBC!!! [/quote] What no one on here seems to realise regarding the Preston game was that Preston had 5 players out who would be in the normal starting 11 last Saturday - Neil Mellor (out injured), Steve Elliot (out with a virus), Rus Wallace (one game ban), Callum Davidson (out injured) and Yuel Mawene (out injured) who came on as a sub for the last few minutes (it shows how threadbare the Preston team was last weekend when they had to have an injured player on the bench) and that doesn''t include Chilvers who was a regular starter last season but has been out all season with an injury.  So given that you were playing against 6 normal starters, 4 fringe players and a player who had arrived on loan the day before and has hardly played a game all season, I am not suprised that you think City played the better football, but Preston knew that they could let City come at them without City scoring and at the end of the day City still lost and came away without any points. Given the above, I wouldn''t be too confident of City getting 1 point never mind 3 against Burnley tomorrow, (remember who Burnley have beat in the cup this season?) although I do hope that you do beat them as it will mean that they will still trail Preston in the league and I''m sure that Preston will do their utmost to beat Southampton and keep them from cathing up with City, especially when Wallace will be back as well, it is hoped, Elliot and Mawene.
  4. Sorry, but Burnley have a better, strong team - City 0 v 3 Burnley
  5. I''m sorry to say that the most I can expect City to get from these two games is 1 point.  I think the opposition will have too much class and skill compared to the City players.
  6. I am a North End fan living down here at the moment and would just like to say, all is not lost just yet there is still hope.  Currently, as you know, City have played 33 games and have 32 points, this time last season Preston had played 33 games and had 32 points and the North End fans could not see how we would avoid going down.  However, out of the final 13 games Preston won 22 points giving a total of 55 points and we ended the season above Norwich in 15th place and look where we currently are, 4th from top.  So just don''t give up hope yet although the big difference between the two clubs is that we had/have Alan Irvine as manager and you have Gunny and friends ;0) (who, as I keep reading, bleed yellow and green so that''ll be enough surely to keep you up).
  7. [quote user="rjwc22"] Sales of Marshall (£2m), Clingan (£3m) and the release of most of the first team. Still as long as we keep the passionate youngsters who bleed yellow and green we will be fine. [/quote] Yep, just like Gunny and his mates bleed yellow and green ''we will be fine'', but in which division?  Bleeding yellow and green isn''t enough on its own is it?  If City go down I fear that the club will go in to administration and therefore receive the 10 point deduction and League One isn''t as easy a division to get out of as some might think, just look at Leeds they have now lost 14 league games this season and I do not expect them to be in the play-offs
  8. [quote user="The Original Pinkun Poster"] If this happens we will be out of the relegation zone, just a quick stat!   Thats All[:^)] [/quote] Can you honestly see City beating Burnley, or even getting a point?  I cannot
  9. [quote user="Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar"] Add to that Crewe, Tranmere, Bury,Gillingham, all who are struggling and were playing in this league not so long ago. I hate being a doom monger  but i think we will do a Bradford if we go down. then hopefully a few heads will be tugged out of the sands of  prudence and lack of ambition. [/quote] And you can add Rotherham  and Oldham to this list
  10. [quote user="sturgeon220"]   Preston have only signed him for One month, If that is all Stoke would agree to then he was no good to us. As usul the press are making into a big headline disaster but as i say One month ain''t much cop. [/quote] Alan Irvine does not like taking on loan players as he does not believe that they, on the whole, do not give 100% as their heart is not realy with the club and he doesn''t like to make loan signings because of this, unless it is in an emargancy and Preston currently have 4 defenders out injured, two of which should be back within the next 3 to 4 weeks and that is one reason it is only a month long loan.
  11. Davies has just signed for Preston on a months loan and is in the squad for tomorrow. Link:  http://www.pnefc.net/page/NewsDetail/0,,10362~1555598,00.html
  12. You can add new to management Alan Irvine of Preston to that list.  When he took over Preston were near bottom place and were actualy bottom on 1st Jan 2008 and on a lower player budget to what Roeder has and an average home attendance of about 50% what City get lifted them to safety.  Tonight Preston are in 9th spot only one point of the top six.  Following your advice Norwich will be doing a Luton if Reoder is given more time because if City are relegated it will be administration and minus 10 points to start of in League 1.  Look at Leeds Utd, once a mighty team and lost 2-1 at Northampton tonight.  Do you like visiting places like Northampton, Hartlepool, Crewe, etc or would you prefer Sheffield, Preston, Derby, etc?  I know which grounds I''d prefer to visit next season.
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