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  1. [quote user="daly"]Reason Shayne Long is on the bench because he is not up to it. Overated[/quote] Wouldn''t fancy him in the PL but I reckon in the Championship could do a really good job over the course of ten games.
  2. If you could sign somebody on loan for the rest of the season who would it be? No doubt some will say Messi and Ronaldo but realistically I can''t think of a player who we could get and who would improve us. With Lewis G out injured I think we could do with a pacey striker to stretch teams. I would love us to go all out and pay a big loan fee for a Shane Long or Dwight Gayle as they seem to spend most of their time on the bench at their clubs but doubt very much that is likely to happen.
  3. Just seen this article on the Evening News site. Maybe i''m old school but it''s embarassing that anyone would think we would need these. It''s the biggest derby day for years and if we can not create an intimidating atmosphere then we don''t deserve to win. The atmosphere for the 4-1 win was brilliant and hostile. A ground full of these things creates a family U21 match environment which is certainly not what we need on Sunday!! http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/additional_train_services_free_goodies_and_the_police_all_you_need_to_know_ahead_of_the_east_anglian_derby_1_3973154
  4. [quote user="Wiz"][quote user="ncfcfaithful"] ''Now Norwich have appointed Adams as Manager I''m leaving this forum for good'' translation ''I don''t really have a social life away from this forum and posting on here is the only way I receive any attention in life so I will be back soon'' [/quote]   Huzzah lad good work............meanwhile City lag behind in the transfer chase, still, you made a funny remark.[:S] [/quote] If we lag behind in the ''transfer chase'' which hasn''t fully started yet there is not a lot I can do about it from behind a keyboard.  I can however continue to spread my comedy via the medium of the pinkun forum so I will concentrate on doing just that.  I appreciate the fact you appreciate my humour.  Did you know you can''t get tablets for a headache in the jungle because the parrots eat em all?!?!?!
  5. ''Now Norwich have appointed Adams as Manager I''m leaving this forum for good'' translation ''I don''t really have a social life away from this forum and posting on here is the only way I receive any attention in life so I will be back soon''
  6. I should imagine there will be very little atmosphere then the announcer will do the usual countdown to OTBC which the Barclay and Snakepit will join in with but nobody else will. Then everyone will sit down moan about the season and how badly we are playing.  Occassionally we will sing OTBC as it''s all we sing now.  After 38 minutes the ground will be a third empty so people can skip the queues for a pint (myself included). The secong half will be played at testimonial pace, Arsenal will score a couple of straight forward goals.  The ref will blow for full time and the ground will be half empty for the thank you lap.  A few women will cry and smudge their make up and everyone will filter out silently. Same as every other week this season!
  7. [quote user="Nicko"]What a disrespectful post. Get lost.[/quote] Nothing I have put is disrespectful. I''m not an Ipswich fan it''s just I hate this sight at football! I''m just putting it out there
  8. [quote user="morty"]Going where tomorrow? [/quote] To the Next sale.  Good point I meant Sunday.  Oh well at least back in the Champioship this wont happen.  Back to 3pm Saturday kick offs which is far more suitable for my drinking routine!
  9. For anybody going tomorrow that is taking their other half please when the inevitable happens don''t let her start sobbing helplessly in to her replica shirt! There''s nothing more embarrassing than a slighly overweight female in bad fitting jeans with tears rolling down her face as she contemplates Championship football.  It makes us look tinpot and any that do this should be taken on to the Kings Road and shot for bringing the club in to disrepute.  If it''s your missus that does it you should be hung from the top of the Castle (the pub on Ketts Hill)!!
  10. Startred going in 1986.  My top 5 in order are 1. Darren Huckerby (No player has got me out of my seat with excitement as much as him). 2. Bryan Gunn (I played in goal and I used to love watching him play) 3. Ian Crook (just sheer class) 4. Grant Holt (A true talisman at a time the club need it most) 5. Chris Sutton (The year he banged in 20+ goals in the Premier League was probably the most consistent top class performance I have seen form a Norwich player)
  11. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] I paid £85 for the White Asics away shirt, it came with tags and unworn... good luck finding that again!!!! It''s my pride and joy and I wear it at home games...   [/quote] Been looking for one of these for ages!!  Where did you find it?
  12. It''s got to be Sutton for me.  Has scored more Premier League goals for us than anybody else in our history and it''s Premier League goals we need right now!
  13. I''ve been going through the post about best Norwich goals seen live but what are the best you''ve seen live against us?  Not that I enjoyed them at the time but two stand out. Zola in an FA Cup replay away when he produced an outrageous back heel volley to beat Rob Green. Secondly in the dark Championship Days I remember the Preston captain who I think was called Gregan lobbing Andy Marshall from the half way line and leaving him looking like an idiot angled up in the back of the net.  Although not as big as an idiot as he looked every time he put on the shirt of those c***s down the road!
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