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  1. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]Dont get me wrong, he maybe a good player but had everyone who''s saying what a brilliant coup this would be ever heard of him prior to 2 hours ago ?? [/quote] Surprisingly some of us have an interest in football outside of England as well.
  2. Does anyone have space in their car for 2 people, coming from Norwich? More than happy to pay for petrol and buy the driver a beer or pie. Please let me know, don''t want to pay £100 each for a train
  3. I also know the man responsible. He never had a picture of the incident but would pay good money for one. The mention at the end of the season was in the EDP''s season roundup, a proud moment for the individual in question. I also have it on good authority that it was a Cornish Pastie, important as the fold worked as a grip to help with getting decent purchase on the throw.
  4. Oh and I forgot about Ian f''ing Ross. Fook Everton.
  5. Scousers: Baines is by no means average, he is indeed one of the best full backs in the league, he did wonders for me in last years fantasy football, and I''d love to have him here, if we had 10m+ to spend on him. Fellani is a decent player, but his disciplanary record is terrible. Osman is alright, and I wouldn''t mind him as a squad player, but half our midfield will be worth more than 3.5m after next season. And I still hate Beckford.
  6. Nice work Collo! I''m now putting the video on Facebook...
  7. [quote user="norwichwhite"]bad case of selective memories on here. holt is the biggest cheat in this league. gets players sent off.dives for penalties and freekicks with out being touched.the bloke is a fookin powder puff with no class.[/quote] Feck off. We all hate Leeds scum.
  8. if you are an ale fan check out http://www.footballandrealaleguide.co.uk/162852/149969.html i think we''re going to the railway telegraph
  9. Jon Parkin is not Sam Parkin. Plus he''s a terrible fat c''unt who was awful against us for Preston earlier this season, all he did today was one good finish, the rest of the time he was well off the pace
  10. because he had a great game, and it was never a red? Are you really a city fan?
  11. "I don''t know how much longer I can continue the delusional long term optimism." Well we are 4th and you''re a negative tw@, so maybe you need to change your sig
  12. "Since the year end the Club has acquired the registrations of players Elliott Ward, Steven Smith, David Fox, Andrew Surman, John Ruddy and Simeon Jackson. The Club also sold the registrations of Michael Spillane to Brentford, Rhoys Wiggins to Bournemouth and David Stephens to Hibernian. The net cost of these transactions was £1.4 million." This sounds like superb business if I''m understanding it correctly
  13. I was the pasty thrower... and it hit him in the face - not bad considering how poor my throws normally are
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